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Gold Rate Today in Delhi


  • Check the Latest Rate of Gold in Delhi of 24K Gold.
  • Know the Gold Rate of 22K, 20K, and 18K Gold in the same city.
  • Explore the various factors responsible for the change in gold rate and the types of investments you can make in gold.

Delhi is the capital of India and the gold rate in this city doesn’t remain the same every day. It keeps on fluctuating every day so it is necessary to know the latest gold rate in this city. Women of our country and even in Delhi prefer gold in the form of jewelry and ornaments but most men look at gold as an investment whether in coins or bars. Whatever may be your reason to buy the gold in Delhi but you should be aware of the Gold Rate Today in Delhi. Therefore, the current gold price of 24K Gold in Delhi is ₹5122 per gram and the current price of 22K Gold is ₹4695 per gram. The karat denotes the purity of the gold and 24 Karat is the purest form of gold.

Today’s and Yesterday Gold Price of 24K and 22K Gold In Delhi

KaratGramGold Rate TodayGold Rate Yesterday
22 Karat1 Gram₹4695₹4704
22 Karat10 Grams₹46950₹47040
24 Karat1 Gram₹5122₹5132
24 Karat10 Gram₹51220₹51320

Why Gold Rate Fluctuates in Delhi

You must see the various reasons for the fluctuations in the Gold Rate in Delhi. The price changes due to domestic and international market activities or sometimes due to the following reasons.

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The inflation or deflation in the country changes the gold price in Delhi. If there is inflation globally or any other emergency faced globally then the price of the gold also changes and as a result it might increase or decrease.

RBI’s Gold Reserve

The currency notes in India are issued against the gold reserve and it can also change the gold price in Delhi. If the government or the RBI increases the gold reserve then it will increase the cash inflow in the market. So, the government’s gold reserves addition can also be a reason for gold price fluctuation.

Gold Market

The price of gold in Delhi also changes due to a high demand in the market. If the wedding season or a festive season is on in Delhi then the Gold Jewelleries and products are brought in bulk. So, when the demand increases, the price of gold also gets increased.

What is Karat in Gold

The Karat tells us about the purity of the gold. If the gold is 24 karat then it is the purest form of gold and 18K is the least pure form of gold. The rate of gold per gram of 18K gold is the lowest among all the karats. You can see the percentage of purity in different forms of karats.

24 Karat99.9% Pure
22 Karat91.6% Pure
18 Karat75% Pure

Investment in Gold

If you want to know the gold rate today in Delhi just to make an investment then there are multiple options available to invest in Gold. The price fluctuations can earn you high profits if you invest in gold for a long-term investment.

  • Invest in jewelry and ornament of gold and women usually prefer such an investment whether living in Delhi or any other city.
  • Invest in Gold Coins, Bars, or Biscuits because they have less making charge than the jewelry and the cost is less than the jewelry.
  • Buy digital gold and when the gold price increases sell the available units into the market and generate a good profit through it.
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Hallmark in Gold

The hallmark in any jewelry or a metal product represents the purity of metal and certifies that the piece of gold or metal has all the qualities that are laid by the Bureau of Indian Standards. So, before you buy any gold product, you must see the hallmark on the jewelry and check the Gold Rate

Last 10 Days Gold Rate in Delhi

It is important to compare the price of gold so that you can make accurate speculation whether the Gold Price will increase or decrease in the future. Therefore, in the table given below, you can go through the price of gold in the last 10 days in Delhi.

Dates22 Karat Gold Price in Delhi24 Karat Gold Price in Delhi
4th Aug 2021₹47040₹51320
3rd Aug 2021₹47050₹51330
2nd Aug 2021₹47150₹51430
1st Aug 2021₹47140₹51430
31st July 2021₹47150₹51440
30th July 2021₹47400₹51710
29th July 2021₹47050₹51330
28th July 2021₹46950₹51220
27th July 2021₹46750₹51000
26th July 2021₹46950₹51220

Note – Gold prices are sourced from various news journals such as Economic Times, Live Mint, Good Returns, Fresherslive, etc.

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