Which Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund Has Offered the Best Returns in a 5-year Period?


  • Looking for Franklin Templeton mutual funds that have given the best returns in 5 years? Here they come on your screen
  • These include Franklin Templeton Build India Fund (equity), Franklin India Dynamic Accrual Fund (debt), Franklin India Equity Hybrid Fund (Hybrid), etc

Investing in mutual funds can be fruitful in the long term because of the diversification that they are best at doing. Plus, mutual funds come in several categories – equity, debt and hybrid – to appeal to different investors with different goals and risk appetite. These funds are offered by top asset management companies (AMCs) such as Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund. The noted AMC offers best mutual funds across categories shown above. It houses some of the top funds that have delivered maximum returns to the investors in a 5-year span. Let’s check out the returns of these funds and several other information that may be equally important to be aware of.

Which Franklin Templeton Equity Mutual Funds Have Shone the Most in 5 Years?

It’s the equity and equity-related instruments of companies where these funds would invest mostly in. The table below tells the top-performing Franklin Templeton equity funds in a 5-year horizon.

Franklin Templeton Equity Funds5-year ReturnRating
Franklin Build India Fund
13.32%5 Star
Franklin India Prima Fund
12.23%4 Star
Franklin India Focused Equity Fund
12.11%4 Star
Franklin India Smaller Companies Fund
10.40%4 Star
Franklin India Taxshield Fund10.13%3 Star

Which Franklin Templeton Debt Fund Has Impressed the Most in 5 Years?

Is your risk-appetite on the lower side? Do you look for stable returns? If so, then you can’t take your eyes off from the below list of Franklin Templeton debt funds that invest mainly in fixed income instruments and fall in line with the expectations of conservative investor class in the process.

Which Franklin Templeton Hybrid Mutual Fund Grossed Maximum Returns in a 5-year Period?

Do you like to see capital surge over time while also ensuring a greater level of investment safety? In such a case, you need to trust the most trusted Franklin Templeton hybrid funds that are shown their 5-year performance and rating.

Franklin Templeton Hybrid Funds5-year ReturnRating
Franklin India Equity Hybrid Fund
9.93%3 Star
Franklin India Pension Fund9.10%Unrated
Franklin India Life Stage Fund of Funds 30s
Franklin India Debt Hybrid Fund
8.02%3 Star
Franklin India Life Stage Fund of Funds 50s Plus - Floating Rate
7.80%4 Star

How to Invest in Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund Online?

Investing in Franklin Templeton mutual funds online is convenient at Wishfin, a financial marketplace that shows the best of mutual fund schemes. You can read the steps below to invest in any of the Franklin Templeton Mutual Funds.

  • Go to www.wishfin.com
  • Click on ‘Mutual Funds’
  • Go to ‘Register’
  • Enter your mobile number
  • Click on ‘Get Started’
  • Mention your name, email ID, the city you live in
  • Create a password that conforms to alphabet, numeric and special character requirements
  • Click on ‘Sign Up’
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Your account will be created so that you can login.

After Login

  • Go to ‘Explore Mutual Funds’
  • Scroll down and click on Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund
  • Choose any of the Equity, Debt or Hybrid category to invest in ’
  • Click on ‘Invest’ below the scheme name you want to subscribe for

Note – The data is sourced from Value Research as on July 31, 2019, and pertains to the regular plan of the schemes shown above.

Disclaimer – “Mutual fund investments are subject to market risks. Please read the scheme document carefully before investing”.

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