EPFO – Direct UAN Allotment by Employees

Having a UAN account is mandatory if you have an EPF account and you are contributing to it. So far employees were getting their UAN from their employers. But now EPFO has come with a new feature which is direct UAN allotment by employees. Now employees can get a UAN without any involvement of employers. But you cannot have more than one UAN as the number will remain the same throughout your life. This new feature can be used by those employees who are fresher’s or new employees joining the workforce as well as employees who have old EPF accounts but whose UAN is not generated yet, now they can directly allot UAN to themselves through EPFO online portal.

Steps for Direct UAN Allotment by Employees

  • Open the EPFO Member Portal (www.epfindia.gov.in)
  • Now in the Tabs Present on the Top, expand the Service Tab which is reflecting on the top left side, and click on the ‘For Employees’ option.
  • Then click on the ‘Member UAN/Online service (OCS/OTCP)’ under the Service Head.
  • Now Employee Login Portal page will get open (https://unifiedportal-mem.epfindia.gov.in/)
  • On the same page go to the ‘Important links’ column on the right side corner, and click on the ‘Direct UAN Allotment by Employees’ option.
  • Now a dashboard will appear where you have to fill in your Aadhaar linked mobile number(If your Aadhaar is not linked with the mobile number then first link your mobile number with Aadhar), and now enter the given captcha and click on Generate OTP.
  • You will receive OTP on your mentioned mobile number, enter the same and, click on Submit button.
  • Now next page will appear where a question will be asked “Are you employed in any Private Company/Factory/Establishment?
  • If you select ‘Yes’ then the process will go further and if you select ‘No’ then the popup will appear that you are not eligible for further process.
  • Click on submit button and go further.
  • Now select your ‘Employment Category’ from the drop-down where 2 options are available-
    • Is your Establishment/Company/Factory covered under EPFO
    • Is your Establishment/Company/Factory not covered under EPFO
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Is Your Establishment/Company/Factory Covered under EPFO

  • If you select the first option then the next column will appear that do you know the PF code number of the establishment?
  • If you Select ‘Yes’ then you have to enter your establishment PF code number in the Establishment ID column, soon you click on the search button you will be able to see your Establishment details.
  • If you select ‘No’ then you have to fill in details like Identity proof and then have to upload documents.
  • For identity proof, you can select Payslip, ID Card Number, Gate Pass Number, ESIC, or others (Which one is available) and mention the number of the same in entering Identity Number Column.
  • Now Upload the selected document (you can click the photo or can use the scan copy of the ID Proof) and click on submit button.
  • In the next step enter your Aadhar card number/Virtual ID and then enter the given captcha and click on Generate OTP
  • You will receive OTP in your mobile number, mention the same on ‘Enter OTP’ column
  • Click on Submit button (before this read the given consent and then agree to it by selecting it)
  • Now your UAN will be Generated and you will receive the same on your mobile number.

Is Your Establishment/Company/Factory not Covered under EPFO

  • If you select the second option and click on submit then the new page will get open and you need to fill few basic details of your company
    • Name of the Establishment
    • Address of the Establishment-
      • house/Building/Village*
      • Area/Road/Street/P.O.*
      • Establishment State* (select from drop-down)
      • Establishment District* (select from drop-down)
      • Pincode*
  • After filling in Address details, now enter your date of joining (In DD/MM/YY format)
  • And then mention the approx number of employees working in your company and mention number of shifts
  • Now Click on the Save button
  • On the next page enter your Aadhar Number/Virtual ID
  • Enter the given captcha and click on Generate OTP button
  • Now you will receive OTP on your registered mobile number, enter the same OTP and agree to the given consent
  • Now click on submit button.
  • Finally, your UAN will be generated and you will receive the same on your registered mobile number.
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Benefits of Direct Allotment of UAN by Employees

  • Generating UAN will be less time taking.
  • It will be a hassle-free process
  • Employees can directly allot UAN to themself through EPFO online portal without any involvement of the employer.
  • A problem like a mismatch in Aadhaar information and other data of employees will be avoided.
  • KYC updation and linking the Aadhaar to the UAN in a later stage will not be required.


Now Generating UAN will be a less time taking and hassle-free process. Employees can directly allot UAN to themselves without any involvement of employers through EPFO online portal. Go through the above-mentioned steps for direct UAN allotment by employees.

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