Our Core Values

Customer centricity

We aim to ensure that our clients benefit from the value created by our products and services. We earn our customers’ trust by placing them at the core of our organisation.


We live by the highest standards of integrity in everything we say and do. We will do what is right – not just what is allowed.


We believe in responsible innovation, focused not only on finding creative solutions to our clients’ needs but also on ensuring that those solutions are suitable, sustainable and fall within clear boundaries.


Developing a sense of neutrality, whether it’s the management or the employees is a must. The same sentiment of neutrality will apply on our customers, who, irrespective of their gradient of association, will be looked upon with same intensity.

Life at Wishfin

A company that celebrates life together with its employees, grows together with its employees

Continuous Feedback

At Wishfin, a lot of impetus is given to continuous feedback in order to accelerate the performance of individuals throughout the year.

Super Saturdays

On Saturdays, a lot of fun and frolic awaits you ranging from festive celebrations to engagement activities and like sporting events, team lunch,outbound trips and many more!!!

Rewards and Recognition

Nothing boosts one’s morale more than getting recognised for the hard work. This is why we have “Wonders of Wishfin (WOW)” and “Star of the Month” awards to applaud and acknowledge the contributions of our Enablers

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