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One must be keeping a close look at the sum assured, coverage against maximum number of illness, the premium amount payable, claim procedures while buying a health insurance policy from the company. These are definitely important aspects to consider in health insurance policy. But one must also focus on the riders and add-on covers to extract the benefits of health insurance in true sense. These provide additional covers to protect you against medical emergencies, critical illness, accidents, etc. Let's discuss both riders and add-on covers in detail.

Add-on Cover

Add-on cover offers protection against unexpected medical emergencies that could take a lot out of your pocket. Add-on covers generally have been critical illness cover, personal accident cover, top up/super top up cover. These covers can be cheaper than buying an altogether new health insurance policy.

Critical Illness Cover

As the name suggests, critical illness cover offers protection against diseases or illnesses that can be recurring. The ailments covered under the cover include cancer, big heart stroke, brain tumour, multiple sclerosis, among others. You can get a lump-sum amount immediately regardless of the expenses incurred during the exact medical procedure.

Personal Accident Cover

The personal accident cover provides compensation for varied consequences of accidents such as accidental death; permanent disablement with loss of limbs, voice, sight and hearing; as well as temporary disablement with fractures in limbs and temporary blindness.

Top-up/Super Top-up Cover

With this cover, you get additional health insurance cover over and above your current health insurance policy. You can use this cover to raise the sum assured amount of the base insurance plan. With this, you do not have to buy an additional health insurance policy, which can be an expensive affair. With top-up plan, you can get your expenses reimbursed over the base cover for only one hospitalisation. While a super top-up plan allows reimbursement of the expenses for the entire year.

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After discussing the add-on covers, now get ourselves aware of the features and benefits of riders.


Riders, which refer to the additional benefits on your health insurance plan, enable you to extend your insurance cover in accordance with your requirements at a lower cost. You need to pay for additional riders at cost more than the base premium of the policy. Premium on riders is capped at 30% of the base policy. The common riders that you can find in most of the health insurance policies include maternity cover, hospital cash and room rent waiver.

Maternity Cover

Maternity cover offers cover for maternity expenses that would have been incurred during the child birth procedures after the waiting period, which can be 2 years or more based on the plan of a given health insurance company. You can also get the cover for new-born babies from the time of birth till the end of the policy period. However, the premium amount will get raised by 15%-20% by availing this rider.

Hospital Cash

With hospital cash rider, you get cash on a daily basis to meet the medical expenses during the stay in the hospital. The claim benefits can be around Rs 500-3,000 based on the nature of the treatment. But the payout can be more if admitted to ICU. However, in order to get the payout, you are needed to be hospitalised for at least 24 hours.

Room Rent Waiver

With this rider, you can opt for a room having a higher sub-limit or no sub-limits. Most health insurance providers fix a cap on the room rent. If you avail the room rent waiver, then you can opt for stay in a better room without hurting your pocket. This waiver is particularly useful at a time when you are staying or undergoing treatment in a hospital whose room rent is high.

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As you have got the information regarding both add-on cover and add-on covers, you can take either one of them or both depending upon your requirement and affordability.

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