Corporation Bank Home Loan Interest Rates


  • Check the minimum and maximum rate you can get on home loans.
  • See the maximum loan amount you can get on Corporation Bank Home Loans.

The rate of interest offered by Corporation Bank on housing loans is available in both floating as well as fixed rate. Housing or home loan is the cheapest loan still we make sure that we choose the lender that can provide us the lowest rate. Corporation Bank is one of the few banks that makes sure that the customers get the best possible rate as per the eligibility. Since the overall profile of the customer plays an important role in deciding the rate, it is important to make sure that the property papers are proper.

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Corporation Bank Home Loan Interest Rates December 2021

Interest Rates6.40% - 7.40%
Maximum Loan AmountAbove INR 75 lakh
For Repairs and Renovations - INR 30 lakh
Loan to Value Ratio75% to 90%
Repayment PeriodUpto 30 years
Upto 15 years in case of Repair or Renovation
Repayment MethodsEquated Monthly Installments (EMI)
Equated Quarterly Installments (EQI)
Step-up Repayment Method
Ballon Repayment Method
Flexible Loan Installment Plan (FLIP)
Bullet Repayment Plan

Floating Rate for Loan Amount upto INR 30 lakh

The rate is ascertained keeping in mind the CIBIL score and LTV ratio. Glance at the table below for specific rates.

CIBIL ScoreEffective Rate of Interest (Per Annum)
800 and Above6.40% - 6.50%
750-7996.50% - 6.60%
700-7496.80% - 7.00%
650-6996.85% - 7.10%
Below 6507.10% - 7.35%

Floating Rate for Loan Amount Above INR 30 lakh

The rate for this loan range is decided based on CIBIL score as well as the profession and gender of an individual. Take a look!

CIBIL ScoreInterest Rates for Salaried (Female)Interest Rates for Salaried (Male)Interest Rates for Non Salaried (Female)Interest Rates for Non Salaried (Male)
800 and Above6.40%6.40%6.50%6.50%
Below 6507.25%-7.30%7.30%-7.35%7.30%-7.35%7.35%-7.40%

What is the best way to get the lowest rate?

If you are eligible for the loan have maintained the property documents to apply for home loans if it an ancestral property, your loan application is considered to be more beneficial. What you should know that more than the income and professional stability, property papers are important to get you the approval. The factors that altogether decide whether or not you will are eligible for the approval or a lower rate are as follows:

  • Property value
  • Age of the applicant
  • Credit history
  • Monthly Income
  • Savings
  • Category of the employer

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