Here are the Top Three Banks with their Card Protection Plans

Know about card protection plans

As we ride the boat of cashless banking with the growing use of credit card, debit card, Internet banking, there is a need for large protection cover for unfortunate incidents that you may go through. It can be in the form of loss, theft and fraud in your cards, or you may lose your wallet or mobile phones. Do enjoy credit & debit card transactions but never take your eyes off from fraudulent incidents that may hit you hard if you are not vigilant. Technological innovation may have benefited us to a greater degree, but at the same time it has encouraged hackers, skimmers and other fraudulent people to ruin our pocket completely. These people do everything possible to cause monetary loss to us by committing fraud on credit card, debit card, ATM PINs, etc. You may happen to lose all those cards and pins. And even these cards and pins can be theft, leaving you frustrated and helpless. But if you want to avoid such situations, you could simply read a list of card protection plans offered by several private sector banks in India.

ICICI Bank Card Protection Plan

Pay a single premium of Rs 2,185 and protect your credit and debit cards against possible losses, theft, fraud, emergencies, etc. This plan offers protection to the credit card of someone in your family as well. The plan secures debit card, credit card, loyalty and membership card with CPP Card Protection. So just give ring CPP’s 24×7 helpline no 1 1800 419 4000 or 6000 4000 prefix city STD code if calling from mobile phone to report loss, theft and fraud in cards, irrespective of the location where the incident might have taken place.

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Benefits of CPP

Moment you report about the loss of your card, CPP will tell your issuers to block/cancel the cards that you would have reported as lost.

This plan gains much of significance when you travel in India or overseas and suddenly find that your cards are missing. Then CPP will come to your rescue and assist you in the following ways:

Assistance to pay hotel bills

CPP will ensure that your hotel bill gets paid if you do not have the requisite sum to do the same.

Assistance in travel

Just in case if you have happened to lose your travel tickets along with your cards, CPP will ensure that your tickets are replaced to make sure you return home.

Emergency cash advance

If you have lost cash or it has got stolen along with your cards, CPP will ensure emergency cash advance in India only. The facility is available to premium memberships only. Interest-free emergency travel, hotel and cash assistance benefits will be extended to you if you ask for any of them during the time of reporting about the loss of your card. This will be repayable within 28 days.

Fraud protection

Protection plan, which secures your cards against fraudulent use of the lost cards, begins seven days before you report about the loss. The plan extends to any period after the date of reporting the loss.

Document registration to ease process

Registering basic details like driving license, insurance certificates with CPP will ensure the confidentiality of such information. Notifications will be sent to you during the time your passport is lost or theft overseas. All you have to do is to provide contact details in those notifications, which will help you get a new passport.

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Other exciting features

Replacement of lost PAN card-Suppose if you have lost PAN card, CPP will ensure you get a cost-free replacement of the same.

Reporting for loss of mobile phones

SIM blocking- CPP will send you the notifications that will facilitate the blocking of your SIM card.

Registration of Mobile Phone Identifier (IMEI)-CPP will keep safe the Mobile Phone Identifier (IMEI) number if you register it. This will be beneficial when you require such details.


HDFC Bank has tied up with OneAssist to cover against the loss, theft and fraud in cards. OneAssist, a leading card protection service provider, assists you when you face the torrid time of having lost the cards, as well as when it is theft or some fraud is committed. If you want assistance in such situations, you can take benefits of the services provided by OneAssist. Let’s discuss on the protection plans that OneAssist has in store for the customers.

OneAssist offers a broader portfolio of products including WalletAssist, MobileAssist, EverydayAssist and TripAssist.

WalletAssist & TripAssist

As part of the benefits outlined in Wallet Assist and Trip Assist,you can ensure blocking of all your cards to prevent the possible misuse of the those by giving a call to 24X7 helpline no 8080333333. These card fraud protection plans will be in operation from 7 days before reporting the loss of cards. The plan offers cover against incidences like skimming, phishing, which are undertaken by fraudulent people to cause monetary and other losses to the people. TripAssist provides back up to all your personal details like contacts, SMS, photos and videos. You can recover all the data even after you lose the phone.

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