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  • Apply for BOI Credit Cards with a credit limit of more than 1 lakh.
  • Use the Bank of India Credit Card at millions of merchant outlets across the globe.
  • Know the Eligibility Criteria and other details of the BOI Credit Card.

A Credit Card gives you the leverage to buy anything on credit and then pay the debt later. But with the increase in the wants of an individual, the need for a high credit limit has also been increased. So, a credit card with a high credit limit can be a good option for you. The BOI Credit Cards offer you a credit limit of more than INR 1 lac and you can easily apply for it online. On the other hand, the Bank of India Credit Card have many other benefits like they are accepted worldwide. You will also get an interest-free period of 51 days on the BOI Cards. Therefore, you should explore all the types of credit cards that are offered by the Bank of India.

Types of Cards and Bank of India Credit Card Offers November 2023

In the table given below, you can explore the types of Bank of India Credit Cards with their offers, benefits features, and annual fee.

Credit Cards Offers and Benefits Fees (In ₹ Per Annum) Eligibility
BOI Visa Gold Credit Card - Reward program on card usage
- Interest-free credit period of up to 51 days.
- Enhanced security with a pin-enabled card at more than 2.5 lakh merchant locations

24-hour cash access at more than 90,000 ATMs
- Cash advance facility available at more than 4,000 branches
- Free remittance for card payment.
- No charge on bill payment via bank accounts.
Principal Card Fee - 600
Add-on card Fee - 350
Gross annual income must be ₹1.5 lakh and above
The card is valid for use in India, Nepal and Bhutan only
BOI Visa Gold International Credit Card - A high credit limit of above ₹1 lakh can be extended.
- Interest-free credit period of up to 51 days.
- Access cash from more than 8.10 lakh ATMs in VISA Global ATM Network in over 4.14 lakh locations globally.
- Get an opportunity to report the incident of card lost/stolen to the VISA Emergency Assistance Centre (VEAC)
- Emergency BOI Credit Card Replacement Services.
- Access to cash disbursement in emergency.
- Free Customer Enquiry
Principal Card Fee - 1,500
Add-on Card Fee - 800
One must have a gross annual income of ₹1.5 lakh and above
BOI Visa Platinum Privilege Credit Card - Get a Credit limit of up to ₹1 lakh
- Have a Cash limit of up to ₹50,000
- Photo and signature would be shown on the credit card.
Principal Card Fee- 600
Add-on Card Fee - 350
Individuals must have a stable income and a high Credit Score.
BOI Taj Premium Card - A status card that comes with no charge for the cardholders. -NIL Given to Taj Members only.
BOI India Card - Pin-enabled photo card
- Interest-free credit period of up to 51 days.
- Enjoy revolving credit at a preferential rate of interest
- Flexible credit limit offers for add-on cardholders.
- Accepted at more than 2,50,000 merchant establishments for retail purchase and over 9,000 ATMs for cash withdrawal from ATMs
Lifetime free card - Annual income must be ₹0.75 lakhs and more
- Applicable for India, Bhutan, and Nepal only
BOI Navy Classic Credit Card - A non-photo master card
- Lifetime free card
NIL Only navy staff are eligible
BOI Navy Gold Card Lifetime free card NIL Only top navy officials can apply for this card
BOI Krishi Vikas Card Offered exclusively to big farmers having a cash credit facility NIL Only farmers are eligible
BOI Credit Card for Pensioners Limit based on three times the monthly pension without any TOD NIL Only for pensioners

Credit Card Limit of BOI Credit Card

You must have seen credit limit offers beyond ₹1 lakh on a few BOI credit cards in the table above. As far as the actual limit is concerned, it’s going to be based on your income and credit score. Greater the score and income more are the chances of accessing high limits, giving you more to purchase on credit.

Bank of India Credit Card Eligibility

Check below the eligibility criteria for BOI credit cards.

  • Salaried and self-employed are eligible for a card.
  • Income criteria can vary from one card to another and they are mentioned in the table.

Documents Needed to Apply for Bank of India Credit Card

You must submit the following documents to apply for a credit card.

  • Identity Proof – PAN Card/Aadhaar Card/Passport/Voter ID/Driving License
  • Residence Proof – Passport/Driving License/Voter ID/Aadhaar Card/Utility Bills
  • Income Proof – Salary slips for salaried, profit & loss account and audited balance sheet for self-employed
  • Last 3-6 month bank statement

BOI Credit Card Online Apply?

You can either apply online or visit the nearest bank branch to apply for BOI credit cards. All you need to do is to share a few personal and professional details be it online or the application form. The moment you submit your application, the bank would start screening it thoroughly before approving it.

Bank of India Credit Card Application Status

You can check the status of an application by asking the concerned bank official or customer care.

Credit Card Bill Payment Online BOI Cards

Credit card bills can be paid via internet banking, payment gateway, or even cash at the bank branch. Doesn’t matter if you have the net banking access of BOI or some other banks, you can add the card to the list of the billers and receive a message regarding the bill much before the due date. You can thus keep the required sum on your account for a smooth bill payment.

Bank of India Credit Card Customer Care Number

For any credit card queries, you can reach this 24×7 helpline number – 1800220229 and get them sorted out ASAP. So what if it’s the case of rewards or credit limit, you can ask questions and get answers to those.