Tips to Remember Credit Card Due Dates

Tips to remember credit card due dates

Forgetting your credit card due dates may harm your savings and affect your financial plans too. When you make late payments to your creditor, you will pay late fee along with your credit card debt. This way you end up paying more money on the same bill. It is really important to make timely payments to save your money and to maintain a good credit history along with keeping an eye on credit card interest rate. Here are some useful tips to remember your credit card due dates.

Change your payment due date: Generally, credit card payment due date is the same for every month. If some special date is convenient to you for making payments, just ask your creditor to change your due date from the present to your convenient date. For instance if you salary gets credited on 10th of every month and your card due date is 1st of every months. In such situation you will make late payment fee if you make payments once your salary gets credited. Therefore, you should ask creditor to change the date to avoid unnecessary late fee every month. This can be done easily by making a call to customer care centre.

Highlight the due date on your calendar: It does not matter where you mark it, on a wall calendar, pocket calendar, on your office table calendar or make a sticky of due date and put that on fridge or office table. Just ensure that you view the calendar every day or on every alternate day. However, this is not the best way to remember, but at least it will help you upto an extent.

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Have a reminder mail: Most of us check our personal emails at least once in day, fix a reminder mail on your personal email id regarding the due date. Shoot an email reminder at least 3 days before the due date to remind the important billing date.

Fix a reminder on your smart phone: Nowadays, maximum number of people use one or another smart phone. These smart phones have special feature as reminder. You can set these reminders for any important task or for important dates. You should create a reminder in your smartphone for the card payment due date.

Set auto debit date in your bank account: You can also ask for auto debit from your creditor. This way you will never miss the last date of your payment. You can ask the bank to fix a date for auto debit the payment from your bank every month. But there is a drawback in this situation if on a particular month you want to make minimum payment that wouldn’t be possible anymore. Bank will auto debit the whole amount from your bank irrespective to your other expenses. Therefore, this situation is good only when you are sure that you will not spend beyond a certain limit or you have sufficient funds in your bank account.

Download a reminder app: There are many free mobile applications available in the app stores which you can download for free or buy . These apps will send you notifications on your smart phone regarding the due dates of your bills. You should ensure that these apps will work properly on your smart phone.

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