Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund-A Symbol of Investor Trust

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Scouting for a reliable fund house to build a robust mutual fund portfolio? Want to taste the slice of different MF schemes? Come and join Franklin Templeton Asset Management Pvt. Ltd., an old fund house that endeavours to make investors life simple by offering them a wide range of schemes and plans to choose from. The investment advisory services offered by the fund house further acts as a tonic to create the wealth of the investors. One major accomplishment of the fund house is the introduction of Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) in India about two decades ago in 1996. Since then, other fund houses came with their SIPs to sizzle India's asset management space. With an Asset Under Management (AUM) of Rs 68,495 crores and 200 schemes, the fund house is one you can trust upon to brighten your future.

Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund Offerings

The fund house has a series of equity funds, balanced funds, debt funds, monthly income plans and many more to suit your investment taste. 

Equity Funds

At Franklin Templeton, you are in for a thrilling equity MF journey with a variety of schemes that look to benefit the investors from the positive cues of emerging economies of Asia, including India. Equity funds are available in both growth and dividend options.

Balanced Funds

Want your capital to appreciate while enjoying the stability in the flow of income at the same time? Get started with the company's balanced funds, which on the prevailing market conditions, shuffle the investments between equity and debt to keep the investors on the safe path.

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Debt Funds

Debt funds of the AMC invests mainly in government securities to let investors earn returns without having to face the credit risk scenario. You can enjoy investing in different plans such as Treasury Plan, PF Plan and Long-Term Plan, applicable in debt funds.

Minimum Application Amount & Other Criteria

Minimum Amount Required for ApplicationRs 5,000
Minimum Amount Needed for Additional PurchaseRs 1,000
Minimum Amount Required for Redemption of UnitsRs 1,000
Plans & OptionsGrowth Plan, Dividend Plan, Direct Plan
BenchmarkNifty Free Float Midcap 100
Entry LoadNIL
Exit Load1% will be charged on redemption or switched out of assets before a year
FundNAV1-year ReturnAUMExpense Ratio
Franklin Asian Equity Fund-GrowthRs. 17.8015.39%Rs. 108.92 Cr2.94%
Franklin Build India Fund-Growth Rs. 22.7715.38%Rs. 670.60 Cr2.78%
Franklin India Government Securities Fund- Long Term Plan-Growth Rs. 38.3512.47%Rs. 388.15 Cr1.74%
Franklin India Government Securities Fund- Composite Plan-Growth Rs. 54.5412.10%Rs. 71.21 Cr1.78%
Franklin India Government Securities Fund- PF Plan-Growth Rs. 23.9512.10%Rs. 71.21 Cr1.78%
Franklin India Balanced Fund-DividendRs. 22.3910.23%Rs. 1,515.33 Cr2.46%
Franklin India Banking & PSU Debt Fund-DividendRs. 10.649.16%Rs. 223.55 Cr0.45%
Franklin India Bluechip Fund-Dividend Rs. 41.508.78%Rs. 7,705.32 Cr2.21%
Franklin India Corporate Bond Opportunities Fund-DividendRs. 11.158.43%Rs. 6,660.37 Cr1.84%
Franklin India Cash Management Account Fund-Dividend Daily Rs. 10.016.27%Rs. 110.74 Cr0.95%

Subscription of Franklin Templeton MF Schemes

Subscribing to the mutual fund schemes of Franklin Templeton has got easier with the online option offered by the asset management company (AMC). What you require is to visit the website of Franklin Templeton and click Scheme Documents section to find forms like application form, KIM, fund fact sheets and others. You just need to fill in the details, sought in the application form, and send it to the nearest branch of the AMC or at an Office of Computer Age Management Services (CAMS) located nearby to your residence. Subsequent to your application reaching the table at any of the organizations, a thorough investigation with regards to your document details will be made. And  upon satisfactory verification of the details, you will be allotted a folio number, which you will need to facilitate mutual fund transactions.

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You can invest in mutual funds online after successful registration, which can be done by clicking the section 'Investor Login' placed on top of the website. Subsequently, you will find links of registration and transaction access. First, you will have to register, followed by clicking the link of Transaction Access and fill the necessary details to avail the transaction facility.

How to Access Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund Account Statement?

After subscription to mutual fund units, comes the need to access mutual fund account statement, right. At Franklin Templeton, you can receive the statement online. You can also get it at any of Franklin Templeton branches. The account statement will show the details of buy and sell transactions along with their execution and value date.

Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund Redemption Form

Looking to sell units of your mutual fund scheme? Download the redemption form or visit the nearest branch to receive the same.