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So you have decided to invest in mutual funds but often get confused due to the contrary advice coming from different financial experts across the range? It's the time to take charge of your investments before you trust upon a reliable expert's advice. Get an edge in your financial knowledge of mutual funds and avoid going astray in this long drawn investment game. Moreover, you will develop financial wisdom and a critical eye, waiting to exploit the right opportunities for your investment. Getting sufficient knowledge on mutual funds saves you from taking unusual walks in the Mutual fund market.

If you're looking for JM Financial Mutual Fund as one of your investment options, then you need to have a detailed insight about it before making any decision. JM Financial Mutual Fund is counted as one of the India's first private sector mutual funds—an essential part of the first breeze that initiated its operations in 1993-94. JM Financial Mutual Fund is a part of JM Financial Group, building up the legacy over three decade. It is regarded as one of the many sucessful companies that have been evolved out of JM Financial Group's strong roots in financial services.

The Asset Management Company of JM Financial Mutual Fund is JM Financial Asset Management Limited, sponsored by JM Financial Limited. Commenced its operations in December 1994 in parallel to the launch of three funds–JM Equity Fund, JM Balanced Fund and JM Liquid Fund (now JM Income Fund).

Are you an institutional or an individual investor looking for meeting out your objectives by investing in JM Financial Mutual Fund? Well, this mutual fund company is a good fit for taking care of all your diverse needs effectively from their bouquet of funds. Now unleash the financial advisor within you and start assessing which type of fund proves most beneficial for you? Investing early is very beneficial and saves you from the regret of missing the bus.

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JM Financial Mutual Fund Details:

Minimum Application AmountPurchase: Rs. 5000/- or any amount thereafter.

Additional Purchase: Rs. 1,000/- or any amount thereafter
Minimum SIP Investment AmountMonthly SIP Option - 12 installments of Rs. 500/- each or 6 installments of Rs. 1,000/- each.

Quarterly SIP Option - 2 installments of Rs. 3000/- each
Number of Schemes17
Exchange ListedBSE/NSE
Nature of SchemeOpen Ended
Close Ended
Quarterly Average Assets Under Management(as on 30th June 2016)Rs. 12,756.00 crore
Entry LoadNil
Exit LoadFor Debt and Liquid Schemes: No exit load

For Equity Schemes

Redeemed within 3 months : 1.00% of NAV on all investments (including SIP/STP/SWP) transaction.

For Arbitrage Scheme

Redeemed/switched-out within 30 days : 0.50% of NAV on all investments(including SIP/STP/SWP) transaction.
FundsNAV1-Year ReturnAUM (in Rs. Crores)Expense Ratio Entry Load
JM Core 11 Fund - Direct Plan -DividendRs. 7.0932.64%29.161.22%NIL
JM Core 11 Fund - Direct Plan – GrowthRs. 7.2132.64%29.161.22%NIL
JM Basic Fund -GrowthRs. 24.8522.81%161.713.00%NIL
JM Basic Fund -DividendRs. 17.3522.81%161.713.00%NIL
JM Multi Strategy Fund - Direct Plan -GrowthRs. 24.5515.62%124.101.32%NIL
JM Multi Strategy Fund - Direct Plan -DividendRs. 22.4615.62%124.101.32%NIL
JM Tax Gain Fund - Direct Plan -DividendRs. 12.9814.99%29.960.80%NIL
JM Tax Gain Fund - Direct Plan -GrowthRs. 13.2014.99%29.960.80%NIL
JM Tax Gain Fund -DividendRs.12.6112.34%29.962.97%NIL
JM Tax Gain Fund - Growth Rs.12.6112.34%29.962.97%NIL
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Note- Information sourced as on 24th August, 2016

JM Financial Mutual Fund Customer Login

Are you gaining sufficient returns or losing your possible returns in bullish market? You need to check out your investments before it gets too late. Get your email ID registered on the portal of JM Financial Mutual Fund and check where your stocks and funds are heading to? The snapshot of all your investments give you a clear picture for deciding whether to invest or not in particular funds or you need to switch to other funds or to redeem. It becomes easier for you, not to lose track of stock market fundamentals but to bet for the right opportunities within time. JM Financial Mutual fund Customer login makes it possible for you by giving you safe, simple, user-friendly, secure and efficient platform which gives an investor a pleasant experience, also at the same time reducing the paper work load. You need to get registered with your PAN number in mutual fund folio for getting access to transactions.

JM Financial Mutual Fund Customer Care Number

Feel free to contact the help desk of JM Financial Mutual Fund. Don't let your queries, doubts & confusion to remain unresolved? Call 1800-1038-345 or drop in your email on the ID as shown on the website of JM Financial Mutual Fund. The charges for using a toll free number is incurred by JM Financial Mutual Fund irrespective of the call duration.

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