Health Insurance Benefits and Advantages

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No one want to get sick or hurt, or get hospilalised, but you can never predict the future. Most of us visit to a doctor off and on for regular check up, physical fitness test or for other reasons. The cost involved in health care and any kind of treatment is very high. With standard growth in your income, you hardly pay attention to securing your family from any medical emergency or saving some funds for medical emergency.  In case you meet any medical emergency you are not able to cope up with the medical expenses, if you don't have enough funds to support your medical bills. Medical emergencies can reach you anytime and leave you shattered and disappointed in the lack of required funds. In such critical situations, health insurance comes as saviour, which helps you to pay all your hospital bills and other expenses without much of worries. Health insurance provides you coverage for various medical treatments and emergencies.

Medical bills and treatment in any of the reputed hospital or institutions are not within the reach of common man. However, in any medical emergency you want to give the best available treatment to your family and loved ones. You never want to compromise on medical facilities for saving money. At that time your first and prime priority is to give them the best possible medical help and treatment. This leads to a situation where you end up loosing all your savings and end up landing into the financial crisis. Therefore, it becomes a necessity in the present lifestyle to buy a health insurance to stay and live tension free. Here are some important benefits and advantages of health insurance.

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Essential things that are generally covered in your health insurance:

  • Treatment taken at home without being admitted to a hospital
  • Treatment taken in a hospital for any medical emergency
  • Treatment for mental health and other issues related to mental health
  • Treatment for skin, brain, heart and other kind of health problems
  • Any kind of operation or transplant of organs
  • Cashless facility for your medical emergency and other bills
  • Prescription of drug
  • Services and devices to help you to recover from your injuries, any physical disability or chronic conditions
  • Various lab test
  • Pediatric services that include vision care, dental care,etc., for your child.

All above are some important points which are generally covered in most of the health insurance policies. There are some special type of health insurances which offers you special cash allowances for your treatment at home or for those day when you are on off due to any medical emergencies.

Choosing the right kind of policy equally important:

Basically, there are two types of major health insurance policies available in the country. The customers can apply for an 'Individual Health Insurance Policy' and another one for the family is called 'Family Health Insurance Policy'. These health insurance companies also offer some other kind of policies such as Mediclaim Policy, Cashless Health Insurance and Critical Illness Policy.

These policies provide coverage when the insured person gets hospitalised due to some disease,illness or accident. Whereas, critical illness policies provide coverage for pre-exsiting critical illness. So you can choose a policy as per your medical and health requirements. The best option to choose a policy is taking the family medical insurance as you ensure all your family member and their health by paying the same premium or at the cost of little bit higher premium.

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