Buy a health insurance before you turn 30 to gain more

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Health insurance plan is necessary for all individual, due to changed lifestyle and stressful life, where all of us are either chasing something or under pressure to achieve something. In such stressful situation and tensions, you should stay safe, secure and prepared to face any medical emergency. A medical emergency can knock you door anytime and anywhere in life. Here are some important reasons for you to consider and convince you to make the purchase before turning 30.

Get the best price as early bird: It is really important that you understand the complexities and conditions of the health insurance policies. For instance, if you buy a policy at the age of 25, it might be it will cost you Rs. 5000, at the age of 35 the same policy might cost you Rs. 6000 and at the age of 45, you need to pay Rs. 8000 for availing the same health insurance. So, it is always important that you buy health insurance early.

Your employer cover is not enough: The increasing cost of health care and medical facilities is creating extra burden on the pocket of common man. It is not easy for everyone to bear the increasing cost of medical facility. You can compare the cost of hospitalisation for a week and the cover your company is offering to you. After comparing the cost and finding the difference, you will make a move to buy a health insurance policy for your family to cover them.

Changed lifestyle increasing health related issues: It is not mandatory that you should buy a health insurance only when you turn 50 or 60. The fast lifestyle and changing eating and sleeping habits of individuals are making them more prone to various diseases at an early age. Nowadays, young people are facing health issues like high BP, cholesterol, cancer, diabetes, stroke, etc.

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Buys work schedules: Most of us are not working in private sector where you need to prove your potential and skills every time. Some of the people work till late nights, even some work in different shifts or travel extensively because of their work nature. This kind of lifestyle builds pressure on individual that leads to various health issues. In such kinds of environment a health insurance policy that covers emergency medical evacuation along with the best health care facilities around the world for some common yet critical diseases is very important.

Buying it early means better financial planning: Buying a health insurance at early stage is always better as you always get the best deal. It is not just about getting the best deal, but you will get the best benefits as well. Accidents occur without any warning or any intimations and a good medical cover will ensure that you are covered for all kind of medical emergencies. It also allows you to invest your hard earned money for other saving plans as you are already prepared with your medical health plans to face any medical emergency.

You can claim tax benefits: Health insurance policy offers you plenty of benefits. You can claim tax benefits on your medical insurance policy under Section 80D of Income Tax.  Under Section 80D of Income Tax the maximum ceiling to claim the tax benefits is upto Rs. 25,000 per annum like any other insurance policy.

Buying early gives you freedom to enjoy maximum benefits: When you buy a health plan, you have to serve different waiting period-for-certain surgeries, special treatment, pre-existing illness coverage, etc. Buying the policy at an early age, which covers all such critical illness and diseases, it might be that you don't require these benefits now, but when in a later years if you face any critical illness or other severe health issues this policy will prove very beneficial as you can claim the maximum benefits under the cover.  Most of the health insurance policies offers no claim bonus and loyalty bonus to customers.

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New health insurance policies offer extensive benefits: These new health insurance plan offers you benefits not only for health care, but these customised products offer you special benefits such as OPD care, daily cash facility, etc. Even these medical insurance plans offer you benefits against vector borne diseases. These medical policies provides you maternity benefits, which may be relevant at present age. It also includes your new born baby into the policy with any additional premium.

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