ICICI Credit Card Application Status

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As soon as an individual applies for the ICICI credit card, he always wants to know when he will receive it. Therefore, it is essential for every individual to check the status of their card and see whether it is approved or rejected. The status inquiry can be made through the mobile number, date of birth, and the application form. So, if you have applied for the ICICI credit card then you must know the method to track the ICICI Credit Card Application Status. In this article, we will share some easy steps that will help you to check the exact status of the ICICI Bank Credit Card. Let’s move on to the different methods for checking the application status of your card.

Check the Application Status of ICICI Credit Card

There are two ways to know the status of an ICICI credit card. Either you can make an online inquiry through the official website of the ICICI Bank or check the status offline. You must see all the methods to check your status.

Track Status Through ICICI Official Website

You will have to visit the ICICI bank official website and then go to the My Application Login Page. There are two options to check the ICICI Bank Credit Card application status either through Form 1 or Form 2 available on the page.

Form 1

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You will have to fill in the following details in Form 1 to know your credit card status:-

  • You will have to enter your mobile number.
  • Then choose your date of birth from the calendar icon.
  • Finally, Click on the Send OTP Button.
  • You will have to enter the OTP received on your mobile number and verify it.
  • Then click on the continue button and see the status of your ICICI Bank credit card whether it is approved or rejected.

Form 2

In the form 2 status inquiry you have to follow the steps given below:-

  • Enter the mobile number that you have given at the time of submitting the credit card mobile application.
  • Then enter the ICICI Credit Card Application number.
  • Choose the date of birth from the calendar.
  • In the end, click on the Continue button and see the status of your ICICI bank credit card.

Call on Customer Care Number

If you are not a technical expert then you can try the offline methods to check the status. You can call on the ICICI Credit Card toll-free number to know the status of your card. You will have to call on 1860-120-7777 and make the ICICI Credit Card Application Status inquiry. The representative will ask you about the Application Form number and some other details and tell you the exact status of your card.

Visit the Nearest ICICI Branch

The best way to check the application status of ICICI credit card is to visit the nearest branch. You will have to approach the executive and provide him with the application form details. He will enter all the details in his system and tell you the current status of your card.

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There are many ways to know the ICICI Credit Card Application Online and Offline. The pre-requisites for checking the status are Mobile Number, Application Form Number, and Date of Birth. If you have these three detail with you then you can track the status of the ICICI bank credit card. Now, it is up to which method you choose for checking the status. As the online method is difficult to follow for elderly people so they can try both the offline methods for checking their status.

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