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DCB Bank Home Loan Interest Rates


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To buy your dream home you can borrow funds from the DCB Bank. And the bank offers loans up to INR 5 crore. The user can get either a fixed or floating interest rate over the loan. While a fixed rate loan will imply the same rate of interest throughout the loan tenure, the floating rate will mean changes in the interest rate with the change in market conditions. Historically, if you talk about, the floating rate has proven to be cost-efficient for borrowers. And that is the reason why we recommend you to adopt the floating rate of interest. DCB Bank Home Loan Interest Rate is based on the income and repayment potential of an applicant. Read this page further to know how the interest rate of the bank can help you in repayment.

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DCB Bank Home Loan Interest Rates December 2023

Interest RateAs Applicable
Loan AmountINR 10 Lakhs - INR 5 Crores (Upto 90% of the Market Value of the Property)
Tenure20 - 30 Years
Processing FeeUpto 2% of the loan amount, with a minimum of INR 5,000, plus applicable GST charges
Prepayment ChargesNIL

DCB Bank Home Loan Balance Transfer

If you are servicing home loan EMI obligations somewhere else but finding it hard to do so because of higher interest rates, think of switching the outstanding balance to DCB Bank at a lower interest rate. This will help reduce EMI and interest outgo. See the example below to know the kind of savings you can have on transferring the outstanding balance to DCB Bank at a lower rate.

For example, Rita has borrowed a loan of INR 80 lakh at an interest rate of 13.00% per annum. And now she needs to lower the burden of her home loan. She went to DCB Bank and they offered her an interest rate of 11.00% for her existing loan. So, she has decided to do a balance transfer. And before applying for it she makes calculations of her savings schedule after the transfer. Have a look at the below table to know what amount she has saved with the DCB Bank home loan interest rate.

Original Loan AmountINR 80,00,000
Interest Rate13.00%
Tenure20 years
EMI @13.00%INR 93,726
Estimated Interest Outgo @13.00%INR 1,44,94,254
Interest Paid Till 8 YearsINR 78,16,000
Outstanding Balance at the End of 8th YearINR 68,18,298
EMI @11.00% for the Remaining YearsINR 85,471
Interest Payable @11.00% for the Remaining YearsINR 54,89,545
Interest Paid Till Now + Interest Payable Over the Next 12 yearsINR 1,33,05,545
Estimated Savings in Terms of EMIINR 8,255
Estimated Savings in Terms of Interest PaymentINR 11,88,709 (1,44,94,254 - 1,33,05,545)

So from the above example, you must have got an idea of the savings. But do not forget to add the nominal transfer fee which DCB Bank can charge on this balance transfer deal. Deducting the fee will give you the resultant savings.

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