Different Types of Health Insurance Covers: You Should be Aware of

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In this article you will get to know about types of health insurance coverage. Moreover, if you want maternity coverage, dental services or prescription drug coverage, checkout different types of health insurance coverage, and get the specific plan that fulfills your needs.

Individual & Family

When it comes to individual and family coverage, it is also commonly known as comprehensive or medical coverage. Whenever you think of health insurance, this is most likely the first type of insurance you can think of. It includes wide range of services such as:

  • It lasts for a year or longer
  • It can be renewed
  • It includes emergency services, hospitalization and preventive care
  • Maternity, newborn and pediatric care
  • Mental healthcare
  • Laboratory service, prescription drugs and disease management
  • Rehabilitative services and devices​​


The dental insurance plan offers the coverage for dental costs to you and your family. This type of health insurance includes:

  • A wide range of dental services or your basic routine care.
  • It can be bought as an individual and family health plan or as a stand-alone dental plan.
  • It is required for the children of age 18 or younger that comes under the affordable care act.​


Medicare is one such type of health insurance that is available for the people of age 65 or above, or people under 65 with specific illnesses and disabilities. Medicare health plan basically includes medicare cost plan, medicare advantage plan and finally the demonstrative pilot programs. This type of insurance can be offered by public as well as private entities.

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Medicaid and Children's Health Insurance Program

Children's health insurance program and medicaid both are low or no-cost health insurances offered by government.  For this type of insurance, your eligibility is solely based on the type of your household as well as your income which is then determined by the government. To avail this insurance, you can apply any time of the year.