RBL Bank Platinum Value Plus SuperCard


  • Know All the Exclusive Features of the RBL Platinum Value Plus Credit Card.
  • Earn Gift Vouchers on Several transactions and cashback on fuel transactions.
  • Find the feasible Payment method for the credit card payment.

The fuel expenses play a vital role in the evaluation of the monthly expenses. So, if you cut off the fuel expenses then it might reduce your monthly expenses. Therefore, you can use the RBL Bank Platinum Value Plus Supercard. It has exciting cashback offers on the fuel transactions. If you own a personal vehicle then this offer can help you to save a lot of money. In case of an emergency, you can also take a personal loan for three months through this credit card. The credit limit will be the maximum personal loan you can take in case of an emergency. Have a look at all the features of this money-saving credit card.

Credit Card

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    Eye Catching Benefits of RBL Bank Platinum Value Plus SuperCard

    You have the opportunity to explore all the offers and features of this credit card. Go through all of them and arrange them as per your preference.

    Enjoy Interest-Free Personal Loan and Cash Withdrawal

    This credit card provides you with the facility to convert the transactions into easy EMIs. You can take an interest-free personal loan that would help you to tackle emergencies. The RBL bank also gives the cash withdrawal power to withdraw cash globally. No interest will be charged on the cash withdrawal until 50 days.

    • Enjoy Interest-Free Personal Loan for three months maximum up to the credit limit.
    • Enjoy Interest-Free Cash withdrawal through this credit card.

    Terms and Conditions

    • A Processing fee of 2.5% with a minimum of ₹500 will be charged on the personal loan.
    • A Processing fee of 2.5% subject to a minimum of ₹100 will be charged on cash withdrawal.

    Welcome Benefits

    • Get a Gift Voucher of ₹500 on the payment of the joining fees.

    Terms and Conditions

    • You have to spend ₹2000 within 30 days of the card issuance to earn the cashback.
    • The applicant has to pay the full joining fee of the Supercard.

    Fuel Benefits

    • Get a fuel surcharge waiver up to ₹100 every month at refilling stations on the RBL Platinum Value Plus Supercard.
    • Enjoy a Cashback of 10% on all the fuel transactions.

    Milestone Benefits

    • On spending ₹100000 in a year you’ll get gift vouchers worth ₹1000.
    • Spend ₹50000 in a year and waive off the renewal fee of the Platinum Value Plus Supercard.

    Operate the Credit Card Through Mobile Application

    You have the facility to manage all the activities of the credit card through the mobile application. There are multiple operations that can be performed using the RBL Mobile Application.

    • Manage the bill payments of the RBL Bank Credit card through Mobile Application.
    • Download the monthly statement of the credit card on your mobile phone.
    • Always have an eye on all the previous transactions done through the Supercard.
    • In a few touches, convert your purchases into EMI transactions.
    • You can also change the PIN of the credit card if you feel that any fraudulent activity can take place.

    The internet access is mandatory to do all the above activities from the RBL Bank Mobile Application.

    Explore More Features of RBL Bank Platinum Value Plus SuperCard

    Cash Withdrawal:- You have the facility to withdraw cash from any ATM Machine. The Bank will not charge any interest on the cash withdrawal until 50 days. You can also perform the overseas cash withdrawal using this credit card.

    Spend Worldwide:- This credit card will help you to do international transactions. You can use this card during international visits.

    Safety and Security:- This credit card has an EMV chip that makes it secure for payments. It also has a PIN that is only known to the cardholder. So, in short, no one can make the fraudulent use of the credit card.

    Contactless Payment:- The Contactless mode of payment enables you to make payments without inserting or swiping the card into the vendor’s machine. The contactless transactions don’t even require a PIN. The maximum transaction that can be made using this feature is of ₹2000.

    Balance Transfer Facility:- If you are having a pending balance of another credit card then you can transfer it on to the RBL platinum Value Plus Supercard. The option of a Balance transfer is available on this credit card.

    Maximum Credit Card

    The RBL Bank decides the Credit Amount on the basis of income and the Cibil Score. There is no specified limit on the credit card. If you have a good Cibil Score and high income then the credit limit will be high. So, there is no specification of the credit limit of this Supercard.

    RBL Bank Platinum Value Plus SuperCard Monetary Benefits of the Card

    Welcome Gift Offer₹500
    Annual Spending of ₹200000₹2000
    Cashback on Fuel Transactions (Assuming ₹200 Per Month)₹2400
    Annual Fee Waiver after spending ₹50000 in a year₹500
    Fuel Surcharge Waiver₹1200

    Fee and Payment Options of RBL Bank Platinum Value Plus SuperCard

    Joining Fees₹499 Plus Applicable Taxes
    Annual Renewal Fees₹499 Plus Applicable Taxes
    Spend ₹50000 in a YearRenewal Fees- NIL
    Add-On Card FeeNIL
    Finance ChargesUp to 3.50% Per Month or 42% Per Annum
    Cash Transaction Fee2.5% of the Cash with a minimum of ₹300
    Late Payment Fee15% of the Due with a Minimum of ₹50 and a maximum of ₹1000
    Overlimit Charges₹600
    Cash Payment Charge₹250

    Credit Card Bill Payment Options

    There are some methods through which you can make RBL Credit Card Payment. You can try the online methods of payment because they are convenient and safe. In just a few taps of the finger, the payment will be done.

    • Make a Credit Card Payment through Net Banking facility.
    • You can also clear the bills from the RBL bank mobile application.
    • If you are having your account in another bank then make use of the National Electronic Fund Transfer Facility.
    • Auto-Debit the bill from your personal account through the NACH facility.
    • Pay the bills through Cash and Cheques.

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