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Want to avail a personal loan that comes with an attractive interest rate? And, how about, enjoying a pocket-friendly EMI of INR 4,373 to ease your loan burden? Well, if that sounds appealing to you, all you need to know about HDFC Personal Loan Interest Rates. Yes, if you are curious to know more, just go through the page below.


HDFC Personal Loan Interest Rates 2024

Particulars Details
Interest Rate 11.00% - 14.50%
Loan Amount It depends on income, repayment potential, credit score, etc, however, the maximum amount is up to 50 lakhs.
Tenure Up to 5 Years
Processing Fees INR 3500(>=10 Lac) or 2% of the loan amount
Prepayment Charges Nil- 4% of principal outstanding + GST
Repayment Mode ECS, AD or PDC
No Due Certificate/No Objection Certificate (NOC) NIL
Duplicate of No Dues Certificate/NOC NIL
Solvency Certificate Not applicable
Charges for late payment of EMI 24% per annum on amount outstanding from date of default
floating rate Not applicable
Charges for changing from floating to fixed rate of interest Not applicable
Stamp duty & other statutory charges As per applicable laws of the state
Credit assessment charges Not applicable
Non standard repayment charges Not applicable
Cheque swapping charges INR 500/-
Amortization Schedule charges INR 200
Loan cancellation charges NIL (However client would be charged interest for the interim period between date of loan disbursement and loan cancellation and processing fees would be retained.)
Cheque bounce charges INR 550/- per cheque bounce
Legal/incidental charges At actual
CIBIL Report Copy Charges INR 50 per copy

Personal Loan Rack Rates

Company Cat/ Product Cat NTH band (Net take Home) CIBIL Score >730 CIBIL Score <=730, No Hit PF
CAT SUPERA, CAT A, CAT HDFC >=100000 11.00% 11.25% ₹4,999
>=75000 to 100000 11.25% 11.50% ₹4,999
>=50000 to 75000 11.75% 12.00% ₹4,999
>=35000 to 50000 12.00% 12.25% ₹3,499
< 35000 13.25% 13.50% ₹3,499
CAT B, CAT C, CAT D, CAT E, CAT EDU & MED , CAT NRI, CAT NEW >=100000 11.25% 11.50% ₹4,999
>=75000 to 100000 11.50% 11.75% ₹4,999
>=50000 to 75000 12.00% 12.25% ₹4,999
>=35000 to 50000 12.25% 12.50% ₹3,499
< 35000 13.75% 14.00% ₹3,499
CAT GA, GB, GC, CAT RA, RB, RC, CAT GO, RO, CAT GD, GE, GF, CAT GP, CAT PEN >=100000 11.50% 11.75% ₹4,999
>=75000 to 100000 12.25% 12.50% ₹4,999
>=50000 to 75000 12.50% 12.75% ₹4,999
>=35000 to 50000 13.50% 13.75% ₹3,499
< 35000 14.00% 14.50% ₹3,499

HDFC Personal Loan Balance Transfer Interest Rate

Get ready to enjoy lower EMIs and save more on your interest payments by transferring your existing personal loan to HDFC Bank. Yes, if your existing lender is giving you the personal loan at higher rates, going for HDFC BT is surely a smart move. If you opt for the BT with HDFC, you can get the lowest HDFC personal loan interest rates on your existing loan. There is a one-time processing fee of INR 1,999 that you need to give away to the bank so as to process your balance transfer request further. Moreover, you can either visit the branch or simply apply online to transfer your outstanding loan balance to HDFC.

Program Loan Amount Transferred Income IRR Processing Fee (of the loan amount)
All Balance Transfer (including application through loan assist App) >=0.50 Lakh (based on NTH Grids) NTH>=35k 11.99% INR 4,999
All Balance Transfer (including application through loan assist App) >=0.50 Lakh (based on NTH Grids) NTH<35k 13.25% INR 3,999
All Balance Transfer (including application through loan assist App) >=0.50 Lakh (based on NTH Grids) NTH>=50K 11.49% INR 4,999
  • Balance Transfer rates will be applicable across all Banks & NBFC but not applicable on Credit Card Outstanding Take over.
  • Sales Promo code of EXTLOAN or BT-EXT to be captured
  • PL Balance Transfer Program not applicable for segments identified under Personal Loan Classic pricing category.
  • PL Balance transfer rates not applicable for CAT D, CAT E, CAT NEW, NRI and GC customer segments

The below rates will be applicable for HDFC Bank and HDFC Securities Ltd. (HSL) Staff:

Offer Rate: 12.25%

Offer PF:INR 1,999

HDFC Personal Loan Customer Care

If you want to get in touch with the bank, all you need to do is just dial 1800 425 4332, 1800 22 4060 or 1800 22 1006 from your mobile or landline. The bank executives with their thorough understanding and helpful nature are always there for your help and guidance. You can also register your complaint, query and share your feedback 24×7 by simply dialing these numbers. These executives with their friendly nature are always there to give you the required support so that you can have a hassle-free journey.

HDFC Personal Loan Status

Knowing your personal loan status is not a hassle anymore as all you need to do is simply visit the HDFC site. Click on Track My Application and submit a few credentials such as name of the applicant, reference number and date of birth to complete the process. After successfully submitting the details, you can get to know the real-time status of your loan application. Yes, whether it’s approved, pending or rejected, knowing the status of your loan is not a hassle anymore.

