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Insta Loan


  • Insta Loan can get money in your account really fast
  • Know how to avail the Insta Loan service using online banking

In a world where nothing is certain, financial emergencies can creep anytime to haunt you. At that moment, even your dear ones who used to care for you before can sway away from providing any help, leaving you in utter despair. But not the banks that have Insta Loan ready for you to grab and resolve the financial emergency you can get stuck with. By the term, it clearly means the loan would get credited to the account instantly, much unlike the regular loans that take around 3-4 days to get disbursed. Actually, it’s a pre-approved loan amount based on your relationship with a particular lender. There are several banks that offer this facility. Check out now who are they.

Insta Loan Available at These Lenders

You can get an instant loan at the following banks

  • HDFC Bank
  • ICICI Bank
  • Bajaj FInserv

What to Do at HDFC Bank for Insta Loan?

Call the customer care executive of HDFC Bank on – 1800 22 4060, 1800 22 1006 or 1800 425 4332 to know whether the private lender has a pre-approved loan for you or not. You can even login to net banking and visit the nearest bank branch to check the pre-approved loan offer. If you are eligible for such a loan, apply for it and get that credited instantly to your bank account.

Get Insta Loan at ICICI Bank ATMs

Visit the nearest ICICI Bank ATM and press pre-approved loan offer. A specific loan amount, based on your eligibility, would appear on the screen. Then, you need to accept the auto populated interest rate, equated monthly installment (EMI), processing fee. The terms and conditions will flash on the screen subsequently. You need to read those carefully before confirming them. Afterward, you shall enter the debit card PIN to get the money transferred to your account instantly.

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Steps Required to Avail Insta Loan at Bajaj Finserv

You first need to visit the official website of Bajaj Finserv to know whether you are eligible for a pre-approved loan or not. You need to enter your mobile number, e-mail ID and loan amount required. Afterward, the loan amount you are eligible for will flash on the screen.

Let’s check out in the table below to find out other details pertaining to Insta Loan at these lenders.

BanksLoan Amount (In ₹)Response TimeInterest Rate (In % p.a.)Processing Fee (In ₹)TenureMode of Application
HDFC BankUp to 40 lakhs4 Hours10.99-20.991999Up to 5 YearsOnline, Branch
ICICI BankUp to 15 lakhsInstant upon application10.99-18.49Up to 2.25% of the loan amount + applicable GSTUp to 5 YearsATM, Mobile Banking Application, Branches
Bajaj FinservUp to 25 lakhsWithin 24 Hours10.99-16Up to 2% of the loan amountUp to 5 YearsOnline

Having a Credit Card? These Banks Have Insta Loan Ready for You

An instant loan can be provided against the credit card limit you may have. Let’s check out, without any further delay, the banks that offer this and several other details pertaining to it.

BanksInterest RateLoan Amount Offered (In ₹)Disbursal ModeRepayment ModeMaximum TenureFees & Charges
HDFC BankTo be specified on a callDecided on the basis of your credit card repayment track, income and several other factorsCredited to HDFC Savings Bank Account


A DD or cheque in favour of the applicant’s name as per HDFC Bank Credit Card records
Via EMIUp to 4 yearsProcessing fee as applicable +18% GST
Axis BankSpecified on a call and applied on a monthly reducing balance basisAs decided by the bankTo be transferred directly to Axis Bank savings accountVia EMIUp to 4 years1.5% of the loan amount offered or ₹500, whichever is higher
ICICI BankAs specified by the bankAs decided by the bankTo be disbursed to your ICICI Bank savings accountVia EMIUp to 4 yearsAs applicable
Kotak Mahindra BankAs specified by the bankUp to 5,00,000To be transferred to Kotak or any other bank’s accountVia EMIUp to 4 YearsAs applicable
CitibankAs specified by the bankAs decided by the bankTo be transferred via DDVia EMIUp to 4 YearsAs applicable
IndusInd BankAs specified by the bankMaximum loan would depend on the unutilized credit limit plus other factors. However, the minimum loan to be offered on credit card amounts to 5,000To be credited to savings bank accountVia EMIAs applicable2.5% of the loan amount or 250, whichever is higher, plus the first EMI
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What are These Insta Loans on Credit Card All About?

Well, they are nothing but a pre-approved loan on your unutilized credit card limit. The loan amount to be offered will be blocked against the credit limit left. So, you need to check your eligibility for the same.

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