Best Credit Cards for Grocery Shopping in India

Top Grocery Credit Cards in India

How about shopping with grocery credit cards and save on your purchase with cashback and rewards? You would appreciate the idea, won’t you? The wholesale price-based inflation hit a 4-year high of 5.77% in June 2018 according to the data released by the Commerce and Industry Ministry.  The wholesale prices of vegetables climbed by 8.12% in June compared to 2.5% increase in May.

With grocery credit cards, though, you can increase the savings on the purchase of vegetables and other food items by availing cashback and reward benefits. In this article, we have listed out a few credit cards that offer you the cashback on your grocery and departmental store spends. Read the article further to know which are those cards.

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List of Credit Cards Offering Cashback & Rewards on Grocery & Departmental Store Spends

Check the table below listing out best grocery credit cards, compare them and choose out the one most suitable to your case.

Credit CardsOffers on Grocery & Departmental Store SpendsJoining Fee (In ₹)Annual Fee (In ₹)
Standard Chartered Manhattan Platinum Credit CardGet 5% cashback on every ₹150 spent at supermarkets and departmental stores. Cashback is capped to ₹500 per month999999
SimplySAVE SBI Card10 reward points per every ₹100 spent on grocery and departmental store spends499499
Axis My Choice Credit Card5% cashback on grocery spends at supermarkets250NIL for the first year, 250 from second year onward
Citibank Citi Cashback Credit Card0.5% cashback on grocery & departmental store spendsCommunicated at the time of sourcingCommunicated at the time of sourcing
Yes Prosperity Cashback Plus Credit Card5% cashback on grocery spends15001500
Kotak Essentia Platinum Credit Card10 savings points per every ₹100 spent on grocery and departmental stores1499749
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Note – These cards also come with 18% Goods and Services Tax (GST) over the fees payable.

How to Apply for Grocery Credit Cards at Wishfin?

Wishfin is a popular online platform to apply for credit cards and other financial products. You just need to fill in a few personal and professional details in the prescribed space before submitting your application. Wish experts would then contact you and forward your application to the concerned lender for an approval.

WhatsApp Application for Grocery Credit Cards – Yes, It’s There at Wishfin

Wishfin now gives you a unique credit card application experience via WhatsApp. Below are the steps which you need to take to apply for a card through WhatsApp.

  • Visit the official website of Wishfin
  • Go to Credit Cards
  • Click on ‘Best Credit Cards’
  • Choose ‘Apply with the Ease of WhatsApp Chat
  • Enter the mobile number
  • Click on ‘Continue with WhatsApp after ticking the checkbox allowing Wishfin and partner banks to contact you to explain products and services
  • You will then automatically get added to a group with Wishfin being the other member
  • You would be asked a few questions which you need to answer on the group
  • And the process is completed

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