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ICICI Bank Expressions Credit Card


  • Print the personalised background on your ICICI Credit Cards.
  • Get Discounts on the Movie tickets and fuel surcharge.
  • Enjoy access to the Domestic Airport Lounges.

Many of you want to customize everything according to your preference. Therefore ICICI Bank has come up with an exciting credit card where you can print any image of your choice. The card is known as the ICICI Bank Expressions Credit Card that has a lot of offers on booking movie tickets and one can print a customized image as the background of the credit card. Also, the customisation can be done using any image. You can have the image of your loved ones or something you’re passionate about. Let’s see some of the features of this credit card.

Credit Card

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    ICICI Bank Expressions Credit Card Features

    • Spend ₹100 and earn 3 ICICI Rewards Points on all the retail purchases excluding fuels.
    • Book Movie tickets through BookMyShow and get a discount of ₹100 per month up to 2 movie tickets.
    • Get 1 Complimentary Domestic Airport Lounge Access per quarter.
    • Save a minimum of 15% on Dining under Culinary Treats Programme over 2100 restaurants.
    • Personalise the background of your Credit Card using multiple designs.
    • Get a waiver of 1% on the fuel surcharge at HPCL pumps.

    Terms and Conditions

    • The maximum transaction to get the fuel surcharge waiver is ₹4000.
    • The Credit Card must be swiped at the ICICI Merchant Service swipe machines only.

    Designs Available for the ICICI Credit Card

    Zodiac Signs

    Get an ICICI Credit Card having your zodiac sign printed on it. No matter what is your date of birth, the design is available for all the zodiac signs. You can choose then according to your preference and get a credit card with the zodiac background.

    Zodiac Signs

    • Aquarius (20 January to 18 February)
    • Pieces (19 February to 20 March)
    • Aries (21 March to 19 April)
    • Taurus (20 April to 20 May)
    • Gemini (21 May to 20 June)
    • Cancer (21 June to 22 July)
    • Leo (23 July to 22 August)
    • Virgo (23 August to 22 September)
    • Libra (23 September to 22 October)
    • Scorpio (23 October to 21 November)
    • Sagittarius (22 November to 21 December)
    • Capricorn (22 December to 19 January)

    Sports Design

    Put your favourite sport on the ICICI Expressions Credit Card. You can have your favourite sport on the credit card. Swipe the credit card and flaunt the sports you are master in.

    • Lawn Tennis
    • Cricket
    • Football
    • Basketball
    • Boxing
    • Swimming
    • Snooker and Billiards
    • Paragliding Pictures
    • Ice Skating and Skiing

    Chinese Zodiac Design

    Now it is time to flaunt your personality traits through the credit card. You can have the designs of your Chinese zodiac signs on the credit card.

    • Dog
    • Dragon
    • Goat
    • Monkey
    • Ox
    • Pig
    • Rabbit
    • Rat
    • Rooster
    • Snake
    • Tiger Horse

    The design options are not limited to here because ICICI offers more options for personalising the background of your credit card.

    • Wheel Designs
    • Nature Designs
    • Entertainment Designs
    • Fashion Designs
    • Food Designs
    • Optical Illusion Designs
    • Wildlife Designs
    • Kids Designs
    • Travel Designs

    Customized Image Design

    You have a great variety of designs and you can choose any of them. But ICICI gives you one more option for the design. You can upload your favourite picture on the website and get it printed as the background design of your credit card. If you want to upload the picture through iMobile Application then follow the steps given below.

    Procedure for Uploading Customize Image through iMobile App

    • Open the iMobile Application on your Mobile Phone.
    • Search for the Expression Credit Card in the search bar.
    • Agree with the terms and conditions and then open the Upload Your Pic option.
    • Touch on Select from Phone option and then choose the pic from the gallery.
    • Place the image according to the size of the card and then upload it.

    Once your favourite picture is uploaded on the card, you can easily apply for it.

    Designs that are Not Permitted by ICICI

    If your image is fulfilling any of the below-mentioned condition then you can’t have that picture on the ICICI Credit card. The Images having:-

    • Recognized Trademarks or Copyright Materials having the Signs  ©, ® or ™.
    • Images that are having Email Address, Account Number or URL.
    • Pictures of famous musicians, celebrities, entertainers, athletes, etc. are recognized.
    • Image having sexual, inappropriate and semi-nudity.
    • Images with weapons, firearms, and offensive racism.
    • Pictures with anti-social or obscene behaviour.
    • Smoking, Drinking, and Gambling Images.
    • Any type of Political or religious image portraying unacceptable groups.
    • Image having the offensive reflection towards Mastercard and Visa.
    • Image with a currency as a focus.
    • Pictures referring to the Olympic Games.
    • Image having the logo of other card processing associations.
    • Pictures that are portraying profanity and obscenity.
    • Images with ICICI Bank Logo, Name and ICICI Bank Debit Card.
    • Picture having the name or image of any banking or financial institution.
    • Pictures with the Emblem, Flags, and logos of the Constitution or any government body.

    Charges of the Credit Card

    • ₹499 plus goods and service tax as the joining fees.
    • ₹499 plus goods and service tax as the annual renewal fees.
    • Spend more than ₹1,50,000 in the previous year and waive off your renewal fees.

    Methods for Paying the ICICI Expressions Credit Card Bills

    • Make the ICICI Credit Card Online Payment through Net Banking.
    • Clear the dues using the Net banking facility of other banks through NEFT.
    • Use the iMobile application for convenient payment.
    • ICICI also accepts cash and cheque payments.
    • Use the UPI applications like GPay, Paytm, etc. for clearing the dues.
    • Initiate the Expression Credit Card Payment through Billdesk.

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