Comparing Indian Oil Axis Bank Credit Card and Axis Bank Privilege Credit Card: Benefits, Rewards, and More

In the domain of credit cards, Axis Bank provides a wide variety of options for its customers according to their needs. However, two Axis Bank credit cards circulate mainly among people in India- the Indian Oil Axis Bank credit card and the Axis Bank Credit privilege card. Both cards reap benefits for their customers, but understanding the key differences between these two credit cards is crucial in making sound decisions for your financial life. This article aims to provide a detailed analysis of the contrasts between an Indian Oil Axis Bank credit card and an Axis Bank Credit privilege card and how they vary in the benefits and reward points collected, targeted audience and usage. All customers should learn these significant decisions to make a sound decision.

Function and Acceptance

The Indian Oil Axis Bank credit card and the Axis Bank Credit privilege card have various functions and usage. The first step in making sound decisions on which card to use for your daily transactions is to know the usage of these two cards. The Axis Bank privilege credit card is predominantly used for premium transactions. These cards have a higher level of acceptance rate. It can be used at various establishments and a vast range of merchandisers. You can use Axis Bank Credit privilege cards for numerous transactions, including travel bookings, dining etc. The card is accepted domestically and internationally. The card’s international acceptance adds to its charm, thus making it widely used by people who travel abroad frequently.

You can operate the Indian Oil Axis Bank Credit Card in India at all the outlets of Indian Oil. It ensures maximum savings for individuals who regularly purchase fuel. You can also use the card for other regular purchases at various establishments. But unlike the Axis Bank Credit privilege card, you can not use it for the premium or luxury segment.

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Targeted Audience

Individuals who desire elite perks, luxurious experiences, and travel benefits will find the Axis Bank Privilege Credit Card highly appealing. The card mainly targets frequent travellers abroad and those seeking premium services. Meanwhile, the bank designed the Indian Oil Axis Bank Credit Card for individuals with more fuel expenditure regularly or those travelling more on the road. Indian Oil Axis Bank Card can come in handy. It helps customers looking to increase their savings on fuel costs and enjoy extra advantages at Indian Oil outlets.

Benefits and Rewards Program

In determining the value of two credit cards, it is crucial to consider their rewards programs. The Axis Bank Privilege Credit Card allows users to acquire various reward points when making domestic or international transactions. For every Rs. 200 spent on the card, you can redeem the points for multiple options such as flight bookings, lifestyle items and hotel stays. In addition, this card provides more benefits and complimentary airport lounge access. The Axis Bank Privilege Credit Card provides its customers with exclusive benefits. Access to domestic airport lounges, complimentary memberships to selected golf clubs, and exclusive events are other benefits that can make your travel and life more enjoyable and comfortable.

Meanwhile, rewards centred on fuel-related purchases are provided only in Indian Oil Axis Bank Credit Card. Users can gain accelerated points on fuel-related purchases from the outlets of Indian Oil. By using this credit card in gas payment for every 100/-, cardholders may earn twenty turbo-points that can be either used as a discount when purchasing petrol from an Indian Oil outlet or be used as vouchers/gift cards. The Indian Oil Axis Bank Credit Card has gotten benefits only on fuel-related and car-related activities. Cardholders gain waivers and discounts at the outlets of Indian Oil that can save a considerable amount of money at every transaction. The card offers discounts on services for car maintenance at selected service centres.

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In conclusion, the Axis Bank Privilege Credit Card and the Indian Oil Axis Bank Credit Card provide its customers with extraordinary benefits. Both these cards are targeted at various needs of the customers. The card focuses on presenting people with luxury privileges like travel privileges and lifestyle privileges, making it an ideal choice for people who desire a premium and exclusive service. In contrast, the Indian Oil Axis Bank Credit Card aims to accentuate the savings on fuel expenditure and provides other car benefits.


1. How to apply for an Axis Bank Credit privilege card?

To apply for an Axis Bank Credit privilege card, one can fill out the form on the website of Axis Bank. If you wish to have an offline process, you can approach the nearest branch of Axis Bank and ask an employee of the bank concerning the Privilege Card.

2. I am a holder of a credit card. Am I eligible for an Axis Bank Credit privilege card?

Yes, you can have two credit cards. However, meeting the eligibility criteria will be helpful to have two cards. Your credit score should be high (preferably 750+), your minimum age should be 18 and 70 should be the maximum age.  

3. Which credit card from Axis Bank is suitable for shopping?

4. What should I do if I lose my credit card?

If you have lost your credit card, call your bank immediately, and report it missing. The bank will block your credit card from fraudulent transactions.

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