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  • HDFC Bank home loans are available at rates as low as 8.50%*
  • Matching the eligiblity criteria and providing proper documents is mandatory to get approval for HDFC Bank home loans

HDFC Bank provides special home loans aimed at women, promoting them to pursue their dream of owning a home. To learn more about these loans, one should explore the eligibility criteria, interest rates, required documents, and various schemes related to HDFC Bank home loans.

HDFC Bank also extends its home loan services to fresh graduates who have just started their careers. The company assesses these loans based on their current salaries and educational certificates, allowing these new employees to secure a loan without the usual requirement of having two years of work experience. This policy specifically applies to professional graduates

Types of home loans

HDFC Bank housing loans are classified into the following

  1. Adjustable Rate Home Loan– This type of loan is tied to HDFC’s Retail Prime Lending Rate (RPLR), currently at 17.45%. Any change in the RPLR will cause an interest rate revision every three months, corresponding to the date of the first disbursement, and this may or may not affect the EMI.
  2. TruFixed Home Loan– 2/3 Year Fixed Variant – With this home loan option, an applicant can enjoy a fixed rate for up to 2/3 years, after which the loan will automatically transition to an adjustable rate. The total term for this loan sums up to 20 years.
  3. HDFC Bank Home Loan for Purchase of Plot – These loans can be applied for either individually or jointly. Prospective borrowers can include their spouse or parents as co-borrowers.

HDFC Bank Home Loan Interest Rates January 2024

Here is the table displaying the range of interest rates, duration of loan tenure, maximum loan amount, and processing fees related to the housing loans provided by HDFC Bank.

Home Loan Interest Rate8.50% - 9.40%
Loan AmountCustomized
Loan TenureUp to 30 years
Processing FeesFor Salaried & Self Employed Professionals - INR 3,000 + GST
For Self Employed Non Professionals - INR 5,000 + GST
Prepayment Charges0%

HDFC Bank Home Loan Interest Rate Offers

The standard HDFC Bank home loan rates for salaried, self-employed professionals and non-professionals are shown below.

Salaried and Self-employed Professionals

Loan Slab (In INR)Home Loan Interest Rates (In Per Annum)
Women - Upto 30 Lakh8.50% - 9.40%
Others - Upto 30 Lakh8.50% - 9.40%
Women - 30.01 Lakh - 75 Lakh8.50% - 9.40%
Others - 30.01 Lakh - 75 Lakh8.50% - 9.40%
Women - 75.01 Lakh and Above8.50% - 9.40%
Others - 75.01 Lakh and Above8.50% - 9.40%

Self-employed Non-professionals

Loan Slab (In INR)Home Loan Interest Rates (In Per Annum)
Women - Upto 30 Lakh8.50% - 9.40%
Others - Upto 30 Lakh8.50% - 9.40%
Women - 30.01 Lakh - 75 Lakh8.50% - 9.40%
Others - 30.01 Lakh - 75 Lakh8.50% - 9.40%
Women - 75.01 Lakh and Above8.50% - 9.40%
Others - 75.01 Lakh and Above8.50% - 9.40%

Disclaimer– Home Bank Loan Interest Rates of 8.50% * onwards. All loans are at the sole discretion of HDFC Bank.

What is the processing fee for HDFC Bank Home Loans?

Under this campaign, the processing fee will be capped at INR 3000 plus applicable taxes for salaried individuals, and INR 5000 plus taxes for those who are self-employed.

Special Product for Government Employees – HDFC Bank Arya

  • Special processing fee of 2500 + GST
  • Increased repayment tenure upto 65yrs of age (For employees eligible for Pension)

