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Aptus Value Housing Finance Home Loans

Acquiring a home which you can proudly say “my home” is a big life-time decision. It needs exhaustive research, planning about your exact necessities along with a budget involves a tedious task. And once you look at Aptus Home Loans which are offered by Aptus Value Housing Finance India Limited, caters to the housing finance requirements of self-employed,  an informal segment of customers, belonging to middle income, primarily from semi -urban and rural markets. It deals in financing long-term housing needs of its customers. The housing loan provided is for:

  1. Construction of a house/flat on the land owned
  2. Buying a flat or a house from a builder
  3. Constructing or Buying a house/flat on a second- hand basis
  4. Renovation or extension of a house

Aptus Home Loan Eligibility Criteria

  • Aptus finances its customers in the affordable housing category(financing between 5-25 lakhs) with an emphasis on the self-employed business segment. These self-employed individuals are the owners of  provision shop, pharmacy, bakery , vegetable vendors, fruit merchants, two wheeler service centers, distributors, transportation and fancy stores.
  • The minimum amount for a home loan is Rs. 3 lakhs where the customers are buying or constructing homes of value between Rs. 6 lakhs to Rs. 30 lakhs and looking to get finance between Rs. 5 -Rs. 25 lakhs.
  • Lesser loan amount i.e. minimum loan value of Rs 3 lakhs is available for Loan against property and renovation of existing homes
  • The maximum Tenure on offering is 15 years and amount up to 85% of the Value of the Property.
  • The interest rate offered to the customers is fixed on the basis of the Aptus Base Rate. Provision of ‘Fixed-Rate’ and ‘Floating Rate’ is available to its customers.
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The Fixed rate offered would be 0.5% -1% higher, in order to provide for the interest rate fluctuations.

Category of CustomersBase RateInterest Rate
Floating Fixed
Rural Housing (As per NHB guidelines)7.50%12.50% ----
Other Customers13.15%14.5% - 15.50%14.5% - 16%

Aptus Home Loan EMI Calculator

Getting a home loan from Aptus is quick and simple. You can use Aptus Home Loan EMI Calculator for analyzing your Home Loan EMI and also assess interest and outstanding principal repayment.

For example: A farmer living in Punjab wants to purchase a 2 BHK 540 Sq.ft. flat in suburban regions and has availed a loan amount of Rs. 25 lakhs payable after 15 years at varying interest rates 14.5%-16%. He wants to know the total equated monthly installments along with the interest amount that goes towards home loan. Accordingly, fixed interest rate would be decided so far. The calculation for EMI, interest payment and total amount(EMI+interest) is described as follows:

Table showing EMI, interest outgo and total amount payable on your home loan

Loan AmountLoan TenureInterest RateEMITotal Interest OutgoTotal Amount (EMI+Interest)
Rs.25,00,0001 year14.5%-16%Rs. 2,25,056-Rs. 2,26,827Rs. 2,00,676-Rs. 2,21,926Rs. 27,00,676-Rs. 27,21,926
Rs.25,00,0002 years14.5%-16%Rs. 1,20,624-Rs. 1,22,408Rs. 3,94,966-Rs. 4,37,787Rs. 28,94,966-Rs. 29,37,787
Rs.25,00,0003 years14.5%-16%Rs. 86,052-Rs. 87,893Rs. 5,97,888-Rs. 6,64,133Rs. 30,97,888-Rs. 31,64,133
Rs.25,00,0004 years14.5%-16%Rs. 68,945-Rs. 70,851Rs. 8,09,354-Rs. 9,00,834Rs. 33,09,354-Rs. 34,00,834
Rs.25,00,0005 years14.5%-16%Rs. 58,821-Rs. 60,795Rs. 10,29,242-Rs. 11,47,709Rs. 35,29,242-Rs. 36,47,709
Rs.25,00,0006 years14.5%-16%Rs. 52,186-Rs. 54,230Rs. 12,57,397-Rs. 14,04,531Rs. 37,57,397-Rs. 39,04,531
Rs.25,00,0007 years14.5%-16%Rs. 47,543-Rs. 49,655Rs. 14,93,634-Rs. 16,71,033Rs. 39,93,634-Rs. 41,71,033
Rs.25,00,0008 years14.5%-16%Rs. 44,143-Rs. 46,322Rs. 17,37,742-Rs. 19,46,909Rs. 42,37,742-Rs. 44,46,909
Rs.25,00,0009 years14.5%-16%Rs. 41,569-Rs. 43,813Rs. 19,89,484-Rs. 22,31,818Rs. 44,89,484-Rs. 47,31,818
Rs.25,00,00010 years14.5%-16%Rs. 39,572-Rs. 41,878Rs. 22,48,604-Rs. 25,25,394Rs. 47,48,604-Rs. 50,25,394
Rs.25,00,00011 years14.5%-16%Rs. 37,991-Rs. 40,358Rs. 25,14,825-Rs. 28,27,247Rs. 50,14,825-Rs. 53,27,247
Rs.25,00,00012 years14.5%-16%Rs. 36,721-Rs. 39,146Rs. 27,87,856-Rs. 31,36,971Rs. 52,87,856-Rs. 56,36,971
Rs.25,00,00013 years14.5%-16%Rs. 35,688-Rs. 38,168Rs. 30,67,397-Rs. 34,54,147Rs. 55,67,397-Rs. 59,54,147
Rs.25,00,00014 years14.5%-16%Rs. 34,840-Rs. 37,371Rs. 33,53,134-Rs. 37,78,351Rs. 58,53,134-Rs. 62,78,351
Rs.25,00,00015 years14.5%-16%Rs. 34,138-Rs. 36,718Rs. 36,44,754-Rs. 41,09,153Rs. 61,44,754-Rs. 66,09,153
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Amortization Table

