How to Merge Your Provident Fund UAN?

According to the EPFO rule, one member can have only one UAN. And if there is anyone who has 2 UAN then this is against the rule of EPFO, and they have to deactivate the old UAN by transferring their EPF account linked with the old UAN to the new UAN.

Now There Can be 2 Situations Under Which an Employee can end up With 2 UAN’s:-

  1. The employee didn’t disclose about the existing UAN and member ID to the new employer, and the employee’s Aadhar number is not linked with their PF account, in that case, the employer can end up generating a new UAN of the employee.
  2. The old employer didn’t update the employee ‘Date of exist’ on time while monthly filling of ECR and employee Aadhar is not linked with their PF account, then new employer ends up generating a new UAN for the employee.

Basically, if an employee’s Aadhar number is linked with their PF account then no such issue can arise. And now EPFO has made it mandatory for all the members to link their Aadhar number with their PF account till 1st Sep 2021 to avail uninterrupted EPFO services, including taking Covid advances and insurance benefits linked to PF account.

How to Merge UAN?

There are two methods for merging your UAN’s:-

  1. Offline Method
  2. Online Method

Offline Method

  1. When you get to know that your two UAN are generated, then report this issue to your new employee or EPFO.
  2. Now fill Form 13 manually and submit three copies of the same in the EPFO office.
  3. After this, EPFO will conduct the verification and will take the approval from your employer.
  4. Once verification is completed then EPFO will block your old UAN and your new UAN will remain activated.
  5. But employees have to submit a claim for transferring the EPF account linked with the old UAN to the new UAN.
  6. And make sure before transferring your KYC should be updated.
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But since the Offline method is quite a time-taking, EPFO has come with a simple method through which easily employees can merge their UAN’s and can easily transfer the EPF account linked with the old UAN to the new UAN. So follow the below points for the online method.

Online Method

  • Open the EPFO Member Portal (
  • Now in the Tabs Present on the Top, expand the Service Tab which is reflecting on the top left side, and click on the ‘For Employees’ option.
  • Then select ‘Member UAN/Online service (OCS/OTCP)’ under the Service Head.
  • Now Employee Login Portal page will get open (
  • Then log in by entering your new UAN and password, and enter the given captcha.
  • Now under the Online Service section which is reflecting at the top, click on One Member-One EPF Account (Transfer Request)
  • On the next page that appears, cross-check whether all your personal details are correct to date.
  • Now scroll down, Under Attestation through option select your employer to whom you want to forward the request.
  • And then in the Member ID/UAN column enter your previous UAN number or member id and click on Get details.
  • Now one new column will get added below-named Establishment, wherefrom the drop-down you will be able to select your previous companies linked with your old UAN.
  • Select the company and click on get OTP.
  • Now you will receive OTP in your registered mobile number enter the same and click on submit button.
  • After clicking on submit button your request for transferring your EPF account from the old UAN to the new UAN will be submitted.
  • After this, you have to download Form 13 through the portal and then fill in all your PF details from both the previous and current employers.
  • Filling up this form will generate a Tracking ID, which can be used to track the progress of the transfer.
  • You must take a printout of this Form, sign it and send it to your employer (whom you have send the request for approval) within 10 days.
  • Your employer will verify the details and will then provide their approval, which will lead to a successful transfer of your EPF account.
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Once your EPF accounts are transferred from the old UAN to New UAN, then after identification EPFO will automatically deactivate your old UAN, by assuming that it is duplicate, and your New UAN will remain activated.

EPFO will provide you the status of UAN deactivation via SMS. And if your new UAN is not activated yet then EPFO will request you to activate the same, so that your EPF amount will easily get transferred from the old UAN to New UAN, and you can get the updated status of your account.

Sometimes, the previous employer may deposit PF arrears, if your previous EPF account gets linked with new UAN, then the arrears will be reflected in New UAN.


As per EPFO, having two UAN numbers is against the rule. So, employees those are having 2 UAN have to deactivate the old UAN by transferring the EPF account linked with Old UAN to New UAN. Go through the above mentioned two methods through which employees can merge their UAN’s easily.

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