Health Insurance for Pre-Existing Medical Conditions

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When it comes to health insurance plan, it would not be wrong to say that it is a necessary expense for all. However, those who are suffering from any pre-existing condition, for them having a comprehensive health coverage can be tedious task. Before, discussing about pre-existing medical condition, lets' focus on what pre-existing condition is actually all about?

A pre-existing medical conditions is referred to any health problem that has been faced by an individual prior to looking for health insurance. The pre-existing conditions usually include any and almost every health issue ranging from usual suspects such as cancer and diabetes to asthma, high blood pressure or even acne.

Today plenty of leading health insurance companies are available in the marketplace that provide you with the numerous amazing plans to choose from. But, before going any further, let's discuss few important points in detail.

Insurers dislike pre-existing conditions:

Usually plenty of health insurance companies are reluctant when it comes to offering the cover to the people suffering from pre-existing ailments. Well, the reason behind this thing is the fact that such people are more likely in the need of treatment, hence present a higher financial risk to the insurance companies. However, there might be the possibility that even a healthy person will get sick, but these insurance firms consider the profile of such people at risk. After all, these companies are also interested in running the profitable business.

Getting Insurance if you have pre-existing conditions

However, one of the biggest problems with people having pre-existing conditions is that they usually get the short end of the insurance stick. And, this thing can lead to cancellation of the coverage, refusals by the insurer so as to pay the medical bills, or in fact an outright refusal of the health insurance policy.

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So, how do you tackle this situation? For your convenience here are some useful information giving you help, if you go shopping for health insurance.

1. Different health insurers have different policies

Many of you will surely agree on the fact that it is a bit problematic to get the health coverage in case you have an existing ailment,but this is also true that not all insurer providers are same. Some insurance firms consider an individual's entire medical history while determining the pre-existing medical conditions. Whereas, some insurers only consider the medical records of last four years.

2. Every trip to the doctor does not count

Many insurers only look out for such ailments and conditions that have the long-term effect. Thus, even if you are prone to some not to serious medical conditions such as colds, coughs and fever, nothing to worry. These issues will be left out from the scanner of the insurer as they are short-term problems with minimum side-effects.

3. Hiding a pre-existing condition

Hiding you pre-existing condition is definitely a bad habit because if you do need the treatment for such a condition, the insurer can reject your claim.

4. Pre-existing illnesses can be covered

It is a misconception that pre-existing medical conditions can never be covered under one health insurance policy. It is not at all true. Insurers generally are in the need of exclusion or waiting period. Moreover, during this period, the doctor's visits, treatment cost for the pre-existing ailments and medication costs will not be covered by the insurance policy. However, these costs can only be covered after the end of this period, but in the meanwhile, the expenses incurred because of the other health issues will be paid for by the insurance policy.

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5. Working around the waiting period

Different health insurance companies have different waiting periods. And, some health policies have waiting period of usually 2 years, while others require 4 years. So, it is advisable to you to shift towards the different insurance policies, only after the completion of the waiting period. Otherwise, even if you have completed 2 out of the stipulated 4 years, it will not be considered, hence you have to start afresh. Nevertheless, many insurance policies actually allow the policy holders to reduce the waiting period by paying the extra premium.

In a nutshell, people with pre-existing health conditions can easily get the health insurance, but it is just a matter of being informed, and start looking for the best deal through extensive planning and research.

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