CEO Full Form


  • Go through the Full Form of CEO in a company or an organization.
  • Check the duties and responsibilities of a CEO.
  • Know the Current CEOs of Top Companies worldwide.

You might have heard the names like Elon Musk, Sundar Pichai, Mark Zuckerberg, and Satya Nadella. But do you know who they are? Well, all of them are the CEOs of the top companies in the world like Google, Tesla, Facebook, and Microsoft. Some of you must be aware of the fact that they are CEOs but are you aware of the CEO Full Form? The full form of CEO is Chief Executive Officer and they are the key people in a company who deal with both the administration and the management sections. The CEO is the most senior person of the company who is responsible for the company’s functioning and revenue. A CEO of the company reports to the Chairman or the Board of Directors of a company. Now, let’s move on to the responsibilities of a CEO.

Responsibilities of CEO

Being a CEO is not an easy task because he has many responsibilities on their shoulders. You know the full form of CEO and now you should know his responsibilities.

  • The CEO takes all the major decisions of a company.
  • He manages the business projects and other operations of a company.
  • CEO is responsible for the motivation of the employees and also supports them.
  • The CEO also appoints the council members of the company.
  • The strategies and policies are also decided by a CEO.
  • A CEO also assists with the Board Member Selection.
  • Sometimes, he also has to make some critical decisions depending upon the circumstances.
  • The CEO suggests the yearly budget and expenses.

How One Can Appoint a CEO?

The board of directors elects the CEO of a company. Sometimes, the management appoints a CEO to participate in the operational activities of a company. The following steps are included to appoint a CEO.

  • You will have to prepare a notice for a board meeting that will include the resolution to be passed with the candidate’s name that has to be appointed as a CEO.
  • Then send the Notice with Agenda to all the Directors of the company.
  • In the board meeting pass the Board Resolution.
  • Then send the Outcome of Board Meeting to a Stock exchange within 30 minutes from the conclusion.
  • Issue a letter of appointment to the candidate who you will appoint as a CEO.
  • Then File e-Form MGT-14 and DIR-12 along with attachments with the Registrar of Companies within thirty 30 days from appointment.
  • Send an Appointment letter to the Chief Executive Officer and make an entry in the records of the company.
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Now you know the CEO Full Form and the appointment process of a CEO. Let’s move on to the top CEOs in the world.

Top 10 CEOs in the World

Here is the list of top 10 CEOs in the world and you can see the company in which they are working as a CEO.

S. NoCEOs NameCompany
1Elon MuskTesla and SpaceX
2Satya NadelleMicrosoft
3Mark ZukerbergFacebook
4Andy Jassy

5Tim CookApple
6Jamie DimonJP Morgan Chase
7Arvind KrishnaIBM
8Bernard ArnaultLVMH
9Albert BourlaPfizer
10Amin H.NasserSaudi Aramco


So, the CEO Full Form is Chief Executive Officer and with the full form of CEO, you have also seen the responsibility of a CEO and the process of his appointment. Therefore, if anybody asks you about the abbreviation CEO then you can easily answer him. In order to upgrade your knowledge, you can also go through the list of top 10 CEOs across the globe.

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