Best Apps to Pay Rent with Credit Card in India


  • Go through the various applications that can be used to pay your house rent with your credit card.
  • Explore the benefits of paying rent from your credit card.
  • Earn reward points and enjoy other benefits by paying rent from your credit card.

Many people in India prefer paying their house rent or any other rent through cash. But, with the advancement in digital payment methods, people have started making payments online through various apps. If you have a credit card and you want to pay your rent directly through it then it is not possible to do so without having a rent-paying app. So, here you can explore the best apps to pay rent with credit card in India. These applications will help you to clear your rent using your credit card. As you can’t pay your rent directly from a credit card, so these apps will act as a medium to use your credit card for clearing your rent.

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    List of Best 7 Applications to Pay Rent Through Credit Card

    There are seven different applications that you can use to clear your rent. All these applications are present on the app store and you can download them directly from there.

    Name of the ApplicationChargesDocuments RequiredCard Acceptance
    Phone Pay App2%Not NeededAll Credit Cards
    Paytm App1%Not NeededAll Credit Cards
    CRED App1.5% to 2%Not NeededAll Credit Cards
    Magic Bricks1.18%Not NeededAll Credit Cards
    No Broker1%Not NeededAll Credit Cards
    Housing1%Not NeededAll Credit Cards except Amex Cards and Diners Cards
    Red Giraffe0.39% + GSTNeeded, if the Rent is Above INR 20000All Credit Cards except Amex Credit Card

    Benefits of Paying Rent through a Credit Card

    There are many benefits of paying the rent through a credit card and you should apply for a credit card to enjoy rent benefits. You can enjoy various perks and it is time-saving to pay the rent online. You can explore the privileges of paying rent through a credit card instead of paying it through cash.

    Reward Points

    Almost all credit cards have the feature of earning reward points by spending on various categories. So, you can earn reward points on your credit card if you make payment of the rent using the application. Later on, you can redeem the reward points in shopping and buying various products.

    Milestone Benefits

    Some credit cards give you milestone benefits if you reach a certain spending limit. So the rent payment through a credit card can help you to achieve the milestone and you can enjoy the benefits that you will get after achieving the milestone.

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    Annual Fee Waiver

    If your credit card has a waiving off criterion then the rent payment from your card can help you to reach the waiving off criterion limit. You will just have to pay the rent through the app using your credit card and the spending will be added to the transaction needed for the waiver.

    Offers on Rent Payment

    Sometimes, many credit cards have offers on these rent pay applications so you can enjoy those offers if you pay the rent from your credit card using the app. Therefore, you can enjoy multiple benefits if you pay the rent from your credit card instead of paying it through cash.


    You have seen the best apps to pay rent with credit card in India and you are free to choose any application. If you are using Phone pay or Paytm then you can use these apps to make the rent payment as well. You can also download other apps that can be used to pay rent with your credit card from the play store or the app store.

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