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About Catholic Syrian Bank Home Loan

Catholic Syrian Bank offers home loans to Individuals or a group of Individuals for the purpose of purchase of a new/existing house/flat. Whether you are looking for construction, extension or renovating your home, the bank covers them all. Home loans are available up to Rs. 30 lakhs and above for a maximum period of 20 years at the floating interest rates.

Home Loan

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    Catholic Syrian Bank Home Loan Details

    Interest RateFloating interest rate
    Loan AmountUpto Rs. 30 lakhs and above
    TenureUp to 20 years
    Age CeilingSalaried : Superannuation
    Others : 65 years
    Processing FeesUpto 0.50%
    Pre-payment or ForeclosureNIL
    SecurityMortgage of land and building to be constructed / purchased.
    Repayment HolidayMaximum upto 12 months
    Loan Margin75 % of construction / purchase cost OR Loan Eligibility whichever is lower.
    Applicable to :Salaried employees and self-employed professionals

    Catholic Syrian Bank Home Loan Eligibility Calculator

    Know your eligibility towards repayment of your EMI. Just enter the below details in Catholic Syrian Bank Home Loan Eligibility Calculator and determine whether the loan amount for which you are eligible.

    • Your monthly income
    • Tenure
    • Expected interest rate
    • Existing Liabilities

    Let us understand with the help of a simple example:

    Suppose you are working in an MNC and earning a monthly salary of Rs. 55,000. From which, you wish to save Rs. 10,000 for repaying it towards your EMI. Normally, banks disburse higher loan amounts in the form of EMIs that falls in the range of 50%-60% of your net salary intake. Let’s find out the how the calculator will compute your per lakh EMI.

    Amount- Rs. 100,000

    Rate of Interest-11.50%-12.50%p.a.

    Loan Tenure-15 Years

    Per Lac EMI- Rs. 1,168- Rs. 1,233

    Loan Amount Eligibility- Rs. 100,000 x savings/per lac EMI

    – Rs. 100,000 x 10,000/1168  =Rs. 8.56   lacs(approx.)

    – Rs. 100,000 x 10,000/1233 = Rs. 8.11 lacs(approx)

    So, the expected home loan amount from Catholic Syrian Bank Home Loan would be Rs. 8.11 lacs-Rs. 8.56 lacs (approx.)

    Catholic Syrian Bank Home Loan EMI Calculator

    Catholic Syrian Bank Home Loan EMI Calculator is easy and quick to calculate. Just fill the details such as loan amount, the number of months and interest rate applicable on your loan. You may get actual EMI value as a result which is required to be payable for your home loans availed from Catholic Syrian Bank.

    For example: You are interested in availing a loan amount of Rs. 25 lakhs repayable after 15 years at varying interest rate being 11.50% -12.50%. The following table gives you details on your calculated EMI along with interest and the total amount that costs you against your sanctioned home loan.

    Table showing EMI, interest outgo and total amount payable on your home loan

    Loan Amount (in Rs.)Loan Tenure (in years) Interest Rate (% p.a.)EMI ( in Rs.)Total Interest Outgo (in Rs.)Total Amount (EMI+Interest) (in Rs.)
    2500000111.50% -12.50%2,21,538-2,22,7071,58,452-1,72,48626,58,452-26,72,486
    2500000211.50% -12.50%1,17,101-1,18,2683,10,419-3,38,43828,10,419-28,38,438
    2500000311.50% -12.50%82,440- 83,6344,67,841-5,10,82629,67,841-30,10,826
    2500000411.50% -12.50%65,223-66,4506,30,681-6,89,60031,30,681-31,89,600
    2500000511.50% -12.50%54,982-56,2457,98,891-8,74,69132,98,891-33,74,691
    2500000611.50% -12.50%48,228-49,5289,72,408-10,66,01234,72,408-35,66,012
    2500000711.50% -12.50%43,466-44,80311,51,157-12,63,46036,51,157-37,63,460
    2500000811.50% -12.50%39,948-41,32213,35,050-14,66,91438,35,050-39,66,914
    2500000911.50% -12.50%37,259-38,66915,23,988-16,76,23940,23,988-41,76,239
    25000001011.50% -12.50%35,149-36,59417,17,863-18,91,28542,17,863-43,91,285
    25000001111.50% -12.50%33,459-34,93919,16,556-21,11,89244,16,556-46,11,892
    25000001211.50% -12.50%32,083-33,59621,19,940-23,37,88646,19,940-48,37,886
    25000001311.50% -12.50%30,948-32,49423,27,879-25,69,08848,27,879-50,69,088
    25000001411.50% -12.50%30,001-31,57925,40,233-28,05,30750,40,233-53,05,307
    25000001511.50% -12.50%29,205-30,81327,56,854-30,46,34952,56,854-55,46,349

    Amortization Table

    YearPrincipal(in Rs.)Interest(in Rs.)Balance Amount (in Rs.)
    1 60,651-66,389 284,071-309105 2,433,611-2439349
    2 68,683-74,437 276,023-301073 2,359,174-2370666
    377,780- 83,462 266,998-291976 2,275,712-2292886
    4 88,078-93,585 256,875-281678 2,182,127-2204808
    5 99,742-104,931 245,529-270014 2,077,196-2105066
    6 112,948-117,657 232,803-256808 1,959,539-1992118
    7 127,904-131,923 218,537-241852 1,827,616-1864214
    8144,841- 147,917 202,543-224915 1,679,699-1719373
    9164,021- 165,857 184,603-205735 1,513,842-1555352
    10 185,740-185,967 164,493-184016 1,327,875-1369612
    11 208,517-210335 141,943-159421 1,119,358-1159277
    12 233,803-238187 116,657-131569 885,555-921090
    13 262,152-269724 88,308-100032 623,403-651366
    14 293,942-305442 56,518-64314 329,461-345924
    15 329,737-346242 20,875-23868 0

    Documentation for Catholic Syrian Bank Home Loan

    Salaried IndividualsSelf-employed
    Application form duly filled-up with photograph affixed on the space provided for the purpose.
    Identity Proof (Aadhaar Card, PAN Card or Election Identity Card), age proof, residence proof.
    Copies of the Bank Account Statements for the last six months of all the Bank Accounts including loan accounts/OD Accounts, if any.
    Salary slips for the latest three months along with CTC letter.Copies of the Income-tax Returns for the last 3 years along with financial statements, such as P&L Account and the Balance Sheet for the last three years with tax audit compliance report (wherever applicable) duly certified by the Chartered Accountants.
    Form No 16 along with IT returns and computation for total income for the last three years.Business Profile.

    Features and Benefits of Catholic Syrian Bank Home Loan

    • Attractive Interest Rates
    • Quick and transparent processing
    • Speedy disbursement of loans
    • Quick sanction process
    • Hassle free norms

    Catholic Syrian Bank Customer Care Number

    Are you facing any difficulties relating to the availability of loan amount, tenures, interest rates or documentation processes? Contact a committed experienced customer care representative of Catholic Syrian Bank on 1800-266-9090 (Toll-free number) and get your queries resolved.

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