Indian Customs Electronic Gateway (ICEGATE) is one of the national sites of Indian Customs, run by the Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs (CBIC), which offers e-filing services to trade, cargo carriers, and other trading partners.

Benefits of ICEGATE

The ICEGATE web portal supports the infrastructure to fulfil the Electronic Data Interchange and Data Communication requirements for the Customs department. It is also linked to 15 partners operating with the EDI to transport messages. Additionally, some customs clearance is expedited by doing this.

This gateway is useful for a variety of services, including: 

  • Ease in registering online for IPR
  • To verify the status of the IE code
  • To follow the status of the documents for customs EDI
  • Online customs duty payment
  • Refund using the IGST
  • Online licence verification for DEPB, DES, and EPCG
  • Utilising PAN to find data
  • Redirecting to several websites that deal with Customs
  • Provide alternate rounds of timekeeping services

What is the Need for Registering via ICEGATE?

Generally, a person must register with ICEGATE to submit key documents such as shipping bills and other valuable documents online. This ICEGATE registration is generally necessary to conduct any transaction using the entire EDI customs port.

Registration is required for the following:

  • Import
  • Export
  • CONSOL manifest
  • EGM or Export general manifest
  • IGM or import general manifest

Register for ICEGATE , Step-by-step Guide

Here you go with the steps on how to register for ICEGATE:

  1. Open the ICEGATE website,, and login into your account.
  2.  Click the signup link on the website’s home page.
  3. A person must click on this “Simplified Registration” button to register on the CBEC’s (Central Board of Excise & Customs) e-commerce website.
  4. Enter and validate your GSTIN, IEC, and temporary password issued to you via the site.
  5. Fill out the registration form with all the necessary information.
  6. Enter the unique ICEGATE ID and passcode you have been provided.
  7. Two categories of OTPs will be generated. It will share one on the user’s registered email address and another on the user’s registered mobile number.
  8. To finish the registration, the applicant must enter legitimate OTPs.
  9. Double-check the information you entered, then click “Finish.”
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The “Click Here” link can be used by the applicant to alter their email address or any other information that has been put on the application.

And after that, the person would need to disclose their secondary mobile number and email address for the same purpose.

Then, an OTP would be generated and sent to their backup email address. It is advised to submit accurate information because doing otherwise could result in the bills being rejected.

Documents Required for Registering for ICEGATE

The major documents/ files needed to register for ICEGATE are as under:

  1. Aadhar card
  2. Passport
  3. Voter id
  4. Driving licence
  5. Licence on the permit
  6. Letter of authorisation
  7. G card or F card authorisation
  8. Order from Commissioner

Benefits of Using the ICEGATE Web Portal

Below mentioned points show the usage of the ICEGATE web portal:

  • The website facilitates the electronic submission of import and export statements.
  • After the complete evaluation of Shipping Bills and Bills of Entry, enable customs to respond to importers and exporters.
  • It will assist exporters and importers in accessing and following the document’s online status.
  • This portal is incredibly helpful for asking questions and getting quick answers.

ICEGATE supports everyone who uses the Customs Department to track down the material and geographical status of such invoices, including freight carriers, traders, and other users.

ICEGATE: Common Services

The list of different services provided by ICEGATE is mentioned below.

  • Internet payment
  • Online registration for intellectual property rights
  • Using Customs EDI to follow up on the status of documents
  • checking the DES, DEPB, and EPC licences online.
  • IE code condition
  • By utilising the PAN-based CHA data.
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The customs agency is also helped with transferring data across several significant governmental internet portals.

What’s the Purpose of ICEGATE?

The Indian Customs Electronic Gateway (ICEGATE) is a nationwide gateway of the Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs (CBIC). The Customs agency offers electronic filing facilities to exporters, importers, freight carriers, and other business partners via this web platform.

Shipping Bill- ICEGATE

What is a Shipping Bill?

Indian traders must provide legal documentation to the customs authorities via ICEGATE for the clearance of the goods before shipping them to foreign countries. The shipping bill must mention the particulars of the exported items, their estimated value, the buyer’s and seller’s names, and the tax information the sender covered. It makes it easier to claim the duty drawback, additional fees, and duties.

Different Types of Shipping Bill:

  • Free Shipping Bill
  • Drawback Shipping Bill
  • Coastal Shipping Bill
  • Dutiable Shipping Bill
  • Shipping Bill for the Shipment Ex-Bond

How to follow up on the Shipping Bill via ICEGATE?

Through the ICEGATE interface, it is quite easy to access the ICES system. Scroll down below to know how.

  1. Click here to access the ICEGATE Portal
  2. Using the drop-down option, select the port code.
  1. Specify the Shipping Bill number.
  2. Fill in the required fields using the date from the shipping bill and the captcha.
  3. Click the submit button.
  4. Finally, it will show the information. 

The article concludes with all the important factors you must consider about ICEGATE while registering. To know more about billing and ICEGATE, you can visit the link provided in the article on the ICEGATE website and check. 

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1. Why must I register with ICEGATE?

You must register to submit documents online. Consequently, to make it possible to fill shipping bills online, you must have a registered ICEGATE ID in addition to Bills of Entry and other paperwork.

2. How do I register for the ICEGATE?

Registering is easy. Just visit the ICEGATE website, click on the services register link on the home page, and then complete the registration form by entering all the necessary information.

3. How many users have registered on ICEGATE?

There are 43542 registered ICEGATE users as of 2021

4. Can customs fees be paid online?

You can use the ICEGATE website to pay your customs duty online. On the platform, 20 different banks are accessible.

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