Gold Rate Today in Ahmedabad


  • Know the current 24K Gold Price per gram and 10 grams in Ahmedabad.
  • Go through the 22k Gold Price in the same city.
  • See how the Karat and Hallmark define the purity of gold in gold jewelry and other gold products.

Before investing even a small amount in gold, it is advisable for everyone to be aware of the current market gold rate. However, because the price of gold varies from city to city, it is vital to check the current gold rate in your city. So, today we will talk about the 22K and 24K today gold rate in Ahmedabad. If you live in Ahmedabad and want to buy gold jewellery, coins, or bars, you need to be aware of the current gold price in Ahmedabad. As a result, 24K gold would cost you around INR 5050 per gram, whereas 22K gold would cost you INR 4630 per gram in Ahmedabad.

24K and 22K Gold Price Ahmedabad

KaratGramGold Rate Today
22 Karat1 Gram₹4630
22 Karat10 Grams₹46300
24 Karat1 Gram₹5050
24 Karat10 Gram₹50500

Investment in Gold

People research a lot before making any kind of investment. Similarly, there are a lot of things that you should keep in mind before investing in gold. Also, there are various ways through which you can make gold investments. Few of them are as follows:


Many people in India choose to invest in gold jewellery and ornaments from a very long time. Women in India opt for gold jewellery and ornaments as a traditional thing of buying and wearing gold. In India, most families store gold jewellery as a reserve in case of an emergency. Women also look at the current gold rate in order to purchase ornaments, necklaces, rings, and other pieces of jewellery. As a result, one can quickly make a substantial gold jewellery investment and grow their money.

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Coins, Bars & Biscuits

Indian Men on the other hand prefer to invest in gold coins, bars and biscuits because they are comparatively less expensive than jewellery in the market. The reason for the low price is that the making charges for a gold coin, biscuit, or even a gold bar are much lower than the making charges for gold jewellery and ornaments. Many Indians who live in Ahmedabad and who are interested in buying gold biscuits or coins would want to know the today gold price in Ahmedabad so that they can invest their funds.

Digital Gold

This is the latest addition in the gold investment segment. With the help of the internet you can now buy gold from the comfort of your home. To do so you just need an active internet connection and your smartphone. You can buy Digital Gold in grams that are credited to your account. You will receive the documentation, but the gold will not be physically present. You can afterwards sell the quantity of your gold from your account at the current market gold price. Therefore, it is advisable to gather gold rate information before making any such transactions.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the price of Gold today in Ahmedabad?

The price of Gold today in Ahmedabad is INR 5050 per gram for 24K and INR 4630 per gram for 22K.

2. What factors decide the Gold prices in Ahmedabad?

3. What is the Gold rate today in Ahmedabad for 1gm?

You can buy 24 carat gold at INR 5050 and 22 carat at INR 4630 as per the gold rates today in Ahmedabad.

4. What is 24 carat and 22 carat gold?

Generally, the purity of Gold is measured in carats. 24 carats being the purest form of gold with 99.9% purity is followed by 22 carat gold which is 91.6% pure in nature.

5. Which is better to buy: Digital or Physical Gold?

If the gold is being bought for consumption purposes, then it is better to buy physical gold else you can opt for the digital gold. However, the Indian market favours physical gold for a number of reasons.

6. What is Hallmark Gold?

Hallmark gold is the certified gold that undergoes a process of quality checks and assurance better known as hallmarking.

7. What is the Gold rate today in Ahmedabad for 10gm?

The Gold rate in Ahmedabad for 10 grams is INR 50500 and INR 46300 for 24 carat and 22 carat respectively.

8. What are the different investment options available while buying Gold?

There are a variety of options available while buying gold such as buying gold jewellery, coins, bars, biscuits, etc. Moreover, you can also buy gold online, which is also known as digital gold.

9. Is physical gold a better investment than digital gold?

If you are buying gold for consumption, then yes physical gold is a better investment than digital gold. 

10. What is the rate of 916 gold today in Ahmedabad?

Note – Gold prices are sourced from various news journals such as Economic Times, Live Mint, Good Returns, Fresherslive, etc.

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