YearPrincipal PaymentInterest OutgoBalance Amount
1Rs. 43,733-Rs. 50,419Rs. 359,237-Rs. 396,883Rs. 2,449,581-Rs. 2,456,267
2Rs. 51,265-Rs. 58,236Rs. 351,420-Rs. 389,351Rs. 2,391,345-Rs. 2,405,002
3Rs. 60,095-Rs. 67,265Rs. 342,391-Rs. 380,521Rs. 2,324,080-Rs. 2,344,907
4Rs. 70,450-Rs. 77,695Rs. 331,961-Rs. 370,166Rs. 2,246,385-Rs. 2,274,457
5Rs. 82,585-Rs. 89,740Rs. 319,916-Rs. 358,031Rs. 2,156,645-Rs. 2,191,872
6Rs. 96,813-Rs. 103,653Rs. 306,003-Rs. 343,803Rs. 2,052,992-Rs. 2,095,059
7Rs. 113,491-Rs. 119,721Rs. 289,935-Rs. 327,125Rs. 1,933,271-Rs. 1,981,568
8Rs. 133,040-Rs. 138,284Rs. 271,372-Rs. 307,576Rs. 1,794,987-Rs. 1,848,528
9Rs. 155,959-Rs. 159,721Rs. 249,935-Rs. 284,657Rs. 1,635,266-Rs. 1,692,569
10Rs. 182,826-Rs. 184,484Rs. 225,172-Rs. 257,790Rs. 1,450,782-Rs. 1,509,743
11Rs. 213,085-Rs. 214,322Rs. 196,571-Rs. 226,294Rs. 1,237,697-Rs. 1,295,421
12Rs. 246,121-Rs. 251,246Rs. 163,535-Rs. 189,370Rs. 991,576-Rs. 1,044,175
13Rs. 284,278-Rs. 294,528Rs. 125,378-Rs. 146,088Rs. 707,298-Rs. 749,647
14Rs. 328,351-Rs. 345,266Rs. 81,305-Rs. 95,350Rs. 378,947-Rs. 404,381
15Rs. 379,351-Rs. 404,859Rs. 30,398-Rs. 35,871Rs. 0

Documentation for  Aptus Home Loan

  • Property and title documents
  • Identity proof and Address Proof
    1. Passport
    2. Voter’s ID card
    3. Driving License
    4. Adhaar Card
    5. Shop Registration Certificate
    6. PAN Card

Documentation for self-employed applicants

  •  Last 2 years Income tax returns
  •  Last 2 years computation of income
  • Last 6 months bank statement
  • Processing fee cheque
  • Proof of other income
  • Copy of Title documents and approved sanction plan

Features and Benefits of Aptus Home Loan

  • Loan sanctioned would be disbursed on the basis of technical and legal scrutiny of the property and title documents.
  • No part payment charge and pre closure charge applicable.
  • The interest rate to Rural Housing Fund (RHF) customers, as per NHB guidelines, would be decided after considering the benefit of NHB borrowing.
  • The reduction in interest rate would be passed on to the customers.
  • The interest rate is available on fixed rate basis and floating rate.
  • Loan repayment on the basis of Equated Monthly installments over the agreed tenure
  • Quick and transparent process
  • Doorstep services
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Aptus Home Loan Customer Care Contact Number

You can directly visit Head Office or any of the branches of Aptus for resolving your queries and requirement. You can also call on : 044-45650000 and speak to an experienced customer care representative or directly email at email address mentioned on the website.

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