Factors Affecting HDFC Personal Loan Rates

Factors based on which HDFC personal loans interest rates are decided are as follows:

  • Income: The minimum Net Monthly Income of the applicant to apply for a personal loan at HDFC bank is INR 15,000/-. However, in selected areas like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, Calcutta, Ahmedabad, Cochin, the minimum Net Monthly Income is INR 20,000/-. With this minimum income criteria, the possibility of getting good rates and loan amount gets higher. The interest rate will be more for someone having lower income compared to people with higher earnings.
  • Monthly Expenses: The monthly expenses of the borrower decide the repayment capacity and hence are considered to be an essential factor when it comes to deciding HDFC personal loan rates. If the loan seeker has less financial responsibilities, there are chances that he/she can get better rates.
  • Any Other Loan: When it comes to a personal loan, the borrower doesn’t have to give any kind of security to the bank. If there is no present loan, the payment of EMI is easier and smoother. And this impression leads to lower HDFC Personal Loan interest rates too. In case you have an ongoing loan too, it can impact your new loan repayment. Considering the same, HDFC Personal Loan Interest Rates can go up accordingly
  • Credit History: Having a healthy credit score would help get a personal loan from HDFC Bank at lower rates. A good score creates a nice impression before HDFC Bank, which offers attractive interest rates to such customers.
  • Job Stability: If you’ve shown job stability, it could boost your chances of getting lower rates from HDFC Bank.
  • Category of Employer: The interest rates offered to an individual is calculated on the basis of the income profile of the applicant and where he/she is working. If the person is working in a reputed organization, he/she is most likely to get the best HDFC personal loan rate of interest and higher loan amount.

HDFC Personal Loan Login


When it comes to log in to your HDFC Account, with the help of an online facility, you can anytime from anywhere access your account. Yes, via NetBanking, it is absolutely easy and quick to access your account from anywhere. All you need to have is the login credentials, i.e. customer ID and password. And after entering both the details, you just need to click on the submit button and you are sorted. With a fraction of a second, you will be able to log in to your account.

HDFC Personal Loan Eligibility

Availing an HDFC personal loan is easy and simple if you know the eligibility norms set by the bank. Talking about the personal loan eligibility, it simply depends on various things such as age, credit score, work experience, job stability, employment type, etc. After meeting all these norms, you can become eligible to avail HDFC personal loan and fulfill your multiple needs without any hassle.

HDFC Personal Loan Documents

For a hassle-free loan journey, it is important that an applicant should submit all the required documents. So, if you are interested in applying for the HDFC Personal Loan, make sure you have a complete set of documents ready so as to have a smooth journey. Talking about documentation, Identity Proof, Address Proof, Bank Statements and Latest Salary Slips are a few documents that an applicant can easily submit either online or offline.

HDFC Personal Loan Top Up

Looking for a top up on your existing personal loan? Well, if the answer is yes, all you need to know about HDFC personal loan top up. This facility allows you to borrow a certain amount of money over and above your personal loan so that all your needs can easily be fulfilled. It is absolutely easy and a quick process to avail the funds through this facility. No matter what all needs you have, this top-up facility allows you to meet your varied needs instantly without any hassle. You can get this facility even on loans taken from other lenders. All you need to do is transfer the existing loan balance of another bank to HDFC at lower rates and request the latter for a top-up amount over it.

HDFC Personal Loan Interest Rates FAQs

1. What is the current HDFC personal loan interest rate?

The current rate of interest charged on the HDFC Personal Loan is 11.00% to 14.50% per annum. You will know the exact rate of interest at the time of applying for the loan.

2. What is the interest rate of HDFC personal loan 2024?

The latest interest rate in 2024 on the HDFC Personal loan is 11.00% to 14.50% per annum.

3. What is the rate of interest of 3 lakh in HDFC bank?

If you are borrowing a loan of INR 3 Lakhs from the HDFC bank then the rate of interest will be 11.00% to 14.50% per annum

4. What is the interest of 7 lakh in HDFC bank?

HDFC Bank Personal Loan interest rate on 7 lakhs loan remains the same that is 11.00% to 14.50% per annum

5. What is the interest of 5 lakh in HDFC bank?

The Interest Rate on HDFC PL of INR 5 lakhs is 11.00% to 14.50% per annum

6. What is the rate of interest of 10 lakh in HDFC bank?

The rate of interest on 10 Lakhs HDFC Personal Loan is 11.00% to 14.50% per annum.

7. What will be the interest rate of HDFC personal loans for senior citizens?

If you are a senior citizen and applying for the HDFC Bank Personal loan then your interest rate will fall between 11.00% to 14.50% per annum. However, the interest rate depends on your credit history and your relationship with the bank.

8. What will be the interest rate of HDFC personal loans for women?

The interest rate on the HDFC Personal Loans for Women is 11.00% to 14.50% per annum. You will know the exact rate of interest at the time of applying for the HDFC personal loan.

9. What is the HDFC Personal Loan Customer Care number?

There are two customer care numbers of the HDFC Personal Loan and you can dial any number from your mobile phone.:-

– 1860-267-6161
– 1800-202-6161

10. How can I negotiate with HDFC on the personal loan interest rate?

You can negotiate on the personal loan interest rate with HDFC on the basis of your income and your Cibil Score. A person with a high salary and a high credit score usually get a low rate of interest on personal loans.

11. Can a non-HDFC customer take a HDFC personal loan?

Yes, a non-HDFC customer can take an HDFC Personal Loan. You will have to submit the application form online and initiate the process of a personal loan.

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