Personal Loan Interest Rates 2024

SMFG India Credit Personal Loan Interest Rates

SMFG India Credit Personal Loan Interest Rates

Last Updated : May 13, 2024, 12:21 p.m.

Looking for a personal loan that comes to you at an attractive interest rate? If yes, all you need to know about SMFG India personal loan interest rates that will minimize your loan repayment burden. For a detailed info on the same, go through the page below.

Apply SMFG Personal Loan @ 12.00%* Rate

SMFG India Credit Personal Loan Interest Rates 2024

Want to avail a personal loan, but don’t know which lender offers the best deal? Well, don’t worry as SMFG India Personal Loan is here to take care of you. That’s Right! This renowned NBFC with its lucrative deals for a personal loan ensures that all your wishes can easily be fulfilled. This financial firm offers the loan at an attractive interest rate to all the borrowers. Let’s just know more about its rates by looking at the table below.

IncomeInterest Rates (Metro Tier-1)Interest Rates (Metro Tier-2)Interest Rates (Metro Tier-3 &4)Processing Fee
<=18K30%32%33%2% of the loan amount
18K-25K27%29%30%2% of the loan amount
25K-30K25%27%29%2% of the loan amount
30K-35K23.5%25.5%28%2% of the loan amount
35K-40K22.5%24.5%27%2% of the loan amount
40K-50K21%23.5%25%2% of the loan amount
50K-80K20%22.5%24%2% of the loan amount
>80K19%19.5%20%2% of the loan amount

Special Rates Based on Loan Amount and Locations

SMFG India offers special rates for customers applying for a personal loan online. The rate is based on the loan amount the concerned individual applies for as well as his/her location. Do check below the SMFG India Personal Loan Interest Rate for such individuals.

Loan Amount (In INR)Metro & Tier 1Tier 2, 3 and 4
Upto 3 Lakh17.99%18.99%
Above 3-5 Lakh15.99%16.99%
Above 5-7 Lakh14.99%15.99%
Above 7-10 Lakh13.99%14.99%
Above 10 Lakh11.99%12.99%

SMFG India Personal Loan Balance Transfer Rates

Want to do some savings, while reducing your financial burden? If yes, transfer your existing personal loan outstanding to SMFG India and enjoy the lower personal loan interest rates . If your existing lender is providing you the loan at higher rates, opt for BT offered by SMFG India and save on your interest outgo and EMIs. You can avail BT from SMFG India at an interest rate of 14%-37% per annum.

SMFG India Personal Loan Contact Number

For all your queries, concern, suggestions and feedback, get in touch with the customer care executives at 1800 103 6001. You just need to dial this number either from your mobile or landline so as to get the best solution to your problem. These experts with their rich experience and expertise are always there to guide and support you and ensure that you get the best solution.

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