Unique Features of HDFC Bank Home Loans

  • Expert Advice: Applicants can benefit from free expert advice to help choose the right property.
  • Over-the-counter Assistance: Expert counseling is available to ensure a hassle-free property purchase process.
  • Property Assistance: HDFC Bank Realty’s website offers comprehensive property assistance services, serving as a one-stop destination for property-related advice.
  • Special Pari Passu Arrangement: Through the Army Group Insurance Fund (AGIF), Army personnel can avail additional loan options
  • Home Loans for Properties Across India: Applicants can buy properties from any location in India.
  • Pre-Approval of Home Loans: Home loans can be approved even before the property selection process.
  • Home Loan Mobile: The HDFC Bank mobile app simplifies the home loan application process for applicants.
  • Complete Online Accessibility of all home loans: Applicants can access their home loan account online, helping them make informed decisions about their loans.
  • Tailor-made easy EMI schemes: HDFC Bank offers flexible payment plans, such as Step Up and FLIP, in addition to the regular EMI scheme.
  • Monitoring and Operating the Loan from Anywhere: HDFC’s interconnected branch network allows applicants to pay their monthly instalments and manage their loan account from anywhere.
  • Add-On Loans on a Single Property: Existing home loan borrowers can obtain home extension loans, home improvement loans, top-up loans, or loans against property, provided the total exposure on the property does not exceed the limit set by the housing finance company from time to time. No additional security is required for these loans.
  • Loans on Second Mortgage to PSU and Central Government Employees: Additional loan facilities are available for Central Government and Public Sector Unit employees who need extra funds for their home loan requirements after availing the House Building Advance.
  • Door-step Assistance: HDFC Bank sales executives offer doorstep services to customers for their convenience.

How to Apply for HDFC Bank Home Loan at Wishfin?

Wishfin is an online platform where you can get best home loanswithout any hassle. The experts at Wishfin make sure you get a suitable lender with unbiased opinions at lowest possible rate so that you can focus on your ‘wish’ – home and not waste your time looking for a suitable lender. You can simply visit the official website of Wishfin and apply for HDFC Bank home loan. Wishfin experts will guide you as per your requirement and help you get the best services.

How can you apply for HDFC Bank home loan on WhatsApp?

You can also apply for a home loan via WhatsApp just as you chat with your friends. It is the first-time ever that a home loan application is made available on WhatsApp. The process is simple and quick which saves your time and gives you the chance to apply for a loan anytime from anywhere. The steps involved in the process are as follows:

  1. Give a missed call to 9555103000
  2. You will receive a message on your WhatsApp
  3. Provide some basic details asked by the chatbot

HDFC Bank Home Loan Purposes

A home or housing loan can be taken for the below-mentioned purposes:

  • Purchase of new homes
  • Purchase of resale homes
  • Construction of new homes
  • Transfer of home loan from another lender to HDFC Bank.
  • Purchase of plot to construct the house on the same

HDFC Bank Plot Loan

Everybody wants to live in a home that is spacious and has dimensions of their choice. But when you have to live in a house made by property developers and agents, it may lack the appeal. So to help you live in a home that could be called a dream home in the true sense, HDFC Bank offers you the plot loan to buy the land and make your home the way you want on the same. The loan comes with the following features –

  • Purchase of a plot via direct allotment
  • Purchase of a resale plot
  • Attractive interest rates
  • Custom-fit repayment options
  • Balance transfer facility
  • No hidden costs
  • Expert legal & technical counselling

Maximum Funding Available on a Plot Loan

Loan Quantum (In INR)Maximum Funding
Upto and Including 30 Lakh80% of the property cost
Above 30 Lakh-75 Lakh80% of the property cost
Above 75 Lakh75% of the property cost

How Much Time Will You Get to Pay Your HDFC Bank Plot Loan Dues?

You will get a maximum of 15 years to pay the dues applicable to HDFC Bank Home Loan. The lender will set the tenure based on your profile, your likely age by the time the proposed tenure finishes, etc.

HDFC Bank Top-up Home Loan – How Can It Help You?

Running a home loan at HDFC Bank? You can use it to your advantage by getting a top-up on the same. In case any personal and professional expenses arise during the tenure of your existing home loan, you can top it up and fulfill your purpose. What’s noteworthy is that the rates are lower than in the case of a conventional personal loan. You can get as much as INR 50 lakh of top-up loan. But the said facility is not solely for HDFC Bank home loan customers. Even new customers using the balance transfer facility of HDFC Bank can be eligible for the top-up loan.

What Will be the LTV Ratio in an HDFC Bank Top-up Loan?

The loan to value (LTV) ratio here will be calculated considering the outstanding loan balance plus top-up loan amount. If the combination of both adds upto INR 75 lakh, the maximum finance will be made in a way that the overall sum remains within 80% of the property cost. Whereas, if the combined sum goes past INR 75 lakh, the funding is limited to 75% of the property cost.

When Can You Apply for a Top-up Loan?

You are eligible to apply a year after the disbursement of the existing loan and the possession or completion of the financed property. If the top-up loan is refinanced from another institution, HDFC Bank will check the repayment track of it for the last 12 months.

