What steps to take to avoid your credit card or debit card to be cloned and misused ?

In today’s digital world, with ease, comes along a risk. Often there are complaints about credit card and debit card frauds. Fortunately, you can avoid these frauds if you trace the red flags and undertake security measures.

How can you be cheated?

Credit/Debit card fraud is simply theft of your identity and information on your cards. Now the person who hacks your details can use them to make purchases or for ATM withdrawals.

The fraudsters are so smart that they can even hack your ATM card details in your presence. The technique is known as skimming, where the device is attached to the card reader’s slot. It can copy the information from the magnetic strip when one swipe the card.

You may even encounter some friendly bystanders in the room. They are there to peak in your private information like a PIN.

Luckily , we have discovered some insider tips to prevent these online credit/debit card frauds

  1. Keep the bills – Maintain a record of purchases made from your credit card. Do not toss the bill receipts directly into the trash bin. Same tip goes to your old credit and debit cards. Do not through away your expired or cancelled debit cards and credit cards.
  2. Do not give your details – Your credit card and debit card details should be private. Don’t give these details to any third person. You must know that no credit card issuing company asks you to give your sensitive credit card details over the phone.
  3. Online Scams – You must make sure that you do not fill in your credit card details on random websites. Make sure the websites are legit and reliable be cautioning when you are using your debit/credit card to make an online purchase.
  4. Odd and Strong Passwords – Fraudster are smart, they can easily guess your password if they have access to your other information. Keep a unique password with distinctive upper and lower cases, characters and numbers.
  5. Merchants and POS – If you give your credit card at petrol pump or hotel. Make sure you do not allow the salesperson or waiter take away your credit card to a far place. They can easily copy card details. You can also take an additional precautionary step, where you shop with retailers who have a chip enabled card reader.
  6. Constant Check – It is advisable that you keep a through record of your payments via these cards. You must establish a clear communication with your bank to understand if there are any unknown transactions that look place.
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Credit card and debit card frauds are becoming a common phenomenon on must take counteractive measures to avoid such scams.

Handle your physical cards and other crucial financial information like CVV and Pin card with utmost care.

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