Best Standard Chartered Credit Cards

Standard Chartered bank offers a lot of credit cards with exclusive features and benefits. They have reward point offers, cashback offers, and many others. But many people fall into the dilemma of choosing a card among many Standard Chartered Credit Cards. Therefore, we have shortlisted the best Standard Chartered Credit Cards in India that you can afford easily and enjoy many savings deals and offers. There are 3 Standard Chartered Credit Cards with a lot of exclusive benefits. You must explore the features of every card before you choose anyone. On the other hand, we will also tell you the joining fee of every Standard Chartered Credit Card.

Top Standard Chartered Credit Card in India

The top three best Credit Cards from Standard Chartered Bank are given in the table below. You can check the eye-catching features of each card.

Credit CardsFeatures and BenefitsJoining/Renewal Fee
Standard Chartered Smart Credit Card- Get a cashback of 2% on all online purchases through this credit card and a cashback of 1% on all offline purchases through this credit card.
- Convert the transactions of INR 2000 and above into EMIs through this Credit Card.
- You will be charged an interest rate of just 0.99% per month.
- Get an interest-free period of 90 on this credit card.
- The minimum amount due has to be paid every month to enjoy the interest-free period.
- You will get a maximum cashback of INR 1000 per month on online transactions.
- You will get a maximum cashback of INR 5000 per month on offline transactions.
INR 499 + Taxes
Standard Chartered DigiSmart Credit Card- Enjoy an instant 20% discount up to INR 700 on Myntra per month.
- Enjoy 15% cashback on OLA, up to INR 600 per month.
- Get a 10% discount on Zomato, up to INR 750 per month.
- Enjoy a 10% discount on Grofers, up to INR 1,000 per month.
- Have BOGO offer on Inox – discounts of up to INR 400 per month.
- Get a discount at Yatra on Domestic Flights, International Flights, and Domestic Hotels per quarter.
INR 49 + Taxes (Monthly)
Standard Chartered Platinum Rewards Credit Card- Enjoy 5X reward points per INR 150 spent at fine-dining outlets.
- Multiply your reward point 5 times per INR 150 spent at fuel stations.
- Earn 1 Reward Point per INR 150 spent on all other categories.
- Make contactless payments via this credit card.
- Convert your high transactions into EMIs through this credit card.
INR 250 + Taxes
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Best Features of 3 Standard Chartered Credit Card

You can explore the USP of every card and see what makes them best worth applying for.

Smart Credit Card

It is a cashback credit card and it will earn you cashbacks on online and offline transactions. On the other hand, you can save up to INR 12000 on online transactions and INR 6000 on offline transactions through this credit card. It will lead to a maximum savings of INR 18000 in a year. It is one of the best cashback credit cards in India.

DigiSmart Credit Card

This credit card fulfills the purpose of dining, traveling, entertainment, and online shopping. You will enjoy great offers on Myntra, Zomato, INOX, Yatra, and OLA. All these brands are from different categories and it is an all-rounder credit card.

Platinum Rewards Credit Card

The Platinum Rewards Credit Card from the Standard Chartered Bank gives you the privilege to earn thousands of reward points. It is one of the best reward point credit cards. You can make various transactions through this card and multiply your reward points.


You can see the best SCB Credit Cards in India that are from different categories. If you want to earn reward points then you can use the Platinum Rewards Card. On the other hand, if you want to earn cashbacks and discounts then you can apply for the Smart Credit Card and DigiSmart Credit Card respectively. So, it is up to you which card will suit you the best according to your spending habit.

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