Enquiry Control Number (ECN): Access Your Credit Report & Improve Creditworthiness For Future Loans

Your credit history and creditworthiness are reflected in your CIBIL number. Your credit score is a factor in determining whether or not a loan will be approved when you apply for one. A high score will facilitate loan acceptance, whereas a low score could result in a loan denial. Therefore, it is essential to verify your CIBIL score before a loan application. This will assist you in determining whether you are qualified to submit a credit application in the first place. The ECN or Enquiry Control Number is essential for lenders to access your CIBIL report. 

The three-digit CIBIL score summarises your credit information over time. Lenders usually use CIBIL ratings to determine your creditworthiness. This figure tells lenders how likely you are to repay the loan on schedule. It lies between 300 and 900, with 900 denoting the best outcome and highest creditworthiness.

The Credit Information Bureau (India) Limited creates your credit card. It is one of the four authorised credit bureaus in the country and is a commonly used credit score among financial institutions. Experian, CRIF Highmark, and Equifax are some additional credit agencies. Usually, they have a wide variety of credit scores. The ECN acts as a key to all these scores.

Control Number (ECN)

CIBIL generates a unique Enquiry Control Number (ECN). An ECN is a nine-digit number that enables a lender to find the details of your CIBIL report.

It is noteworthy that each time a bank requests a credit report, a CIBIL control number gets generated. To get the precise information that the lender saw or referred to when receiving the credit report, CIBIL requires the ECN number.Note that no two borrowers have the same ECN, as it may cause lenders to confuse borrowers. The ECN is listed in the top right corner of one’s CIBIL report. You possess the right to have access to your ECN. You can get access to your ECN via a lender or via CIBIL directly.

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Purpose of Control Number in CIBIL

ECN holds much significance in CIBIL. It acts as a means of a borrower’s identification. Both CIBIL and lenders require the digits to identify and track individual borrowers as and when required. 

  • The ECN number informs about the borrower’s credit history and score, assisting banks and other financial institutions in obtaining that information from CIBIL.
  • Millions of CIBIL reports are formed by a control number, which allows monitoring.
  • With an ECN number, banks and other financial institutions can access a borrower’s credit record from CIBIL.
  • The borrower’s credit history and score are accessible in the ECN number.
  • Millions of CIBIL records are organised and accessible for tracking due to the control number.

How to get the ECN Number?

Getting the ECN number is as easy as availing credit scores nowadays. Follow these simple steps to receive your ECN!

  • According to 2005’s Credit Information Companies (Regulation) Act, you can acquire a CIBIL ECN.
  • You can ask your provider for a tracking number or a CIBIL report. You can also get in touch with CIBIL for the ECN number.
  • You can visit the CIBIL website to obtain a one-time CIBIL assessment.
  • A person may ask the lender for details regarding their control number.
  • Another way to obtain the control number is to ask the lender for your credit report and navigate to the top-right corner where the ECN is placed. 
  • By submitting a request through any of the following methods, users can also access control numbers through the CIBIL database.

How to Access CIBIL Report?

Your credit score is given in a CIBIL report, along with advice on your financial condition. Using its tracking number, CIBIL collects credit data to publish credit records. Lenders can estimate a borrower’s ability to repay a loan by using the information in the CIBIL report to calculate the loan’s size, interest rate, and length.

  • On the CIBIL website, you can view your credit profile and CIBIL score within 12 months, allowing you one free report. 
  • Some credit bureaus also provide free online CIBIL checking services.
  • When you apply for a loan with IIFL Finance, you may get a free online CIBIL Score Check and Loan Health Report.
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The Enquiry Control Number (ECN), a unique nine-digit identification, is the control number used to store credit reports for each individual in the CIBIL database. As previously established, this number is unique to each person in the CIBILTM database and cannot be shared by two or more people. 


1. What is the CIBIL score?

A three-digit numerical summary of your credit history is called a CIBIL Score. The CIBIL Report’s credit history allows us to calculate the score.

2. Can two people have the same control number?

No, each person with a database on CIBIL receives a unique control number. It cannot be the same for any two people because it allows one to identify a person.

3. What many digits does the control number contain?

There are nine digits in the control number.

4. How to receive my CIBIL control number?

The control number can be obtained by asking the lender for it or by contacting CIBIL via their website or helpline number.

5. How can I fix a CIBIL issue?

After a person fills out and submits an online dispute form, the process of addressing a dispute regarding any issue on the credit report is started. Below is a description of how the disagreement will be resolved.

  • A person disputes something about their credit record.
  • The credit report’s challenged sections are marked as “Under Dispute” by CIBILTM.
  • To look into the disputed topic, CIBILTM will contact the lenders.
  • If the lenders acknowledge the mistake, it is corrected on the credit report.
  • The individual will receive notification of the same.
  • The credit report is unaltered if the lender rejects the dispute.
  • The individual receives the notification for the same.
  • The “Under Dispute” designation on the credit report is eliminated after the disagreement has been resolved in one of the aforementioned methods.
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