With digitisation of everything picking up speed, Indian state governments have started digitising the property and land related informations as well. India geographically is a vast country hence this task is taken up by the state governments individually, further subdividing it to the regions of the state.

Being a part of this initiative, the Government of West Bengal has initiated its online portal of Banglarbhumi. It is a repository for land records concerning lands and properties as the case may be. Banglarbhumi is the online portal of land and property repository initiated and governed by the Department of Land and Land Records in collaboration with the Directorate of Land Records and Survey, Government of West Bengal.

The service provides information relating to the area, plot number, property value, and jurisdiction of the property. During a sale and purchase of any property, it is of utmost importance to check the chain of agreements for the property in question. Buyers without being dependant on the seller can check and validate the details on the records as registered in Banglarbhumi. The Government of West Bengal has not only introduced a website but also launched an Application on Playstore to make it furthermore convenient for the users to get the land details including the property information, Khatian, and records of rights.

The portal provides various services to the users

  • Application for Record of rights
  • Periodic update of records
  • West Bengal Land Record and digitization of the Map
  • Khatian and Plot Information
  • Land Distribution details
  • Thika Tenancy
  • Rent Controller services
  • Public Grievance application Filling
  • Services to the State Land Use Board
  • Demarcation of Indo – Bangladesh Boundary
  • ISU Management
  • LMTC and ARTI Training
  • Preparation and maintenance of West Bengal land records
  • Department Name Selection
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Record of Rights

One can view the records of land without registering on the website. This service is available under the Know your property segment. The steps involved in checking include –

  • Visit the official website of Banglarbhumi and proceed towards the Know your property option.
  • Once redirected to the Know your property page from the Home page, select the district, block, and Mouza for the property you are searching the records for.
  • The mentioned first two options are for searching Land Records. You need to choose amongst the Plot or Khatian. Once chosen, enter the captcha to proceed to view the details
  • Once the captcha is accepted by the system, property records will be visible on the screen.

Check Plot Map Request Details

You can check the status of the map for the plots online on the portal.

  • Visit the home page of Banglarbhumi and then navigate to the Service Delivery option.
  • Select Plot Map-Request from the various options available in the drop-down menu.
  • Once selected, a new Dropdown would open. Select the District, Block, and Mouza of the plot in question.
  • From here you would be further asked to input the correct Plot number to identify the exact property along with the personal details such as First and last name, contact details, and address.
  • Post filling of these details, the portal proceeds towards fee Payments
  • Two options are given to the customer to pay the fee – online or offline. For making the payment offline you are expected to visit the office and proceed.
  • Once an offline payment is made, confirmation of the request is to be done under the Request GRN Status option. Once confirmed, you can access the details
  • If you have opted for online fee payment, you need to fill in details including certified copy, Plot Map, Conversion, Plot Information, Mutation.
  • Proceed to enter the application number for the applied service and verify the captcha as shown.
  • It would next move the Banglarbhumi’s Secure Gateway for payment where you can opt to pay via credit or debit card.
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Once the payment is verified, a confirmation message appears on the page


With the introduction of the Banglarbhumi portal, citizens have got ease in getting information about the land. They are not required to visit any government office because everything is available with a few clicks. This has hence simplified the sale and purchase of property since information regarding the property situated in remote locations is also available. The portal is not only supporting the residential property but also supporting industries where entrepreneurs can check the availability online on the portal.

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