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Is Exploring Miami Beach Expensive? Not When you Follow these Steps

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Come to Miami and you can't take eyes off from the blue water of the beaches that prevail in this buzzing city of the United States of America, the US. The beaches in Miami, Florida are galore, with popular ones being Miami Beach, Bal Harbour Beach, Crandon Park Beach, Haulover Beach and others. When it comes to the selection of beaches, often Miami Beach remains the first choice among the travellers around the world. You can also check-in and check-out at the hotels located near the Miami Beach. Though the transportation and food prices are quite expensive, you can still find some alternatives that can enable your Miami Beach ride without drying your pocket. You can catch all that in this article, which will guide you through different stages.

Step 1- Get a Stay in Budget Hotels

The first step in the tour of any countryside is to find a cost-friendly accommodation. And this rightly fits into the case of Miami Beach, where the accommodation costs in the hotels are mostly high, mounting doubts over the possibility of a pocket-friendly stroll to the Miami Beach. However, you can choose from a list of hotels that will offer you budget accommodation. Catch all that hotels below.

Budget Hotels

Price Per Night

Suites on South Beach Miami

Rs 6,500-7,000

Seagull Hotel Miami South Beach

Rs 7,000-7,500

Villa Paradiso

Rs 7,000-8,000

Hotel Shelley

Rs 7,000-8,000

Royal South Beach Hotel

Rs 7,500-8,000

Step-2 Stroll/Take Public Transport to Reach Beach

If you stay in the hotels mentioned , you can nullify your transportation cost and simply stroll into the sands of Miami Beach. However, if the hotels in which you stay, is not near the beach, then you have to commute via a vehicle to reach here. Assume that you stay in a hotel closer to the airport. In that case, you must choose the affordable option of public transport over the taxi. Shuttle van will cost you upto Rs 750-1500, while taxi will dry out your pocket by Rs 2,200-3,000. A public bus from airport will take only Rs 150-180. Entry fee comes to be Rs 66-350 per hour per individual in Miami Beach.

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Step-3 Choose from Affordable Food Options

The food down in the Miami Beach is very expensive. However, you can find some blocks that are ready with affordable yet delicious foods to welcome your arrival there. Just take Rs 340-1,200 and get your tummy full with breakfast, lunch and dinner in the beach, which also has beers and cocktail to make your ride an extremely enjoyable one. You just have to pay Rs 350-1,000 to enjoy such privileges.

Pointers to be Kept in Mind

  • Flights to any part of the US from India is expensive, so it is advisable you plan your trip to Miami lot earlier.
  • Book a ticket in the hotels nearby Miami Beach in advance. It will help reduce your cost of stay.

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