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  • Who should buy the new iPhones?
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There are wants, and there are needs; it’s only when we have secured our needs we tend to go for wants. Last Wednesday Apple has unveiled 3 new iPhone models XR, Xs and Xs Max which will be available in the markets from 28th September 2018. Now, I have started by differentiating between “needs “ and “wants” is because Apple is very much clear to target the “want” more than ever as they have introduced these gadgets of marvel amidst much fanfare and aplomb. They are clearly looking for the buyers who want to be ahead of trends and so don’t mind shelling out few extra dimes in order to please their luxury palette!

India being the second largest market for smartphones currently enjoys nearly 380 million smartphone users, which is expected to swell to 500 million users by 2022. Out of these there are only a handful of those/users who enjoy the luxury of premier choice and can afford the latest Apple products at the drop of a hat!!!

Here in this article, we are not going to talk about the exquisite features of those phones but we are going to cover, why and how most definitely you can go for the current lot of iPhones.

It’s not a Smartphone, It’s THE Statement

Truth be spoken! The current lot of iPhones are astronomically costly for merely be called mobile phones or smartphones. They are more like a statement, a complete package, which catapults your social standing among your peers to a new pedestal/ soaring heights. In this age of luxury brands, Apple has very smartly shifted its gears and targeted the elitiest of the consumers.

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The starting price for smartphones has gone up by 13% for flagships; while for the affordable flagship it has gone up by 20%.

iPhone XS, XS Max and XR Price

iPhone ModelsPrice
iPhone XR 64GB₹76,900/-
iPhone XR 128GB₹81,900/-
iPhone XR 256 GB₹91,900/-
iPhone XS 64GB₹99,000/-
iPhone XS 256GB ₹1,14,900/-
iPhone XS 512GB₹1,34,900/-
iPhone XS Max 64GB
iPhone XS Max 256GB₹1,24,900/-
iPhone XS Max 512 GS₹1,44,900/-

Say YES to Technical Superiority

All of us know that iPhones have that finesse and technical superiority over its competitors when it comes to features. This time also the upgrade of A11 to A12 bionic chips have ensured that things like speed and performance are optimum and contribute to the overall brouhaha around this wonder piece of gadget/lifestyle.

AttributesiPhone XRiPhone XSiPhone XS Max
CPUApple A12 BionicApple A12 BionicApple A12 Bionic
Dimensions (inches)5.94 by 2.98 by 0.335.65 by 2.79 by 0.306.2 by 3.05 by 0.30
Weight6.84 lbs6.24 Oz7.34 Oz
Screen Size6.15.86.5
Screen TypeIPS LCDSuper Retina HDSuper Retina HD
Screen Resolution1792 by 8282436 by 11252688 by 1242
Screen Pixels Per Inch326 ppi458 ppi458 ppi
Camera Resolution12 MP Rear/ 7 MP FrontDual 12 MP Rear/ 7 MP FrontDual 12 MP Rear/ 7 MP Front
Video Camera Resolution4K, 1080p4K, 1080p4K, 1080p
microSD SlotNoNoNo

Who should buy the new iPhone?

Considering the hefty price tag, the new phones are most suitable for people who don’t mind spending extra in pursuit of owning this masterpiece of a gadget. They are the first movers who are going to get a whole new attention because of their latest purchase. As I said earlier, the new iPhones boast of redefining the status quo of any individual among his/her social circles. So, people who are considering to get this awesome piece of gadget home, they can do so at ease with below options –

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Consumer Durable/ White Goods loan

Everyone’s lifestyle could do with an upgrade and a consumer durable loan allows you to do that! In a nutshell, it enables you to buy products that make your life easier and your leisure more enjoyable. Assuming the rate of interest for such loan to be around 15%-25%, below are your best options.

iPhonesLoan Amount (In ₹)Interest Rate (In % p.a.)Tenure (in Years)EMI (In ₹)Total Interest Outgo (In ₹)
iPhone XR (64GB, 128GB, 256GB)76900, 81900, 9190015%-25%3₹2,666/₹2,839/₹3,186- ₹3,058/₹3,256/₹ 3,654₹19,067/₹20,307/₹22,787 - ₹33,171/₹35,328/₹ 39,641
iPhone Xs (64GB, 256GB, 512 GB)99000, 114900, 134900 15%-25%3₹3,432/ ₹3,983/₹4,676 - ₹3,936/₹4,568/₹5,364₹24,547/ ₹28,490/₹33,449 -
iPhone XS Max (64GB, 256GB, 512 GB)109900, 124900, 144900
15%-25%3₹3,810/₹4,330/₹5,023 - ₹4,370/₹4,966/₹5,761₹27,250/₹30,969/₹35,928 - ₹47,406/₹53,876/₹62,503

Credit Card EMIs

Buying an iPhone using credit cards is another option. All you need to have in place is a credit card with a limit upto ₹1.5 Lacs to ₹2 Lacs. Suppose you plan to buy iPhone XS Max (512GB version). It costs ₹1,44,900 and you buy it using your credit card EMI option. You are planning to choose a 1 year tenure. Assume the interest rate stands at 15% p.a. For 1 year tenure, you would be paying an EMI of ₹13,078 and an interest of ₹12,041. The total cost of the phone would then be ₹1,56,941.

Customized Personal Loans

You can choose to go for a personal loan which covers the basic cost of your iPhone. Yes, you can also avail a personal loan as minimum as ₹50000 for the same if you have some savings fund in place. Check below your options, considering you choose to finance the complete iPhone price.

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iPhonesLoan Amount (In ₹)Interest Rate (In % p.a)Tenure (In Years)EMI (In ₹)Total Interest Outgo (In ₹)
iPhone XR (64GB, 128GB, 256GB)76900, 81900, 9190010.85%-25%3₹2,512/₹2,675/₹3,002 - ₹3,058/₹3,256/₹3,654₹13,537/₹14,418/₹16,178- ₹33,171/₹35,328/₹39,641
iPhone XS (64GB, 256GB, 512 GB)99000, 114900, 134900 10.85%-25%3₹3,234/₹3,754/₹4,407 - ₹3,936/₹4,568/₹5,364₹17,428/₹20,227/₹23,748 -
iPhone XS Max (64GB, 256GB, 512 GB)
109900, 124900, 144900
10.85%-25%3₹3,590/₹4,080/₹4,734 - ₹4,370/₹4,966/₹5,761₹19,347/₹21,987/₹25,508 - ₹47,406/₹53,876/₹62,503

Apply Personal Loan @ 10.25%* Rate

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Fullerton India12.00% - 24.00%
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