RBL Bank MoneyTap Credit Card


  • Convert the High Transactions into EMIs through the RBL Bank Moneytap Credit Card.
  • Get exciting discounts on movie tickets on Saturdays and Sundays.
  • Go through the Payment Options and the Fees of the Credit Card.

Human wants are unlimited but the funds are limited. Therefore many individuals use the credit card for fulfilling their small dreams. But the high prices of the products restrict the individual from buying it. So you can use the RBL Bank Moneytap Credit Card that has the option to convert high transactions into easy EMIs. This feature eliminates the burden of spending all the money at once. On the other hand, you can earn reward points on several transactions and book free movie tickets on the BookMyShow. There are some more interesting features of this credit card that you can use to save some extra money from your monthly expenses.

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    Benefits of RBL Bank MoneyTap Credit Card

    You can enjoy a lot of benefits through this credit card. Go through all of them and see how you can make the optimum use of all the features to cut off your expenses.

    Convert Transactions into EMIs

    There are many users who can afford some products due to a high price and paying the full amount in full. So the Moneytap Credit Card gives you the feasibility to convert the transactions of ₹3000 and more into easy EMIs. The maximum limit for converting the transaction into EMI is the credit limit of the card.

    • Convert the transaction using the Moneytap Application.
    • The rate of interest and other charges can be seen through the Application.
    • This feature is transparent and there are no hidden charges.
    • You can keep an eye on all the transactions, EMIs Dues and upcoming payment.
    • This feature is easy to use without any extra formality.

    Enjoy Welcome Benefits

    • Earn 1000 Reward Points on the first online transaction done through this credit card.
    • Get 1000 Reward Points on the first purchase from the Merchant’s Outlet using the credit card.

    Terms and Conditions

    • Full Joining fees of the credit card must be paid.
    • The cardholder has to do one transaction using the credit card within 30 days of issuance.
    • The Reward Points will be credited within 60 days from the date of fee payment.

    Earn Reward Points

    • Spend ₹100 at the merchant outlet and earn 1 reward point on each transaction.
    • Earn 2 Reward Points on the expenditure of every ₹100 done online.

    Terms and Conditions

    • All the Reward Points are redeemable on the official website of RBL Rewards.
    • No reward points are there on the fuel transactions.

    Redeeming Options for Reward Points

    Brand NamePoints NeededProduct Code
    Baskin Robin e-voucher of ₹10004000 Reward PointsBRV1000
    Costa Coffee e-voucher of ₹10004200 Reward PointsCCV1000
    TGI Fridays e-voucher of ₹20008000 Reward PointsTGIFV2000
    Mainland China e-voucher of ₹10004000 Reward PointsMCV1000
    Pizza Hut e-voucher of ₹15005700 Reward PointsPHV1500
    Amazon Gift Card e-voucher of ₹20008900 Reward PointsAMZ2000
    Spencer e-voucher of ₹10004750 Reward PointsSpencers1000

    Milestone Bonus and Movie Benefits

    • Earn 2000 Reward Points on Spending ₹100000 through the RBL Bank Moneytap Credit Card.
    • Enjoy Buy One Get One Free offer of up to ₹200 on booking movie tickets through BookMyShow.

    Terms and Conditions

    • You can Earn the 2000 Reward Points 10 times in a year.
    • The offer on BookMyShow is only valid on the booking shows on Saturdays and Sundays.
    • The Maximum discount provided in a month is up to ₹200.

    Maximum Reward Points Earned in a Month

    OffersTransactionsReward Points
    Welcome BenefitAny Online Transaction1000 Reward Points
    Welcome BenefitAny Offline Transaction1000 Reward Points
    1 Reward Points on ₹100 (Offline Purchases)₹50000500 Reward Points
    2 Reward Points on ₹100 (Online Purchases)₹25000500 Reward Points
    Spend ₹1 Lac in a Year10 Times20000 Reward Points
    Total Reward Points23000 Reward Points
    Movie Discounts on Saturdays and Sundays.Max ₹200 Per Month₹2400 Yearly

    The above table reveals the secret of the RBL bank Credit card. You can enjoy the number of offers available on this credit card.

    RBL Bank MoneyTap Credit Card Fee and Payment Options

    Joining Fees₹499
    Annual Renewal Fees₹499 Plus Applicable Taxes
    Spend ₹1 Lac or More in the Previous YearAnnual Renewal Fee- NIL
    Add-On Card FeeNIL
    Finance ChargesUp to 3.50% Per Month or 42% Per Annum
    Cash Transaction Fee2.5% of the Cash with a minimum of ₹300
    Late Payment Fee15% of the Due with a Minimum of ₹50 and a maximum of ₹1000
    Over limit Charges₹600
    Cash Payment Charge₹250

    Clear the Dues of RBL Bank MoneyTap Credit Card

    Making the RBL Bank Credit Card online payment is the major concern of the cardholders. Therefore, here are some easy methods through which you can clear the outstanding bill of your Moneytap credit card. Find out the best option for payment according to your convenience.

    • Use the RBL Net banking on desktop and clear the credit card dues.
    • Clear all the Outstanding dues of the credit card through RBL Mobile Application.
    • You can clear the bill using the NEFT service from another bank.
    • The NACH Facility will initiate the automatic payment of the credit card bills.
    • Clear the bill of one or more credit cards through cash or a cheque.

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