How Does the HDFC Bank Top-up Home Loan Work Out?

If the rate of interest differs in the existing home loan and the top-up loan, you need to pay both loans individually via separate installments. The tenure of the loan can be a maximum of 15 years. But the exact tenure of the top-up loan will depend on the time left for the maturity of the existing loan. So, if the existing loan is 10 years away from getting over, the top-up loan can’t go beyond that.

HDFC Bank Rural Housing Loan

If you think HDFC Bank home loans are limited to urban and semi-urban areas, you are in a myth! The lender offers home loans to buy a home even in rural areas. The offer is not limited to agriculturists, rather it has expanded to include salaried and self-employed too. The loan can be availed to buy a new, resale or an under-construction property in rural areas. You can get the loan to construct a house on an owned plot, extend or improve your existing housing units in rural locations.

Loan to Value Ratio

Loan Quantum (In INR)Maximum Funding Available
Upto and Including 30 LakhUpto 90% of the property cost
Above 30 Lakh-75 lakhUpto 80% of the property cost
Above 75 LakhUpto 75% of the property cost

What is the eligibility required for HDFC Bank Home Loans?

Below are the conditions that make you eligible for the loan.

  • HDFC Bank home loan application can be made either individually or jointly.
  • All proposed owners of the property will have to be co-applicants. However, co-applicants need to be close family members.
  • The maximum loan tenure shall be upto 30 years for the Telescopic Repayment Option which is applicable only for Salaried/Self-employed individuals under adjustable rate home loan.
  • The tenure of the loan is also based on the applicant’s profile, age of applicant at proposed maturity of the loan, age of the property at loan maturity, depending upon the particular repayment scheme as may be decided for and any other terms applicable subject to prevalent norms of HDFC Bank.

HDFC Bank Home Loan Documents for Salaried

The process for providing the necessary documents is straightforward, as outlined below:

  • Valid Identification and Residential Proof
  • Bank Statements from the last six months, demonstrating salary credits
  • Most Recent Salary Slips
  • Latest Form-16
  • Passport size photograph of all applicants and co-applicants, to be affixed on the Application Form and signed across
  • A cheque for the processing fee, made payable to ‘HDFC Bank’
  • A copy of the Allotment Letter or Buyer Agreement
  • Receipts of payments made to the developer

HDFC Bank Home Loan Documents Required for Self-employed

  • Valid Identification Card and Proof of Residence
  • Bank Statements from the last six months
  • Passport size photographs of all applicants and co-applicants, to be affixed on the Application Form and signed across
  • A cheque for the processing fee, made payable to ‘HDFC Bank’
  • A copy of the Allotment Letter or Buyer Agreement
  • Receipts of payments made to the developer
  • Certificate of Educational Qualifications and Proof of Business
  • Business Profile and Previous 3 years Income Tax returns (self and business)
  • Previous 3 years Profit/Loss Account and Balance Sheet

HDFC Bank Home Loan Documents Required for Agriculturists (Applicable to Rural Housing Finance)

KYC Proof –PAN Card (Mandatory) and any of Driving License/Voter ID/Passport

Income Proof –Copies of title documents of agricultural land showing Land holding

  • Copies of title documents of agricultural Land showing crops being cultivated
  • Bank statements for the last 6 months
  • Passport size photograph of all the applicants / co-applicants to be affixed on the Application Form and signed across
  • Cheque for processing fee favouring ‘HDFC Bank.’
  • Copy of the Allotment Letter / Buyer Agreement
  • Receipt/(s) of payment/(s) made to the developer

HDFC Bank Begins Sanctioning Home Loans Online

HDFC Bank has begun sanctioning home loans online after the COVID-19 induced lockdown has affected the lending business for 2 months. You just need to provide your personal and employment details to the lender. Based on these details, the lender will come up with a loan offer for you. If you accept the deal by giving consent online, HDFC Bank will provide you a sanction. The disbursal will be made after it gets the legal and technical reports from respective experts. These experts will make a report after checking the property you wish to buy.

How can you calculate home loan EMI?

