Which Mid-cap Fund Has Delivered the Highest Returns in 10 Years?


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Investing in equities through mutual funds can help earn a reasonably higher proceed. The assets are mobilized across several stocks so that investors get a higher return on their investments. Now, equity mutual funds can be broadly classified into large-cap, multi-cap, mid-cap, small-cap, sector, ELSS funds, etc. Of these, mid-cap funds can be head turners because of their potential to deliver much higher returns. There are quite a few mid-cap funds that have delivered good returns over a span of 10 years. Let’s find out those in this post.

List of Mid-cap Funds with Maximum Returns in 10 Years

These funds invest predominantly in stocks of top 101-250 companies according to the market capitalization.

Mid-cap Funds10-year ReturnRating
HDFC Mid-Cap Opportunities Fund
17.56%4 Star
DSP Midcap Fund
16.32%4 Star
Franklin India Prima Fund
16.28%4 Star
ICICI Prudential Midcap Fund
14.14%3 Star
Reliance Growth Fund11.37%3 Star
UTI Mid Cap Fund
15.53%2 Star
Aditya Birla Sun Life Mid Cap Fund
12.21%2 Star

Note – The data is sourced from Value Research as on August 2, 2019, and pertains to the regular plan of the schemes shown above.

How to Invest in Mid-cap Funds?

You can invest the money in mid-cap funds via a lump sum or systematic investment plan (SIP). Lump sum investments are typically a one-time investment as the name suggests. Whereas, the activation of SIP would ensure a fixed sum of money is debited from the account on a predetermined date. Now, it’s up to you to choose the frequency interval – monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and annually.

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How to Invest in Mid-cap Funds Online?

One of the best tools to invest in mid-cap funds online is Wishfin, a neutral financial marketplace wherein you can choose from a list of top-performing mutual fund schemes. You can follow the steps described below to start investing in a mid-cap fund.

  • Visit www.wishfin.com
  • Click on ‘Mutual Funds’
  • Go to Login/Register
  • A new investor would need to register first before he/she can create a login.

Registration Steps

  • Enter your mobile number
  • Enter the One-time Password received at the prescribed space
  • Click on ‘Verify and Continue’
  • Provide your name, email ID, the city you live in
  • Create a password that meets requirements in terms of alphabet, numeric and special characters
  • Click on ‘Sign Up’

Login Steps

  • Enter your mobile number
  • Enter the One-time Password received at the prescribed space
  • Go to ‘Explore Mutual Funds’
  • Click on ‘Equity’ icon
  • Click on ‘Mid Caps’
  • Press the ‘Invest’ button placed below the scheme

Disclaimer – “Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks. Please read the scheme document carefully before investing.”

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