ICICI Bank HPCL Platinum Credit Card

About ICICI Bank HPCL Platinum Credit Card

ICICI Bank is known for its customer-centric products and prompt services. The bank has been serving its customers for more than 23 years now and has developed an impressive client base. With its varied products and services, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that ICICI bank has played a pivotal role in the development of people’ finance since its inception. ICICI Bank HPCL Platinum Credit Card has gained massive reputation since its launch. It is seen as a dominant competitors to the similar products in the segment. Challenging its competitors, ICICI Bank HPCL Platinum Credit Card has a wide range of offers and services on offer. Not only this card has proven to be a helping hand in the times of financial urgencies, it also saves ample of money which we often overlook. Keep reading to know more about it!

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Features of ICICI Bank HPCL Platinum Credit Card

Some of the main features of ICICI Bank HPCL Platinum Credit Card are listed below:

  • By swiping your card at ICICI Merchant Services, you can earn a cashback worth ₹100 on fuel purchase at HPCL pumps, every single time.
  • Avail a 1% waiver at fuel surcharge on fuel purchase up to ₹4,000 at HPCL pumps on the card swipe at ICICI Merchant Services.
  • With every retail purchase worth ₹100 (except fuel), you earn 2 PAYBACK Points.
  • You can redeem 2000 PAYBACK points worth ₹500 by swiping your PAYBACK Membership card at any HPCL pump.
  • Avail ₹100 off on movie tickets on any day of the week.
  • Courtesy Culinary Treats Program, you get a minimum of 15% waived off on your dining bills at over 800 restaurants across the nation.
  • On a total expenditure of ₹50,000 and above, the annual fee of the subsequent year would be waived-off.

Processing Fees & Additional Charges

Below are listed the charges and fee that the applicant would have to pay at the time of availing the card and subsequently on an annual basis:

  • ICICI Bank charges a joining fee of ₹199 along with applicable GST while giving you access to your ICICI Bank HPCL Platinum Credit Card.
  • There is no ICICI Bank HPCL Platinum Credit Card annual charges for the first year of membership. After the first year, an annual fee of ₹199 is chargeable along with the applicable GST.
  • There is no supplementary card fee on this Credit Card.
  • The bank charges an overdue interest on extended credit and cash advances of 3.40% on a monthly basis which cumulates to become 40.80% annually.

Who can apply for ICICI Bank HPCL Platinum Credit Card?

ICICI bank follows the below listed eligibility criteria:

  • Age Limit: The age limit of the applicant must be between 18 years to 60 years. The add-on age limit is 15 years.
  • Income Stability: The applicant must have a stable source of income so as to keep up with the process of repayment.
  • Nationality: The applicant should have the nationality of India.
  • Credit Score: The applicant must bear a good credit score and shouldn’t have a history of credit defaults.

Documentation Required for ICICI Bank HPCL Platinum Credit Card

The documents required to apply for the ICICI Bank HPCL Platinum Credit Card are:

  • Proof of Identity
  • Proof of Address
  • PAN Card
  • ITR or salary slips for the last 2 months
  • Passport sized photographs

Terms & Conditions

The terms and conditions for the ICICI Bank HPCL Platinum Credit Card are as follows:

  • Late Payment Charges: The card bearer would have to pay the late payment charges as follows
    • ₹100, if the late amount due is between ₹100-₹500
    • ₹500, if the late amount due is between ₹501- ₹10,000
    • ₹750, if the late amount due is more than ₹10,000
  • Over limit charges: ICICI bank charges 2.50% (a minimum of ₹500) on the over-limit amount if the card bearer exceeds the prescribed limit of the card.
  • Grace Period: The interest-free grace period permitted by the bank is from 18 to 48 days.
  • Credit and Withdrawal Limit: The Credit and Withdrawal Limit is shared with the card-bearer at the time of hand-over of the card and would also be indicated in the monthly statements.

Customer Care Support 24X7 Number

ICICI Bank has a prompt and efficient Customer Care division to help out with the grievances and concerns of the customers. You can reach out the ICICI Customer Care by:

  • Visiting the ‘Complaint Form’ on the official website of ICICI Bank
  • Calling their Customer Care 24X7 Helpline on 1800-102-4242 between 9am to 6pm from Monday to Friday
  • Writing to the Nodal Officer at the address mentioned on the official website of ICICI bank

PS- Do mention your Credit Card Number while getting in touch with ICICI Customer Care.

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