How to Apply for Credit Cards via WhatsApp?

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  • Apply for Credit Cards via WhatsApp
  • WhatsApp for credit cards is a unique offering from Wishfin

Credit cards and that too, through WhatsApp? Yes, it’s reality now with Wishfin, a renowned fintech player, setting a benchmark by launching the first of a kind service in India’s credit card segment. So unlock all your dreams; whether it’s about attending the beach parties across the blue waters of Barcelona or buying your favourite gown from a top retail outlet, by applying for credit cards via WhatsApp conversation with Wishfin.

Apply for Credit Cards via WhatsApp


Steps to Apply for Credit Cards on WhatsApp

Just follow a few simple steps described below and embark into a world where rewards, privileges and conveniences are up for grabs.

  • Visit the official website of Wishfin
  • Go to ‘Credit Cards’ section
  • Click on Apply with the Ease of WhatsApp Chat
  • Enter your mobile number and then click on ‘CONTINUE WITH WHATSAPP’ at the bottom
  • Subsequently, a 2-member WhatsApp group, involving you and Wishfin, would be formed regarding credit card application
  • You would then need to answer some personal and profession related questions
  • Submit your application
  • And you are Done!

What Will Happen Post Application via WhatsApp?

Post applying via WhatsApp, the Wishfin executives will contact you and forward your application to the concerned banks. The executives would look to ensure a speedy approval by being in touch with the bank and you. Wishfin would deem it with a great favour by intimating you the news of credit card approval. Even if there is a short delay due to the discrepancies in your application, the 24×7 dedicated team will tell you to fill the voids appropriately and get a nod from the bank.

Apply for Top Banks Credit Cards on WhatsApp

Here’s a list of credit cards for which you can apply on WhatsApp.

What Made Wishfin to Come with WhatsApp Application for Credit Cards?

Technology is fast changing the world we live in. The paperwork of the 20th Century made way to the fast-paced Internet era in the 21st Century. But technology, as we speak of, never stops evolving. The invention of WhatsApp, a few years ago, is a prime example of people adopting the latest changes doing the rounds. Now as we are living in the world of WhatsApp, Wishfin won’t have chosen a better platform than this to let customers experience the madness and thrill that credit cards bring to the fore.