Check Free CIBIL Score

Reduce rates on your existing Loans.

Suggest Better Rewards Credit Cards.

Tips on Improving Credit Score.

CIBIL requires accurate details to ensure accuracy & security.

Make sure they match your banking records.


Give your details to CIBIL to get an accurate score

Wishfin is an authentic CIBIL partner

Wishfin is the first official fintech partner of TransUnion CIBIL – the company that provides official CIBIL score. You can check the screenshot given below of the authentic partnership by CIBIL. You can also check it on the CIBIL website through this url below.

You get the CIBIL report for free

Yes, the service is totally free of cost. You can check your CIBIL and get the report without paying a single penny.

Checking your score on Wishfin won’t hamper your CIBIL

Checking the credit score through Wishfin does not reduces it. However, if you apply for a loan or credit card at a bank or NBFC directly, your credit score may get affected.