You can calculate your home loan EMIs and see if they are within your budget or not. Look at an example given below:

Table Showing EMI, Interest Outgo, and Total Repayment Amount

Loan AmountInterest RateTenureMonthly InstalmentTotal Interest AmountTotal Amount
₹ 30,00,0008.65%1₹ 2,61,868₹ 1,42,413₹ 31,42,413
₹ 30,00,0008.65%2₹ 1,36,573₹ 2,77,751₹ 32,77,751
₹ 30,00,0008.65%3₹ 94,911₹ 4,16,806₹ 34,16,806
₹ 30,00,0008.65%4₹ 74,158₹ 5,59,562₹ 35,59,562
₹ 30,00,0008.65%5₹ 61,767₹ 7,06,002₹ 37,06,002
₹ 30,00,0008.65%6₹ 53,557₹ 8,56,101₹ 38,56,101
₹ 30,00,0008.65%7₹ 47,736₹ 10,09,829₹ 40,09,829
₹ 30,00,0008.65%8₹ 43,408₹ 11,67,151₹ 41,67,151
₹ 30,00,0008.65%9₹ 40,074₹ 13,28,029₹ 43,28,029
₹ 30,00,0008.65%10₹ 37,437₹ 14,92,417₹ 44,92,417
₹ 30,00,0008.65%11₹ 35,305₹ 16,60,268₹ 46,60,268
₹ 30,00,0008.65%12₹ 33,552₹ 18,31,528₹ 48,31,528
₹ 30,00,0008.65%13₹ 32,091₹ 20,06,141₹ 50,06,141
₹ 30,00,0008.65%14₹ 30,857₹ 21,84,046₹ 51,84,046
₹ 30,00,0008.65%15₹ 29,807₹ 23,65,180₹ 53,65,180
₹ 30,00,0008.65%16₹ 28,904₹ 25,49,476₹ 55,49,476
₹ 30,00,0008.65%17₹ 28,122₹ 27,36,864₹ 57,36,864
₹ 30,00,0008.65%18₹ 27,441₹ 29,27,273₹ 59,27,273
₹ 30,00,0008.65%19₹ 26,845₹ 31,20,626₹ 61,20,626
₹ 30,00,0008.65%20₹ 26,320₹ 33,16,850₹ 63,16,850
₹ 30,00,0008.65%21₹ 25,857₹ 35,15,865₹ 65,15,865
₹ 30,00,0008.65%22₹ 25,445₹ 37,17,592₹ 67,17,592
₹ 30,00,0008.65%23₹ 25,080₹ 39,21,952₹ 69,21,952
₹ 30,00,0008.65%24₹ 24,753₹ 41,28,863₹ 71,28,863
₹ 30,00,0008.65%25₹ 24,461₹ 43,38,244₹ 73,38,244

EMI, Total Interest Outgo, Total Repayment (Interest + Principal)

YearPrincipalInterestBalance Amount
1₹ 35,411₹ 2,58,118₹ 29,64,588
2₹ 38,599₹ 2,54,930₹ 29,25,988
3₹ 42,073₹ 2,51,456₹ 28,83,914
4₹ 45,861₹ 2,47,669₹ 28,38,053
5₹ 49,989₹ 2,43,541₹ 27,88,064
6₹ 54,488₹ 2,39,041₹ 27,33,575
7₹ 59,393₹ 2,34,136₹ 26,74,182
8₹ 64,739₹ 2,28,790₹ 26,09,442
9₹ 70,567₹ 2,22,963₹ 25,38,875
10₹ 76,919₹ 2,16,611₹ 24,61,956
11₹ 83,842₹ 2,09,687₹ 23,78,113
12₹ 91,389₹ 2,02,140₹ 22,86,723
13₹ 99,616₹ 1,93,914₹ 21,87,107
14₹ 1,08,582₹ 1,84,947₹ 20,78,524
15₹ 1,18,356₹ 1,75,173₹ 19,60,168
16₹ 1,29,010₹ 1,64,519₹ 18,31,157
17₹ 1,40,623₹ 1,52,907₹ 16,90,534
18₹ 1,53,280₹ 1,40,249₹ 15,37,253
19₹ 1,67,078₹ 1,26,452₹ 13,70,175
20₹ 1,82,117₹ 1,11,412₹ 11,88,058
21₹ 1,98,510₹ 95,019₹ 9,89,547
22₹ 2,16,378₹ 77,151₹ 7,73,168
23₹ 2,35,855₹ 57,674₹ 5,37,312
24₹ 2,57,086₹ 36,444₹ 2,80,226
25₹ 2,80,401₹ 13,303₹ 0

How can you repay HDFC Bank Home Loan?

