HDFC Infinia vs HDFC Regalia Credit Card


  • Thorough Comparison of HDFC Infinia Credit Card and HDFC Regalia Credit Card.
  • Point Out the Major Differences between the offers and fees of the card.
  • See the number of Aiport Lounge Access Each card gives.

Most of the individuals are in the dilemma that which credit card they must choose between HDFC Infinia and HDFC Regalia. Both the credit cards are unique in their own way. If HDFC Regalia Credit Card has the free lounge access then the HDFC Infinia also has the offer of free airport lounge access. Then, what is the difference between these two cards? Are both of them the same? Now, let’s see which card stands tall in HDFC Infinia vs HDFC Regalia. Have a look at all the features and then you can point out the differences between these two credit cards.

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    Major Difference Between HDFC Infinia Credit Card and HDFC Regalia Credit Card

    Basis of DifferenceHDFC Infinia Credit CardHDFC Regalia Credit Card
    Welcome Offers- Get a Free One-Year Membership of Club Marriot.
    - Enjoy a 20% Discount on staying Dining across Aisa Pacific in this membership.
    - 15% off on up to 10 guests on the selected hotels.
    - This offer is valid only for the primary cardholders and for 1 year only.
    - Get Zomato Gold membership for Free as a welcome gift.
    - Get a Complimentary Dish whenever you visit the Gold Food Partner Restaurants.
    - You can also get up to 2 complimentary drinks at the Gold partner Restaurants.
    - In order to avail this offer, you have to reach a transaction of at ₹75000 within 3 months.
    Airport Lounge Access- Get Unlimited Airport Lounge Access at the 1000+ airport lounges under the priority pass program.
    - Add-on Priority Pass holders can also enjoy this offer.
    - Enjoy 12 Free visits to the airport lounges through the HDFC Regalia Credit card.
    - Authorization fee of ₹2 and ₹25 is chargeable on Visa and Mastercard Respectively.
    Reward Points- Earn 5 Reward Points on every Expenditure of ₹150 done on a retail purchase, utilities, insurance, etc.
    - Spend on Smarbuy and enjoy 10 times rewards on shopping and travelling expenses.
    - Earn 2 Times reward points on the restaurant transactions.
    - Earn 4 Reward Points on every expenditure of ₹150 done on the retail transactions.
    - Reach to the annual spending of ₹5 Lacs and get 10000 Reward Points.
    - Earn 5000 Additional Reward Points on reaching the transaction limit of ₹8 Lacs.
    Insurance Cover- Air Accident Death Cover of ₹3 Crores.
    - Overseas Emergency Hospitalization Insurance cover of up to ₹50 Lacs.
    - Get up to ₹9 lacs as the credit liability insurance.
    - Air Accident Death Cover of 1 Crore.
    - Overseas Emergency Hospitalization Insurance cover of up to ₹15 Lacs.
    - Credit liability insurance of up to ₹9 Lacs
    Golf Benefits- Enjoy Free Golf games through the HDFC Infinia Credit Card at the lead golf courses worldwide.- This feature is not available on the HDFC Regalia Credit Card.
    Priority Service- Get the Global Concierge Assistance where you can customize business, travel, and entertainment experiences.- Enjoy the HDFC bank Concierge Assistance to customize your travelling, business, and entertainment experience.
    Dining Programs- Get good deals on foods under the dining program of HDFC.- Enjoy dining at the premium restaurants and get exciting offers on this credit card.
    Fuel Surcharge Discounts- Get a Fuel Surcharge Discount of 1% on the transactions between ₹400 to ₹100000.
    - No Reward Points will be earned on the fuel transactions.
    - The Maximum waiver in a month is ₹1000.
    - Enjoy Fuel Surcharge Waiver of 1% between the transaction range of ₹400 to ₹5000.
    - There are no rewards points on fuel transactions.
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    Comparison of the Fee – HDFC Infinia vs HDFC Regalia

    Basis of DifferenceHDFC InfiniaHDFC Regalia
    Annual Membership Fees₹10000 Plus Applicable Taxes₹2500 Plus Applicable Taxes
    Annual Renewal Fees₹10000 Plus Applicable Taxes₹2500 Plus Applicable Taxes
    Renewal Fees Waiving Off CriteriaSpend more than ₹8 Lacs in a year and waive off the Renewal Fees.Spend more than 3 Lacs within 3 Months and waive off the Renewal Fees.

    Take Away

    As you have seen all the differences between both the credit cards, it would be easier for you to make the choice. Now your dilemma of HDFC Infinia vs HDFC Regalia must be resolved. Both the cards are unique in their own way so you can apply for any of them. Compare the fees of both the cards and then decide which card would be the better option for you. Analyze your expense schedule and need first, and then choose the card accordingly. All HDFC Credit cards have great offers therefore it becomes difficult to differentiate between them. Finally, you know the detailed differences between the HDFC Regalia and HDFC Infinia Credit cards.

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