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About IndusInd Bank Credit Card

IndusInd Bank is one of the prominent lenders offering you a host of financial products such as credit cards to meet your needs. As far as credit cards go, they are many and different from each other. Such is the diversity of its cards which makes IndusInd walk the talk with the best in the business. If it has premium shopping cards in one place, the attractive travel cards with best of offers just make every traveller go for those. So, check out all such cards, compare them and choose a one for you.

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Types of IndusInd Bank Credit Cards

The credit cards with their distinctive offers are presented according to different categories they come under.

Credit Cards Joining Fee (In ₹)Annual Fee (In ₹)
Indulge Credit CardAs Per Bank NormAs Per Bank Norm
Pinnacle Credit Card Card₹12,999NIL
Signature Credit CardAs per Bank NormAs Per Bank Norm
Iconia Credit Card₹3500NIL
Platinum Credit Card₹3000NIL
Platinum Select Credit Card₹999NIL
Platinum Aura Credit Card₹500NIL
Jet Airways IndusInd Bank Odyssey Credit Card ₹10,000₹4000
Jet Airways IndusInd Bank Voyage Credit Card ₹2000₹2000
Platinum Aura Edge Credit Card ₹500NIL
Legend Credit Card₹9999NIL

IndusInd Bank Credit Card Eligibility

Both salaried and self-employed with a regular source of income are eligible to apply for a card.

Documents Checklist

If you already hold an existing relationship with IndusInd Bank, you may get a pre-approved credit card offer wherein you won’t require to submit any documents. However, if you are new to IndusInd, submit the following documents for a smooth approval.

Identity Proof – PAN Card/Aadhaar Card/Voter ID/Driving License/Passport
Residence Proof – Aadhaar Card/Voter ID/Driving License/Passport/Utility Bills
Income Proof – Latest Salary Slips for Salaried/Last 2-3 ITR & Audited Balance Sheet for Self-employed
Last 6-month Bank Statement

IndusInd Bank Credit Card Limit

The limit to be offered would depend largely on your income and credit score. If both are on the higher side, a greater credit limit could well be a reality. With more limits, you can shop more. However, don’t be disappointed to get a limit lower than your expectations as by paying dues on time can help you mop up a bigger limit later on.

Merits and Demerits of having a high credit limit on your IndusInd Bank Credit Card:


Reduces Credit Utilization: You must be thinking about what is credit utilization? It is your total outstanding credit divided by your total credit limit. Having a higher credit limit will automatically make your credit utilization low that will also have a positive impact on your credit score. This is one of the important factors looked out by the leading credit agencies of India before calculating your credit score.

Saviour During the Financial Crisis: You’ll be more than happy to have a higher credit limit at your disposal at a time when you are in an urgent need for funds. A higher limit on your IndusInd credit card helps you in getting out of this. It acts as an economical cushion that you can use in times of financial crisis. It’s better to seek help from your piece of plastic in your wallet than to ask for money from your family, relatives or friends.

Tons of Reward Points on Purchases: You know that credit card spends makes you earn reward points. When you’ll have a higher credit limit, you can automatically earn more reward points by making major of your purchases with your IndusInd credit card. If you do the same purchases with your debit card, cheques or cash, you won’t earn any reward points.


Debt Can Pile Up: If you’re someone who only pays the minimum due amount on the due date, you should think long and hard before agreeing to the higher credit limit because this habit of yours can harm you. You’ll most likely spend more having a higher credit limit and the debt will keep getting piled up because of your bad habit. It’s better to spend within the repayment capability of yours with your IndusInd credit card.

Revolving Interest on your Dues: If you have this habit of paying only the minimum due amount and your spends start to grow higher with an increased credit limit. Then it can lead up to a situation where even the minimum due amount will be out of your ability to pay. Also, there will be a higher interest amount you will have to pay because of the revolving interest on your IndusInd credit card. All these situations can have a negative impact on your credit score, thereby hampering your future credit prospects.

IndusInd Bank Credit Card Apply Online

Now, it’s time to apply, right? How can you do so? Simple, by visiting the website of IndusInd Bank. Navigate to Credit Card section to see a number of cards flashing on the screen. Read the offers of cards carefully to choose the best one for you. You could ‘Apply Now’ button under the card snapshot. Just click on that and fill relevant personal and professional details before completing the application process. The bank would go through the details carefully before giving a nod to your application.

IndusInd Bank Credit Card Application Status

Won’t you be interested to know the status of your credit card application? You would, right? For that, you need to click on ‘Track Application Status’ tab on IndusInd Credit Card page. You could see a blank space asking you to enter Application ID. So, enter the ID and click on ‘Submit’ to know the exact status of your application.

IndusInd Bank Credit Card Payment

You can pay the bills either online or offline. Online option, though, supersedes that of its offline counterpart in terms of convenience. All you need to do is to use the net banking of either IndusInd Bank or some other. Add the card to your net banking account so that you can receive the bill intimation well in advance. Post receiving the SMS, you can arrange the required sum in your bank account to enable a smooth deduction of the bill amount.

Why Should You Check IndusInd Bank Credit Card Statement?

You can receive a monthly statement on your e-mail ID showing the total dues, minimum due as well as the due date. At the same time, you can glance through a list of transactions made through the card. If at all you find any discrepancy in the statement, you can bring it to the notice of IndusInd Bank by dialing the customer care executives.

IndusInd Bank Credit Card Customer Care Number

For any queries and doubts regarding credit cards, you just need to dial 18602677777/022 44066666 and get them sorted out fast. So, what if it’s reward points or lounge access, the customer care executives would provide you a complete detail.

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