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Business Loan

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    What makes Aditya Birla Finance business loan unique is the fast loan approval without any security. The loan is available for the business entities who need funds either to upscale production or to purchase new machinery and buildings. The loan is available up to Rs. 1 crore and for the maximum tenure of 48 months (4 years). The nominal processing fee of 1.50% of the loan amount is charged. The repayment has to be made in the form of EMIs which is to be paid through ECS/NACH .

    Aditya Birla Finance Business Loan Details

    Interest Rates18.5% p.a – 22% p.a
    Loan AmountUp to Rs. 1,00,00,000
    Tenure12 months – 48 months
    Processing Fee1.50% of the loan amount
    Repayment OptionsThrough ECS/NACH
    Type Of LoanUnsecured

    Aditya Birla Business Loan EMI Calculator

    For effortless and swift EMI calculation use the EMI calculator. The calculator provides relief from the complicated calculations and reveals the accurate result in very less time. You can know the amount of instalment to be paid to amortise the loan. The user only needs to enter the details regarding the loan amount, tenor and rate of interest, and the calculator will compute the EMI amount.

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    For Example – If you avail a loan of Rs. 1 crore for the tenor of 4 years at the rate of interest ranging between 18.5% p.a – 22% p.a then your EMI will vary from Rs. 2,96,369 to Rs. 3,15,061 .

    Table Showing EMI, Total Interest and Total Repayment Amount

    Loan AmountLoan TenureInterest RateEMITotal Interest OutgoTotal Amount (EMI+Interest)
    Rs. 1,00,00,0001 year18.5% p.a – 22% p.aRs. 9,19,181 - Rs. 9,35,944Rs. 10,30,174 - Rs. 12,31,326Rs. 1,10,30,174 - Rs. 1,12,31,326
    Rs. 1,00,00,0002 years18.5% p.a – 22% p.aRs. 5,01,660 - Rs. 5,18,782Rs. 20,39,846 - Rs. 24,50,757Rs. 1,20,39,846 - Rs. 1,24,50,757
    Rs. 1,00,00,0003 years18.5% p.a – 22% p.aRs. 3,64,037 - Rs. 3,81,905Rs. 31,05,337 - Rs. 37,48,563Rs. 1,31,05,337 - Rs. 1,37,48,563
    Rs. 1,00,00,0004 years18.5% p.a – 22% p.aRs. 2,96,369 - Rs. 3,15,061Rs. 42,25,720 - Rs. 51,22,917Rs. 1,42,25,720 - Rs. 1,51,22,91

    Amortization Table

    YearPrincipal PaymentInterest OutgoBalance Amount
    1Rs. 1,858,819- Rs. 1,750,278Rs. 1,697,609- Rs. 2,030,454Rs. 8,141,181- Rs. 8,249,722
    2Rs. 2,233,412- Rs. 2,176,637Rs. 1,323,016- Rs. 1,604,095Rs. 5,907,769- Rs. 6,073,085
    3Rs. 2,683,489- Rs. 2,706,860Rs. 872,939- Rs. 1,073,872Rs. 3,224,280- Rs. 3,366,225
    4Rs. 3,228,780- Rs. 3,371,897Rs. 332,160- Rs. 414,490Rs. 0

    Features And Benefits

    • No collateral or security is required
    • Fast Approval
    • Less Documentation
    • Flexible tenure ranging from 12 months to 48 months

    How To Apply

    To apply for business loan visit the nearest Birla Finance Services branch. You can even call on 91 84259 66666 and inquire about the business loan. You can even drop a mail on the email id given on the official website.

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    Aditya Birla Business Loan Eligibility Criteria

    The business loan provided by Aditya Birla Finance Services can be availed by candidates belonging to the following categories :

    • Non- Individual Entities
    • Individual Entities
    • Self – employed Entrepreneurs
    • Traders
    • Manufacturers
    • Companies

    Aditya Birla Business Loan Application Form

    The duly filled application form is to be submitted at the branch office along with the requisite documents. The form should be completed in all respect. Incomplete or wrong information may hamper your loan eligibility  and prevent the availability of loan.

    Documents Required

    • Application form with a recent photograph
    • Proof of Identity (Passport Copy/ Voter ID card/ Driving License/ PAN Card)
    • Address Proof (Ration card/ Telephone Bill/ Electricity Bill/ Rental agreement / Passport copy/ Bank Passbook or Statement/Driving License)
    • Age proof (PAN Card, Passport, any other certificate from a statutory authority)
    • Proof of business existence
    • Audited financials and Income Tax Returns filed for last two years from date of application
    • Bank statement for the last 6 months

    Factors Affecting Business Loan Eligibility

    • Loan Repayment track
    • Credit Performance / Credit Bureau Update
    • Debt servicing ability of the customer
    • Business Vintage
    • Financial Ratios
    • Existing relationship

    Aditya Birla Business Loan Interest Rate

    Aditya Birla Finance Services provides business loans at the fixed rate of interest. The rate of interest remains unchanged during the tenor of the loan. The rate of interest charged on the business loan by the Aditya Birla Finance Services is affected by the following factors :

    • CIBIL Score of the individual
    • Nature of business
    • Amount of Loan
    • Tenure
    • Past Record and repayment track

    However, the current rate of interest ranges from 18.5% p.a – 22% p.a . To know your personalised rate of interest contact the dealers.

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