RBL Bank Platinum Travel Easy SuperCard


  • Explore all the exclusive features of the RBL Platinum Travel Easy Supercard.
  • Get Cashback on Uber and Ola Rides.
  • Fees and Charges of the Platinum travel East Credit Card.

The RBL Bank has taken the travelling expenses as the major concern and it has issued the RBL Platinum Travel Easy Supercard. This card is basically a credit card with a lot of travelling benefits. You can enjoy cashback on fuel refilling and on the surcharge. There are also exciting offers on the OLA and Uber Cabs that will help you to cut off the travelling expenses. In the case of any emergency, you can convert the credit limit of the Supercard into a personal loan for 3 months. This personal loan is interest-free and the cash withdrawals from the ATM machines are also free. Let’s throw some lights on the features of this credit card in detail.

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    Benefits of RBL Bank Platinum Travel Easy SuperCard

    Now, you have the opportunity to find out the best feature of the Supercard that helps you to cut off the expenses.

    Credit Limit Conversion and Interest-Free Cash Withdrawal

    This Supercard allows you to convert the credit kine of the card into an interest-free personal loan for three months. There is no interest on the cash withdrawal as well.

    • Get an interest-free loan subject to the maximum credit limit for 3 months.
    • Withdraw cash from any ATM machine without paying a single interest until 50 days.

    Terms and Conditions

    • The Credit Limit Conversion includes a processing fee of 2.5% with a minimum of ₹500.
    • The cash withdrawal from the ATM machines includes a processing fee of 2.5% with a minimum of ₹100.

    Welcome Bonus

    • Earn a Gift Voucher of ₹1000 on the payment of the joining fees.

    Terms and Conditions

    • You have to pay full joining fees of the Credit Card.
    • You have to do transactions of at least ₹2000 within 30 days of the card issuance.

    Travelling Offers

    • Get a Cashback of 10% on the fuel transactions.
    • Enjoy 10% Cashback on OLA rides.
    • Get 10% Cashback on all the Uber Rides.
    • Enjoy the fuel surcharge waiver of up to ₹100 every month.

    Milestone Bonus

    • Spend ₹1 Lac and earn a gift voucher of ₹1000.
    • Spend ₹100000 in a year and waive off the renewal fee of the RBL Platinum Travel Easy Supercard.

    Manage the SuperCard Anywhere

    The RBL bank Mobile Application allows you to manage all the activities of the credit card anywhere. Here are the tasks that you can manage from the RBL Bank Mobile Application.

    • Clear the outstanding dues of the RBL Bank Credit Card.
    • Get the monthly statement of all the transactions on your mobile phone.
    • Go through all the previous transactions done in a month.
    • Convert the purchases into EMIs in a few touches.
    • The PIN of the Credit Card can be changed from the RBL Mobile Application.

    You can easily perform all the above tasks from any location using the mobile app. The only thing you need is a proper internet Access.

    Other Features of RBL Bank Platinum Travel Easy SuperCard

    Withdraw Cash:- All the ATM withdrawal done through this credit card are not chargeable with an interest. You can withdraw cash from any ATM machine and fulfil your needs.

    Worldwide Acceptance:- The Travel Easy Supercard is widely accepted across the world. You can use this credit card for international payments as well.

    Safety and Security:- This credit card is secured with a PIN that stops the fraud and theft of money from the card. The PIN is only remembered by the cardholder and no one can misuse it. Never share your PIN with anyone. In order to make the credit card more secure, it has an EMV chip.

    Contactless Payment:- You can make a payment of up to ₹2000 without swiping or inserting the Supercard into the machine. You just have to touch the card on the machine and the payment will be done. It is the fastest mode for doing the transactions and even it doesn’t require the PIN.

    Balance Transfer Facility:- The cardholders having many credit cards can transfer the balance on this Supercard. This helps to compile all the bills of different credit cards into one credit card.

    Maximum Credit Line

    The RBL Bank has not specified the credit limit of the RBL Platinum Travel Easy Credit Card. The credit limit basically depends on the Cibil Score and the net take-home income of the individual. Individuals having a good payment record, high Cibil Score and high income usually get a nice credit limit on this credit card.

    RBL Bank Platinum Travel Easy SuperCard Monetary Benefits of the Card

    Welcome Offer₹1000
    Cash Back on Uber and OLA (Assuming ₹200 Per Month)₹2400
    Annual Spending of ₹100000₹1000
    Cashback on Fuel Transactions (Assuming ₹300 Per Month)₹3600
    Annual Fee Waiver after spending ₹1 Lac in a year₹1000

    Fee and Payment Options of RBL Bank Platinum Travel Easy SuperCard

    Joining Fees₹999 Plus Applicable Taxes
    Annual Renewal Fees₹999 Plus Applicable Taxes
    Spend ₹100000 in a YearRenewal Fees- NIL
    Add-On Card FeeNIL
    Finance ChargesUp to 3.50% Per Month or 42% Per Annum
    Cash Transaction Fee2.5% of the Cash with a minimum of ₹300
    Late Payment Fee15% of the Due with a Minimum of ₹50 and a maximum of ₹1000
    Overlimit Charges₹600
    Cash Payment Charge₹250

    Methods of Credit Card Bill Payment

    You have various options to make RBL Credit Card Online Payment. Many cardholders prefer the cash payment of the credit card bills but they are chargeable with a sum of ₹250. Therefore, it is better to clear the bill through online payment modes.

    • Net Banking facility can clear all the pending bills of the credit card.
    • Use the RBL Mobile Application to clear the credit card bills.
    • The National Electronic Fund Transfer Option will clear the dues from another bank account.
    • Use the NACH Facility of the RBL bank for timely payments.
    • Cheque Payments are also accepted by the RBL bank.

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