HDFC Bank provides a variety of repayment options to accommodate borrowers’ unique circumstances and preferences. The following are some of the home loan repayment methods available:

  • Step Up Repayment Facility (SURF): Designed with the borrower’s anticipated income growth in mind, this facility allows the borrower to take a higher loan amount in the initial years while paying lower EMIs.
  • Flexible Loan Installments Plan (FLIP): This plan offers a customized solution that caters to the borrower’s repayment capacity, which is likely to fluctuate over the term of the loan.
  • Tranche Based EMI: With this arrangement, borrowers can begin principal repayment immediately and start paying EMIs on the cumulative amounts disbursed.
  • Accelerated Repayment Scheme: This scheme allows for the flexibility of incrementally increasing the EMIs each year in accordance with the borrower’s financial growth. .
  • Telescopic Repayment Option: This option provides borrowers with an extended repayment tenure of up to 30 years, resulting in more affordable EMIs and enhanced loan eligibility.

How can you check HDFC Bank Home Loan application status?

To keep a track of your HDFC Bank home loan application, you can do the same by contacting the executive for your home loan. Otherwise, when you apply for a home loan through Wishfin, you get one-to-one assistance. You can also check the status with the same.

HDFC Bank Home Loan Customer Care

The customer care number is different for different cities. You can check the contact number of your city and forward your query to the concerned individual. Also, if you apply through Wishfin, you can contact the executive for any HDFC Bank home loan related query. The executive will look to resolve it as soon as possible.

HDFC Bank Home Loan FAQs

1. How to apply for an HDFC Bank home loan online?

You can apply for an HDFC Bank home loan online by simply visiting the official HDFC Bank website and by filling out the application form. Along with the application form you would be required to provide some basic details about yourself such as your income levels, employment status, city of residence, etc.

2. Which is the best HDFC Bank home loan scheme?

HDFC Bank offers home loans at affordable interest rates with a variety of features. However, the loan that fits your requirement criteria would be the best HDFC Bank home loan scheme for you.

3. Should you take a housing loan from HDFC Bank?

HDFC Bank offers low interest rates and has terrific repayment tenure options. Along with that the overall service provided by HDFC bank makes it suitable to take a housing loan from HDFC Bank.

4. What are the different types of HDFC Bank home loan?

HDFC offers a wide range of housing loans options to fulfill the various needs of consumers. The number of loan offerings includes loans for purchase of a new property from a development authority as well as for the purchase of resale properties.

5. What is the maximum home loan tenure in HDFC Bank?

HDFC Bank offers home loans for a maximum tenure of 30 years

6. How long does it take for HDFC Bank home loan approval?

Once you have submitted the loan application and all the necessary paperwork, HDFC bank will take anywhere from 3 to 7 working days to evaluate and approve your application.

7. What is the HDFC Bank home loan processing fee?

The processing fee under this campaign shall be limited to Rs. 3000 + taxes for employed and Rs. 5000 plus taxes for self employed.

8. What is the minimum CIBIL score for HDFC Bank home loan?

HDFC Bank generally requires a CIBIL score of around 720 – 750 to approve a home loan application.

9. What is the minimum salary to apply for a home loan in HDFC Bank?

The minimum salary to apply for a home loan in HDFC Bank for salaried employees is INR 10,000 per month. Whereas, for Non-salaried employees is INR 2 lakh per annum.

10. What is the minimum home loan amount in HDFC Bank?

The loan amount can be customized by taking into consideration the income levels as well as the current obligations of the applicant.

11. What is the maximum limit of HDFC Bank housing loans?

The maximum limit of HDFC Bank housing loans is up to INR 10 Crores.

12. Can a pensioner get a housing loan from HDFC Bank?

Yes, a pensioner can apply for a housing loan from HDFC Bank.

13. How much home loan can I get on 50000 salary from HDFC Bank?

Based on the salary levels, an applicant with a salary of INR 50,000 can apply for a home loan of INR 34 lakhs approximately. The actual amount might differ as it is evaluated by considering the income as well as the expenses of the applicant.

14. How much housing loan can I get on 80000 salary from HDFC Bank?

With a salary of INR 80,000 you can apply for a maximum of INR 60 lakhs home loan approximately. Your eligibility is however determined by your lender.

HDFC Bank Important Links: https://www.hdfcbank.com/personal/useful-links/important-messages/product-features-and-policy