FDs Have a Return of 5% to 8%. Is There Any Other Option for Investments?


  • Check the High Return Investments but with some risk to multiply your wealth.
  • Invest in FDs and RDs only if you want risk-free and small returns.
  • Try SIPs and ULIP Plan to lower down your risks on the returns.

Every individual cuts some part of his income and puts it as a saving. But saving your money in a locker is of no use because it won’t multiply. So, it is obvious that you’ll need investment to multiply your money. Some people prefer investing their money into FDs and RDs with their respective banks. But for your kind information, these investments will give you a maximum return of 8% in a year. Suppose you invest INR 1 lac in a year then you will only get INR 8000 as a return. So, you must explore some other options for investment where you can get a return of more than 8%.

Other Options for Investment with Great Returns

You must explore various options for investments other than Fixed Deposits. These investments might be risky but don’t forget the common rule of more risk more gain. So, you can give a try to the following investment plans that might boost your savings.

Invest in ULIP Plans

ULIP Plans are the unit-linked plan in which your investment will be multiplied with the span of time. There are various insurance companies that offer ULIP plans but the growth of your investment depends on the market risk. So, you must read all the related documents before investing a single penny into the ULIP Plans.

If the market performs well, you can get a return of up to 15% in this investment plan.

Try Systematic Investment Plans

SIP aka Systematic Investment Plan is a type of investment in which a small pre-determined sum of money is invested on a regular interval into mutual funds or market. There are experts who manage your funds so that you can get a good return in the future. The returns in SIP can be up to 30% in a year but it depends on the market.

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If in case there is a loss then the broker would not be responsible for it as the return totally depends on the market. You are free to buy or sell stock in the market but you need a Demat Account for doing so.


It is the riskiest type of investment in which you buy stocks on your own. You are free to buy or sell a stock as per the market fluctuations. But if you are looking for a long-term investment then it is the best option. If we take a look at the Sensex then it decreased during the Covid Crises but it came back to normal once the country started recovering from it.

So, if in case your market value decreases then you leave the money for some time and wait for the market to revive. You must see the pattern of the Sensex whenever it has decreased it has revived after a span of time.

Take a Pension Plan

You can also make investments in the pension plans offered by various insurance companies. This plan gives you the bonus and your money in multiplies as time passes. After the expiry of the policy term, you will get the money in a lump sum and the return is usually more than 8% on these pension plans.

So this plan can also be a better option to multiply your wealth and enjoy high returns.

Buy Annuities for a Long-Term

You can also go for the annuity plans and it will multiply once time passes. The returns on the annuity plans are also high and you can grab some extra bonus during the policy term. If you are looking for a long-term investment then these plans would be beneficial for you.

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Invest in Futures and Options

Futures and Options are also related to the market risks and they come with an expiry date. This investment needs a lot of experience and expertise because you can multiply your money four times in a month and can also lose all of them. So, if you are not an expert then you must avoid such investment.

You must gather some knowledge about this investment and then only you should invest in it. This investment can give you a return of 100% only if you have pro knowledge.


Well, you have seen various types of investments other than FDs that can give you a return of more than 8% but all of them are related to the market risk. If in case the market gets bearish then you might lose your money. So, it is necessary to have the full knowledge about all the investments and then only you should invest your money in it.

Disclaimer:- Read all the documents carefully before investing in market risks investment plans.

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