Bank of Baroda Credit Card for Free Airport Lounge Access

Going to the airport lounges is a nice choice to make when your flight is delayed or postponed to the next day. But you will have to pay a certain fee to get access to the airport lounge. But there are some credit cards that have free access benefits on them. We have brought the list of best Bank of Baroda Credit Card for Free Airport Lounge Access. You can explore the airport benefits and the fees of these BOB credit cards. We have also mentioned other features of these cards because they have other discount deals and reward point benefits along with the complimentary airport lounge visit benefit.

BOB Credit Cards for Complimentary Airport Lounge Visits

You can explore the various BOB Credit Cards that have free lounge visit benefits. You must check the joining fees of every card before applying.

BOB Credit CardsLounge OffersJoining Fees
BOB Eterna Credit CardEnjoy unlimited access to the domestic airport lounges through this credit card.INR 2499
BOB Premier Credit Card- Enjoy up to 4 complimentary visits to the airport lounges in a year.
- A maximum of 1 visit is allowed per quarter.
INR 1000
BOB ICAI Exclusive Credit Card- Get up to 12 free visits to the airport lounges in a year.
- A maximum of 3 visits are allowed per quarter.
INR 1000
BOB ICSI Diamond Credit CardHave up to 12 complimentary airport lounge visits in a year with a maximum of 3 visits per quarter.INR 1000
BOB CMA Credit CardEnjoy up to 12 free airport lounge visits in a year with a maximum of 3 visits per quarter.INR 1000
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BOB Credit Card Free Airport Lounge Access List

You can see the list of airport lounges where you can use this credit card and enjoy complimentary lounge access.

Airport Lounge NameCityAirport Name Address
Travel Club (BLR LOUNGE)BangaloreKempegowda International AirportPlaza Premium Lounge, Bangalore, Domestic Departures Domestic Departure Terminal, Terminal 1, Mezzanine Level Bangalore
Travel Club LoungeChennaiChennai International AirportPost-Immigration, Turn Right through Lotus House, through Interconnecting Lift from Pranaam Lounge, Level 3, International Departures, Terminal 2 Tamil Nadu
Plaza Premium LoungeDelhiIndira Gandhi International AirportPlaza Premium Lounge, New Delhi, Domestic Departures (T3) Mezzanine Level, Terminal 3, International Departures, Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi
Plaza PremiumHyderabadRajiv Gandhi International AirportPlaza Premium Lounge, Hyderabad, Hyderabad Domestic Departures Level E, Domestic Departures, Rajiv Gandhi International Airport (near Gate 28)
Mumbai Airport LoungeMumbaiChhatrapati Shivaji International AirportAfter a security check straight left from Starbucks Opp. Gate no 44 and 45, Domestic Departure, T2, Mumbai
Clipper LoungeMumbaiChhatrapati Shivaji International AirportClipper Lounge, Mumbai, International Departures (T2) Mumbai

Terms and Conditions for BOB Credit Card for Free Airport Lounge Visit

  • You are not allowed to encash the airport lounge benefit available on your credit card.
  • You will have to pay an authentication fee of INR 2 from your BOB Credit Cards at the time of accessing the airport lounge if it is powered by a VISA.
  • An authentication fee of INR 25 will be charged for the same visit if your BOB Credit Card is powered by MasterCard.
  • The accompanying member will not enjoy the complimentary airport lounge benefits.
  • The entry fee will be chargeable if you have consumed all your complimentary airport lounge visits.
  • Products and Services like Massage Services, Alcoholic Drinks, and some other services are chargeable in the airport lounge.
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Services in Airport Lounges

  • Free Wifi Services
  • Comfortable Seats and Recliners
  • Televisions and Latest News
  • Healthy Foods and Soft Drinks
  • Newspapers and Magazines
  • Spa and Massage Services


So, after exploring all the Bank of Baroda Credit Cards for free Airport Lounge Access, you can choose any card. But remember if you are not a Chartered Accountant, Cost Accountant, or Company Secretary then you will only have two options and they are BOB Eterna Credit Card and BOB Premier Credit Card. Other BOB credit cards with free lounge access are for the Chartered Account, Cost Accountant, and Company Secretary of our country. If you have done any of these professional courses then you can easily get the BOB credit card.

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