RBL Bank Platinum ShopSmart SuperCard


  • Enjoy Cashback on Grocery Transactions and Offers on Movies.
  • Use the RBL Platinum ShopSmart Supercard for Airport Lounge Access.
  • Know all the payment options and fees of the credit card.

The grocery expenditure covers a major portion of the monthly expenses. So now you can cut off the grocery expenditure through the RBL Bank Platinum ShopSmart Supercard. You can also enjoy offers on movie tickets and cashback on several transactions. There is no extra charge on withdrawing cash from the ATM machines. You also have the facility to convert the credit limit of the Supercard into a personal loan for 3 months. There is no interest in this personal loan and you’ll have a chance to enjoy 3 months interest-free period. Take a visit to the Airport lounges for free and enjoy all the lavish facilities over there. Let’s take a look at all the features and offers present on this credit card.

Credit Card

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    Professional Details

    Personal Details

    Benefits of the RBL Bank Platinum ShopSmart SuperCard

    There are many exclusive offers on this credit card. You can go through them and choose the best offer.

    Personal Loan and Cash Withdrawal without Interest

    This is the best feature of the credit card. You can convert the credit limit of the card into a personal loan for three months. On the other hand, you can also withdraw cash from the ATM machine without paying any interest.

    • Interest-free personal loan for three months.
    • Interest-Free cash withdrawals from the ATM machines.

    Terms and Conditions

    • The Maximum period for the cash withdrawal is 50 days.
    • All the cash withdrawal is chargeable with a processing fee of 2.5% with a minimum of ₹100.
    • The personal loan can be only taken once a year.
    • Conversion of the credit limit into a personal loan is chargeable with a processing fee of 2.5% subject to a minimum of ₹500.

    Welcome Offer

    • Earn a cashback of ₹500 after the payment of the joining fees.

    Terms and Conditions

    • The joining fees of the credit card must be paid in full.
    • The cardholder has to make the transaction of more than ₹2000 within 30 days of the card issuance.

    Enjoy Cashback

    • Get a cashback of 5% on all the grocery transactions.
    • Spend ₹100000 in a year and earn a cashback of ₹1000.

    Movie Discounts and Airport Lounge Access

    • Enjoy the buy one get one free offer on the movie tickets once a month.
    • The maximum discount is up to ₹200 per month.
    • Get 2 Access to the Domestic Airport lounge across India.

    List of Airport Lounges

    Lounge NameCity
    Port LoungeAhmedabad
    Above Ground Level LoungeBangalore
    Plaza Premium LoungeBangalore
    Mayfair LoungeBhubaneshwar
    TFS LoungeChennai
    Earth LoungeCochin
    Plaza Premium LoungeDelhi
    ITC LoungeDelhi
    Port LoungeGoa
    Plaza Premium LoungeHyderabad
    Club One Class LoungeJaipur
    TFS LoungeKolkata
    Carnations LoungeMumbai
    Good Time LoungeMumbai
    Travel Club LoungeMumbai
    Clipper LoungeMumbai
    Port LoungePune

    Terms and Conditions

    • Movie offers are only applicable on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.
    • All the tickets must be booked from the official website or application of BookMyShow.
    • One can take a maximum of 1 visit to the airport lounge per quarter.

    Access the SuperCard Anywhere

    The RBL Bank Mobiel Application and Net Banking allow you to manage RBL Platinum ShopSmart Supercard from anywhere. You can use these services for managing the credit card.

    • Make the RBL Credit Card Payment.
    • Check the monthly bill statement of your credit card.
    • You can view all the previous transactions.
    • Convert the heavy purchases into ENIs through the mobile app.
    • Change the PIN of the credit card.

    All of the above tasks can be performed from any location. All you need is proper internet access.

    Other Features of RBL Bank Platinum ShopSmart SuperCard

    All-Time Cash:- There is no interest in withdrawing the cash from the ATM Machine. You can get cash instantly anywhere and from any ATM machine across the world.

    Worldwide Acceptance:- This credit card is globally accepted by all countries. So, you can also perform overseas transactions using this credit card.

    Safety and Security:- The Platinum ShopSmart Credit Card is secured with a PIN that is only known to the user. So, no one can make the fraudulent use of the credit card.

    Balance Transfer Facility:- There are many cardholders who use many credit cards. If you are also one of them then you can do a balance transfer of the existing card on to the Platinum ShopSmart Supercard.

    Maximum Credit Line

    It is a common fact that the RBL Bank doesn’t specify a particular limit. Firstly, the bank checks the income and the Cibil score of the applicant and then decides the credit limit accordingly. An applicant with a bad Cibil score and low income doesn’t get a credit card. So, individuals having a positive Cibil Score and high income tend to get a high credit line.

    Monetary Benefits of this Credit Card

    Welcome Offer₹500
    Cash Back on Grocery (Assuming ₹200 Per Month)₹2400
    Annual Spending of ₹100000₹1000
    Offers on BookMyShow₹2400
    Annual Fee Waiver₹500

    Fee and Payment Options of RBL Bank Platinum ShopSmart SuperCard

    Joining Fees₹499 Plus Applicable Taxes
    Annual Renewal Fees₹499 Plus Applicable Taxes
    Spend ₹50000 in a YearRenewal Fees- NIL
    Add-On Card FeeNIL
    Finance ChargesUp to 3.50% Per Month or 42% Per Annum
    Cash Transaction Fee2.5% of the Cash with a minimum of ₹300
    Late Payment Fee15% of the Due with a Minimum of ₹50 and a maximum of ₹1000
    Overlimit Charges₹600
    Cash Payment Charge₹250

    Methods of RBL Bank Platinum ShopSmart SuperCard Bill Payment

    There are many methods for clearing the RBL Bank Credit Card bills. You can use any mode for the successful payment of the RBL Bank Platinum ShopSmart Supercard.

    • Net Banking facility will help you to clear the outstanding dues of the credit card.
    • RBL Mobile Application also has the option of making the payment of the credit card bills.
    • The National Electronic Fund Transfer Option will clear the bills from another bank.
    • For timely payment use the NACH Facility of the RBL bank.
    • Cash Payments can also be done but they are chargeable with a fee of ₹250.

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